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Naked Wolves India

Naked Wolves India

The Beginning

Naked Wolves India began as an owner’s group of the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS. Walking into Khivraj Bajaj, Bangalore to buy his first motorcycle little did he know the road ahead. One weekend while riding out with a bunch of fellow bikers he was appalled at the current state of “decorum”. He believed that he could make a difference. Setting foot  again into the dealership he sought a few telephone numbers. And a few phone calls later a bunch of owners of the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS met. In July 2012 in the parking lot of the Airlines Hotel they met Mr. Gourab Das, a well respected rider of the biking commune. They rode till about Nelamangala, on the northern side of Bangalore. Thus marking the 1st ever official ride of “Naked Wolves” India.

By and far with the efforts of those that can truly be called Primes:
  • Mangalore
  • Mumbai/Pune
  • Kolkata
  • Delhi (not necessarily in that order)

After Bangalore they joined in taking a footing in the front runners seat.

“Naked Wolves India Began” – in other cities too

While riders hail from different lifestyles, the common thread that most of the active members share (apart, from their bikes) is the zeal to ride. Disciplined and riding in a formation is paramount. A sole yet uncompromising law laid down by the founders, these riders haven’t limited their riding to just camaraderie. Their BSR initiatives have found a way to give back to the society. Their dedication to modding the future of the nation cant be measured by any matrices. Its glow can be seen on the faces of the children when they hear a pack of 23.5 brake horse powered machines coming to meet them.

Three years and counting

3 years now, spanning over 12 cities across India, they are a name to reckon with in Indonesia. They have set foot in the Philippines, thus marking another pug mark in their ever growing presence. Little did Arjun Shankar and his handful of ‘primes’ ever have an idea that they were going down in the history books. Not just as any other motorcycling club moderators, as the pillars of one of the world’s youngest-ever and quick spreading riding groups.

Own a Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS and want to join?

For those of you who own a Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS and want to join Naked Wolves India owner’s group, a few basic rules are a must that need to be followed at every ride. For details on this you are briefed well in advance by your local area/ city moderators.

With Singapore a probability, Philippines growing and Indonesia a place to be at, in India the group has chapters in the following cities and growing:

  • Bangalore
  • Delhi & NCR
  • Belgaum & Goa
  • Hyderabad
  • Vizag
  • Mumbai Pune
  • Nagpur
  • Chennai
  • Coimbatore
  • Kerala
  • Kolkata
  •  Lucknow
  • Mangalore
  • North Bengal

BSR Initiatives – Chai With Children

An initiative known as miles for smiles was started a few years ago by the founding (Bangalore) chapter of Naked Wolves, this was carried forward by others , the Naked Wolves | Mumbai & Pune. As part of this novel gesture they donated bedding for  The Shikshangram Shelter for Children back in January 2014. Then in November 2014 they raised funds for the purchase of lockers for them.

Taking a cue from this and the ideology of not being mere benefactors but their friends as explained by Mr. Surojit Sadhu,  Naked Wolves | Mumbai & Pune Chapter one of our team members came up with this concept of Chai With Children. A second in this series was held to celebrate Diwali and Children’s Day (Click here for pictures) over Song and Dance.

As a site we are here for the rider not the “ride” per-say. However not all of us were bestowed with the proverbial “Silver Spoon” and for us to be reading this am sure we have come a long way from our humble beginnings. However seeing the spark they have, in our endeavor to inspire and be inspired we pledge our support through “Chai With Children”.

BT intercom Headset – Short Term Review

On test
On test

Communicator – the 1st thought that comes to mind in terms of phones is the Nokia Communicator series that was famous before the “droid invasion”. Here in question is this small device sitting on the helmet bleeding blue, well actually flashing a blue light that indicates that the device is in use. The BT intercom Headset distributed by Sakri promises to provide in helmet audio entertainment while on the go.


With the increasing traffic, extended commute time is inevitable. Initially being content with the sound of the fuel guzzling vehicles (including my own), the thought using one was pretty much out of the picture for the time being at least. Going online the first time at a breakfast ride organised to a hotel on the Pune Nasik Highway. En-route to Pune it became convenient communicating with the lead rider as well as answering phone calls. While it did offer the “upto 500m” Range on straights it came down to about 250m on bends through mountain passes. Having said that, I also put the jukebox on my phone to use was quite impressed with its sound quality. Interestingly the device worked for about 12 hours providing me with the ability to communicate with the fellow rider who was leading the group and thereafter attending to phone calls(much to the surprise of the unexpected  callers) who were baffled when I told them I was on the go and to prove had to open the helmet visor so that the mic perched neatly behind  the chin ventilator could capture the noise around. Yes, the rubberised power button does take some getting used to.


Well I wasn’t convinced already and wanted to explore its functionalities and long term use prospects, its been 3 months of on and off usage be it through sunshine or the unexpected downpour the device has till now stood the sands of time and battery backup, of course.Among it salient features as we have tested this as a 2 way intercom, a hands-free, it use in rain and are looking forward to using it with more than 2 devices in the future.


Sakri 15-15 offer



Special offer for readers of by Sakri

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Joyride Two Wheeler Seat Cover – Review

Joyride Two Wheeler Seat Cover – The Wet Test

Quite a cheeky title for a “test”, well this is what one of our team members did. For a ride he washed his riding pant. To give a brief the riding pant used for this test was a jeans custom tailored with white nylon tape purchased from the nearest Westside store. In the night washed and let it out to dry. Keeping in mind that some riders do not have access to a washing machine he went old school. Gets up in the morning and rides out. This is how we tested Joyride Two Wheeler Seat Cover for all two wheelers..

The idea was to simulate a riding condition in a post downpour situation with a drop in atmospheric temperature. Riding out 5:30 in the morning did just about that. Keeping the rider under “damp riding conditions” and a set of knee guards too. Speaking of which rather than letting the garment dry it was as an obstacle.  The motorcycle was parked in a under a building with open surroundings. Being a dark brown in colour a speck of dust here and there picked up by the evening wind was visible.

On fairly cold winter morning one would expect the either the rider to slider or “stick to the seat”. So here our intial findings:
  • While the half-dry jeans dried there were no indications that indeed it was wet.
  • There were no signs of watermarks that were visible.
  • In terms of ride comfort, there were no signs of discomfort.
  • The total distance covered on that day was well over 150 kms that included riding in the city, on the highway and a short rough patch through a village which requires the rider to adapt to different seating positions to avoid any direct impact to the spine.
  • In terms of physical wear and tear, there were no wrinkles or stretch marks.
  • As far as the heat factor is concerned, the destination – a Shelter for children is in the open so not much of direct sunlight to scorch the seat, so we could haven’t had an opportunity observe how the seat cover reacts under heat conditions.


This is not a comprehensive feedback for a seat cover much like skin, will show it true characteristics with the coming of the tide and the sands of time. However, will this first impression albeit a positive one is a lasting one for Joyride Two Wheeler Seat Cover for all two wheelers?

The Motolethe – Ben Holbrook

Ben Holbrook

 World Motorcycle Day or Motoday is an event that synonymous with the motorcycling community of Pune.

Every year this celebration is gaining ground in other cities of India. While the enthusiasts are busy with preparations for this we got an Exclusive interview with the man behind World Motorcycle Day –  Ben Holbrook

Savio: Tell us  about yourself and what drew you towards the motorcycle?

Ben:  I am Ben Holbrook, from Wales in the UK. I live in Barcelona, Spain. I was always drawn to motorcycles and the sense of freedom they offer. My dream is to ride around Europe. I work as a travel writer and am currently working on my first book. It is about a road trip I took from London to Belgium and the experiences I had along the way.

 Savio: Your first bike, your current bike and the bike you aspire to own.

Ben:  The first bike I owned was a Honda CBF 600, a fantastic first bike and extremely reliable. I am currently bike-less but planning to buy a BMW 1200 GS and tour Europe.

Ben Holbrook

Savio: World Motorcycle Day, how did the idea come about?

Ben:  I came up with the idea of World Motorcycle Day when I realized there was a day for almost everything else, like:

  • “Wear a suit to work day”,
  • “World Whisky Day”
  • “World Book Day”

Also, it seemed crazy to me that there wasn’t a World Whisky Day, so I set up the website. Although I have not had a lot of time to perfect it.

Savio: Is solstice/ longest day, the only reason to ride out were any other days considered?

It seemed as good as any day to name World Motorcycle Day. I just like the idea of there being more hours of daylight for riding. The longer the ride, the better.

Savio: When and where was this first organised, can u share some details and photos of the event?

Ben:  I honestly do not hear much about the events. I do not have images of the first event, so I encourage people to share their photos and event details on the Facebook page. I got many messages asking how people can get involved. The answer simple: any way you like! Just get together with your fellow bikers and ride!!!!

Savio: In the recent times due to the availability of hi-powered machines there is a rise of 2 wheeler accidents (some ending in fatalities). Would World Motorcycle Day be the ideal platform to spread the message of safe riding, wearing a helmet and appropriate riding gear?

Ben:  Absolutely, it is all about riding safe. I have always encouraged riders to wear all the right gear when riding.

Savio: Lastly, a message that you would like to give us – your fellow motorcyclists

Ben:  World Motorcycle Day is a celebration for everyone and anyone who loves to ride. So let us get out there and cruise. And remember to wear the right gear and ride safe. We want you around for next year’s celebration, too!


Whatever you want to know about World Motorcycle Day:
Website –
Twitter –
Electronic MAIL  –
World Motorcycle Day

MotoVenture – “We are open for business”


               MotoVenture, the brainchild of Shakib Basheer is a one-stop shop in Mangalore for all bikers from novice to experts. Shakib, a biker by the heart not just by passion and one of the first 5 members of Naked wolves Mangalore who states that biking in the real sense for him – it started when he joined the Naked Wolves family. Incidentally he also happens to be one of founding members of the Mangalore chapter.



After a lot of thought and running pillar to post for accessories over the years he took a firm resolve to start up a fully fledged biking store in the lovely town of Mangalore and if it were to be analogized it indeed is no less a Lamborghini story. Having said that, he believes that every biker, from Mangalore and around or just passing by from any latitude or longitude of India or any foreign land for that matter can always count on him & his team to attend to every rider’s needs whether it is an offering from the wide range of riding apparels and helmets, bike accessories, or for that matter aftermarket & performance parts, for every rider’s beloved machines. The store is home to popular brands such as:
ASPIDA, LS2, MT, Kranos, Vega, THH, K&N, UNI, Via Terra, MOTUL & Shell


The product line up is as follows:
Riding apparel
Custom exhaust systems
Accessories for Motocross enthusiasts, Royal Enfield & KTM motorcycles
Miscellaneous adventure & riding gears
Touring Solutions
Tyres from Michelin, Pirelli, Metzeler & Ceat



D. No4-8-739/2(1).

Shop No B3 Divya Enclave

Jail Road – Mangalore – 575003

Contact: Mr. Shakib Basheer – +919743903171

A.S.P.I.D.A Atlas jacket review



With the rise in awareness of safety and safety gears kudos to those individuals called bikers, it was but imperative that we do our bit and contribute to the cause. While a helmet’s aim is to ensure that the riders is smiling, the riding jacket on the other hand apart from its basic function of braving that extremities of nature protects the rider while on the road or off it. A riding jacket in addition to its basics has protective armour embedded into it at specific points where injury is imminent irrespective of the direction or impact of the fall.



Stepping away from the standard range of riding jacket that come in the Rs. 5,000+ to less that Rs. 8,000 price bracket, we decided to look for one that would appeal to a novice irrespective of gender and after carefully sifting through all that was available we settled for the ASPIDA Atlas. Purchased at Rs. 3950 back in April 2015 for one of the team members, the standard sizes available are M, L, XL and with streaks of red, orange, green, grey and yellow this jacket is a sure match for two wheelers made by most manufacturers not limited to scooterettes or engine capacity and also can be paired with one’s helmet for those who are fashion conscious.


Given the fact that the manufacturer is a reputed one and uses industry standard material for the elbow, shoulder and back protectors, we will not delve into that. However we would like to focus on the utility it offers our budding biking enthusiasts and those bikers on a tight budget. For the price we paid at the time the Cordura-net based jacket comes with 3 utility pockets – 2 external pockets and one internal one placed at the top left large enough to hold two 5 inch smart-phones. In addition to the base jacket there is a thermal/rain liner which holds up good in a drizzle to a light shower and also doubles up as a thermal liner to keep out that unexpected chill on a warm evening.



Over and above the light shower and would see a line of the drops from heaven seated bisecting your torso from neck to waist. Indeed it wasn’t designed for this kind of wet weather, however on a nice dry day it keeps you comfortable while ensuring that the net (when worn without the liner) does not be a part of the drag forces. The inner Velcro pocket keeps the back protector intact and allows you to take it off and pack it in to your backpack should you want to do so.



On a visit to the dealership store in Pune, Probiker Helmets & Accessories to take a snapshot of the colours we were briefed that the manufacturer has increased the prices on their entire range (for current prices of this product please check with a store in your city or you may find details on the manufacturers website).


Drawing a conclusion on this product we can confidently say that the Atlas is a good consideration for any biking enthusiast or motorist with a budget of about Rs. 4000+. Needles to say the Velcro straps at the cuffs need some getting used to however apart from that be it a party or a ride to work the Atlas is subtle yet stylish in own right and definitely a value for money proposition.


We would like to thank M/s Probiker Helmets & Accessories, Pune for their services at the time of purchase and also for allowing us the opportunity to capture a glimpse of the range of the Atlas for our valuable readers.








LoFi – Wifi


After testing the “video only” non-wifi version of the SA cam by Sakri, we were given the opportunity to extensively review the WiFi variant. Coming in at a MRP of Rs 8999/- with a one year warranty as a standard the WiFi Version offers HD 1080p video with a 12 megapixel resolution for still images.


The interface of this camera is different albeit with pretty much the same features and a bit more that was offered in the base model. driving the camera from a remote location can be done using an app download for both, I-Phone as well as android platforms. The package includes a wristwatch styled remote to capture selfies, videos or to be used for stand alone remote applications be it take pictures on the go while the camera is mounted on the handle bar or crash guard or shooting a group photo.


Belting out videos with upto 80 minutes of viewing time on a single full charge in FULL HD, the WiFi camera for its low cost does also give the sniper a shot to shoot still pictures while the video is captured. giving upto 12 megapixels, it is also capable of some other features that will be written about as we develop this article which is a long term review of the camera.

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