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The Heat test @ 100kmph

Mumbai, the more any of us from the pen or keyboard talks about the grandeur, the history or any other facet is less. leaving that aside apart from its citizens for most of us the Local train back boned life of Mumbai is fast, Really fast. being any sort of situation from nature to man made, Mumbai has seen it all and sitting on the west coast of India overlooking the Arabian Sea as a city itself things do get hot and humid.


The climate of Mumbai and I are not the very best of friends, even an attempt to adapt and acclimatize myself over a decade ago failed when I had to sign off from a dream opportunity and return to Pune due to its weather and the cure to it lay in Pune alone. Over the years since then, it was either touch and go or travelling or living under artificial climate (air conditioning) so things were quite manageable. However last year after riding to a location on NH- 8 it became quite evident that a truce with Mumbai’s climate and my genetic structure (my father was re-located to Pune due to similar health issues as a child, I am told).

Ride to Surya Dam off of NH 8 back in August 2014.
Ride to Surya Dam off of NH 8 back in August 2014.

And now that we’ve gotten this out of the way lets talk about one of India’s start up companies


It all started when two normal guys (non IIT hehehe) started to think that they can implement their daydream. So instead of daydreaming, the process of talking and talking started (this is called khayali pulao). But surprisingly with the attitude of “We’ll never give up”, The idea of 100kmph was born. Our families and friends were quite surprized that we actually pulled it off (hahahha).

100kmph describes the speed, a feeling that nothing in this world could overcome when you are riding your beloved motorcycle or driving your car. It’s a bombardment of the senses and a pure display of passion. 100kmph is dedicated to everyone who are in love with anything that rolls on wheels, who has the adrenaline rush for speed and for all petrolheads for whom their Motorcycle and Car is life for them. 100kmph is India’s first T Shirt brand whose designs are dedicated to Motorcycle, Car and motorsport enthusiasts. A one of a kind T Shirt designs that you cannot find anywhere else.If you are a Petrolhead and want to wear your passion; then you are at the right place.

Just another “startup” is what you’d say, I wouldn’t disagree either. When hunting online for T-shirts that could be worn on log rides that looked good I chanced upon this website ( and with a little help I managed to bag an offer running last year and got a combi pack.

Badge and stickers
Badge and stickers
The 1st 3 t-shirts hand clicked for me
The 1st 3 t-shirts hand clicked for me
Delivered in time
Delivered in time!

Waiting for an occasion to wear them it did arrive when the @NakedWolvesMumbaiPune rode out to the western ghats on the 15th of February this year.

The Liine UpThe 1st 100kmph T-shirt.

Post this ride and compliments from friends encouraged me to shop online as the months progressed. Then came an invitation to attend a conference in Mumbai a few months back. Citing travel time, stress involved and the fact that I was battle-worn that week I decided give my side kick a day off an took a bus, Getting down from the Volvo in Dadar am sure those who travel regularly can associate with that. We then took a walk to the station and a fast/slow combination of local trains and a rickshaw ride got us to our destination well before the heat could kick in. Post lunch we returned in the same manner to Dadar station and opted to take a train to Pune.  This is where the Heat test began.

Getting in and out of spaced out locals during off peak hours is easy. Waiting about an hour for your ride back home isn’t. While my friend was eagerly awaiting the train as much as I was, we both had to endure the heat, the crowd and of course the humidity served on the platform. In conversation to kill time i realized that I wasn’t as much as uneasy i would have been otherwise and nor was I profusely sweating. Yes, it was hot and it took a few cold drinks to save us the doom of  de-hydration but I was comfortable. that thought sparked a question somewhere in the small talk, ” Guess what color T-shirt am wearing.. the response was like black, aren’t you feeling uncomfortable in this weather?? All I did was answer that  question with a smile and we both had a good laugh over it.

Come to think of it where or what makes this product what it is, the very fact that a few of its team members ride out on a regular basis are the “Halwais who eat their own Mithai”, they not only wear our “SHIRT ” but i believe feel our PAIN too. Be it a short trip, a party or even a tour across the country bikers and other motoring enthusiasts are picking and clicking them of their purchase portals and who knows someone may have just done so while I conclude this Review(Needless to say  that the black color t-shirt was a mere benchmark for this review, given its action and reaction to changing weather conditions, the others are as much comfortable).

And Team 100kmph all the very best for the future!


You can view their line up HERE or check out their facebook page.

Lt Col. Sohan Roy

 Lt Col. Sohan Roy

Sitting in the saddle of his father’s motorcycle (A Norton) with elder brother in the pillion seat with his other siblings in the side car for a quick click, was probably where the spark for motorcycling ignited and ever since there has been no stopping or looking back for Lt Col. Sohan Roy.

Lt Col. Sohan Roy

Be it while his younger days, serving in the armed forces or spending time with family and friends his love for motorcycling has not just inspired many a budding motorcyclist (irrespective of his or her “ride” or Genre of riding) but has entered the Limca Book of records among-st other accolades and recognition that he has received in the recent years. Taking a cue from him are the GEN-x Y z and so on and so forth who seek inspiration and some a path to follow when the matter above the grey matter turns grey.


The more we elaborate or share is indeed less about “Sohan Sir” (as most of the junta of the motorcycling commune know him as across the country) who is the other end of the paradigm that form the idea of the Motolethe. With one of Pune’s finest athlete’s story that were fused in to build this block . Today he clocks in another milestone, December the 22nd 2015 and heads out on another milestone year ahead. We begin his story with a birthday wish and do give our token of gratitude for being there as a beacon of inspiration firing up a million sparks that ride across the country

Lt Col. Sohan Roy

Long term review: Midas

I picked up these after scouring online and offline when the DMS boots wore out in 10 months flat! Bought with the intention of using these as a lightweight riding shoe, the Sturdy model by Midas has really impressed me in the past one and a half year of use. Even though it was purchased for city use it has proven to be as agile as a running shoes yet as tough as a riding boot.

  1. Cost – About around about as much as your regular DMS boots
  2. Styling – from work to the beach, pick your own playground. A note here, when I wore these to Goa for a ride, they never “sunk” in the sand while I strolled along the beach.
  3. Comfort – Took them off last night after a straight 33-hour day, had to travel by bus and the next day take care of some personal business. The fatigue level was lonly due to the extra long day on that trip however it never felt like I had worn the shoes for that long.
  4. Heat – Yes in the hot sun the feet tend to burn. Common yaar, “steel toe”. But nevertheless its worth that tad bit of heat.
  5. Soled” – in the quest of finding a shoe that was As light as sneakers yet as comfortable as sport shoes and ideal for city as well as long distance rides, by and far it is a running, trekking, formal/Dress shoe in a single sole and all I can say is eureka (I found it!!).

Having said that all, l am looking forward to the next update from them, the Midas Frontier:

1)Upper – Genuine Leather
2)Toe – Steel toe
3)Sole – Double Density PU Sole
4)Inner Lining – Breathable Non Woven Fabric
5)Insocks- Black flat footbed
6)Eyelet- 4 D-rings
7)Anti Static.
9)Cut and Slip Resistant Sole.
10)Oil, Acid and Alkali Resistant.
11)Wide Comfort Toe Cap.
12) sizes-5,6,7,8,9,10
13)Standards – CE certified and approved as per IS 15298 and EN 20346.
14) 6 Month warranty


(As listed by Probiker Helmets & Accessories, Ph:-020-30497777 / 08855947000)


Screwdriver – Not just a cocktail ..

Screwdriver – Not just a cocktail

Screwdriver – Not just a cocktail, here’s why. On the way home last winter I saw a group of friends struggling to start their motorcycle. Since it seemed like something I faced in the past I volunteered. According to them the motorcycle was ok and then it suddenly died out. They were accelerating while getting the bike to start. Even after engaging the choke, in vain it did not start. So I backtracked and asked them:

  • When was the last time the motorcycle was parked?
  • Where they were coming from?

It turned out that the motorcycle was parked for an hour. With this information, the sudden drop in temperature in the evening and that there was a smell of petrol it was evident that the carburetor would have flooded.


Screwdriver - Not just a cocktail
The white arrow points to the screw and the orange arrow points to the overflow pipe.


Here is what I did:

I asked them for the toolkit, took out the screw driver (-) side. Then opened the lower most screw on the carburetor after ensuring that the main supply was in OFF position. After letting the petrol flow until the last drop and turned the screw all the way until it was securely tight. Opened the fuel flow on and fired the bike up revving, until the white smoke stopped emitting from the exhaust. Then let the motorcycle idle for about a minute and they were on their way.

Should the bike ever stop of fail to start in the monsoons or winter…

Avoid unnecessary acceleration in an attempt to start the bike. Simply shut the supply off open the lower most screw found on the carburetor. It is a good idea to ask your mechanic for the location of the overflow screw. An easy way to locate this screw is look for a pipe that runs from under the screw to the bottom of the motorcycle just inches from its ground clearance. Reach out to your tool kit.

Use the [-] side of the screw driver to open this screw

Be careful not to let this screw out of its socket. Then let the excess fuel out and turn it back till it is securely tight. If you feel that it is not tight enough let your mechanic tighten it for you later. However do not over do it as you may damage the socket. Position the fuel cork to ON or RESERVE (depending upon how much fuel is there) and start the bike. You may see white smoke, just let the bike idle until this smokes stops. Now you are ready to go. .

And there you have it, every Screwdriver is Not just a cocktail

The Lycans India Story

The Lycans India Story

  The Lycans India Story

The Lycans India Story – As “Baddy” as it gets!

The Lycans India story dates back to July 2010, when the reign of a new riding era had just begun. Influenced by his brother who was a member of an ex-super bike club ‘DEMON RIDERS’ which was established in Bangalore, our founder thought of starting up a riding club. One for entry level sport bikes division (viz. Bikes 150CC & above ) in Mysore. He got in touch with a fellow rider through a common friend. Today, that ‘Dedicated Rider’ is the co-founder of our club.

The founder shared his views of starting the club with him, in which the co-founder was interested too. They both started riding together. Thus a journey began of two individuals against a stigma. Once, that every riding club faces given the notoriety of a few that have formed a negative impact in the minds of the general public at large.

Founder & the Co-founder sunset

The Lycans India Story – Enter ‘De-luxe’ riders

The club was named ‘De-luxe’ riders in the first place which meant ‘it’s of a better quality and usually more expensive than the usual ones in its kind’. They even worked hard in catching up with the standards they had dreamed of setting. Initially, the thought was to start a ‘Stunting group’. Then recruitment began, from friends to family, mutual friends and so on.. Whether rides or stunting, they were well organized and were having a lot of fun. This, until some began to criticize ‘De-Luxe’ uh! – a name used for many other products. To say, contraceptives for one, buses and many more. We didn’t care about what people said, they were doing their part as dedicated riders. Be it riding or stunting, not causing any nuisance in the locality.


The Lycans India Story – To Chamundi

As newbies, every nearby place frequented by riding groups became the destination. In which ‘CHAMUNDI HILLS’ topped the list. For motorcyclists considered the ‘GATEWAY to HEAVEN’. Even dubbed Lavasa of the south for some. Every other night riding to that hill was utter bliss. Feeling the rush of their bikes brought about by the throttle inflicted acceleration that put power against traction on a road smitten by corners and the air like no other, indeed a ride to remember.

One of our group members at Chamundi hills

(One of our fellow rider enjoying the curves at Chamundi hills)

The Lycans India story – ‘Betta Riders’

Just when everything seemed to be fine, the club actually started to stumble with another hurdle. Dubbed as ‘Betta Riders’ meaning Hill Riders, as we used to ride the the hills very often. Now, that others had set a spark of frustration in the minds of our riders and the co-founder especially. At that point, the club started to disintegrate until it was down to just 7 members. Our co-founder thought of bailing the club out and setting it back to normal. So, the ADMINS  and the FOUNDING panel rode to a nearby restaurant ‘Café County’. They sat and discussed through the night brainstorming with the idea to overhaul the club. To begin with – a name that fits perfectly in the place of the previous one. Then they struck an idea of getting the name from Greek origin.

The Lycans India Story

(The birth place of THE LYCANS) 

The Lycans India story – “WE ARE”

On the nightfall of Aug 7, 2010, they named the club as ‘The Lycans’. WHY LYCAN? Typically a Shape-shifting creature, when you are on the bike, you are a “wolf”. When you are off of it, you are in your “human being”. Thus, the club name was agreed upon and has been that way ever since. Though we were facing a lot of hurdles, we took it as an opportunity to bounce back and prove ourselves. ‘Without the bitter, the sweet isn’t as sweet’ and for us it wasn’t just a club, it was a ‘Family‘  and that’s when ‘The Lycans’ started its journey officially.

The Lycans India story – The first gear

Rejoicing with the warmth of self satisfaction, happiness and many as such, they were cherishing the fruit. We even started off with clicking pictures everywhere we went. For us, this meant everything, in fact it meant the world to us. We were sailing all the way very well having fun. From creating a name in the hood, setting new standards, formulating new rules and maintaining it was the only thing we knew. The very same people who made fun of us started noticing us. They even started appreciating us because they were left with no reasons to point fingers at us.

As people say, “There is always a back fall in every story of yours when u seem to be enjoying and feeling that you are on the top”.

Personally speaking, I do not believe in people talking about us and things happening the way they talked. But, fortunately or unfortunately, as hard as I wanted to not believe, that shit just played out the way it was envisioned. In fact, at a time majority of the riders rode the Yamaha R15 and everyone except the co-founder (he owned a Bajaj Pulsar 220 SF ). Thus causing differences to kick in between the founder and the co-founder. He was asked to step down, as the founder had plans of turning the club into an exclusive group of R15 riders – Club R15.

Be God’s good grace on the co-founder or sheer luck, the R15 club did not materialize, thus allowing him to stay in.

Burning rubber on asphalt 

Turning the club into a stunting crew was still on the cards of our fellow founder. He practiced his stunt routines and looking at him others were also inspired to follow suit and started practicing as well. They all excelled and made a perfect stunting crew. The founder’s ‘IDEA’ was to get the stunting team officially recognized. Everything fell into place including the crew.  Unfortunately for us, a series of accidents played out with members being plagued by minor and in some cases, major injuries.

One last Wheelie, no?

At that instant, we decided to give up the idea of stunting as we saw it as a message to not put our life at risk and is when we completely focused on ‘Riding and Touring ONLY’. The stunting concept was long gone.

Unlike most clubs in the city, we focus on safety without compromise. The students outnumber the working class in the club. We wanted the parents of the crew member who was joining us to feel that their child was safe with us and would have a worthwhile ride. This ushered in a positive attitude and carried their negativity out. These positive vibes changed the idea that the parents had about biking clubs.

The Lycans India story -‘Focusing On Safety’

Making sure that the rider has:

1. A  “Certified” (one that carries safety ratings like ISI, DOT, etc.) ‘Helmet’.
2.The basic necessary ‘Riding Apparel’ that includes
a) Riding Jacket
b) Gloves
c) Knee and Shin guards
d) Riding boots / any decent shoes that covers the ankle.
3. That the rider never gets into any issues with his fellow rider or any outsiders.
4. To help him in any aspects if we feel it’s genuine.
5. That he learns good things being a rider.

No compromise on safety
  • And to ensure safety of the rider is taken care of, we assigned ride coordinators to lead and support a fallen rider.
  • Some coordinators are assigned to lead and take responsibility of the pack.
  • Others to make sure that all followed ride discipline and that no one falls.
  • This gives us an edge (in most cases) – parent’s support and the loyalty of their lad which has helped us to grow as a group in the city as well as in other cities.

The Lycans India Story – No gender bias

We started meeting like-minded people and started to learn a lot of things. Also, a lot of eye pleasing events that took place. I mean we see two bikes in a row, one is a man and one is a woman. Women riders have started to hit the roads. What else do we want? We learnt that we don’t need strength and bravery to be able to do this. All it takes is a bit of determination to do it and we cultivated this in our club. Surprisingly, the riders started to resonate very well with each other.

The Lycans India Story – The road ahead

We continued riding. We aren’t counting the miles, but just keeping a track as to where were were headed. All we knew was to ride consistently and this got rid of all the anxiety within. People started to recognize the change in each member. The change was so profound that we could feel it ourselves. We didn’t know that touring would change all of us for good.

Once we let the seed of passion sprout, we preferred to ride and explore than to stay back at home. Given a choice, it is wheels all the time than to be on the bed. Small talk does not make the cut for us. We learnt that bikers are the people with a good heart, good behavior and most of all good character. definitely, not what some people have perceived all bikers as. And when we all meet, we all talk about – ‘Experiences’. Because that’s what we are doing. We are experiencing something or the other when we are out on a ride.

The Lycans India Story – The Shape Shifters

Well! To jump right back again. As the name suggests, we are a pack of ‘WOLVES’. Just like the Chinese martial arts experts who have derived their skills imitating animals & birds we chose to follow the wolves’ actions. Imitating them by riding together as a pack would hunt and watch each other’s back and never leave any one behind, be it the ride or life in general.

We are on Facebook:
Mysore, 07/08/10  (The Founding Chapter)
Bengaluru, 07/08/14 
North Bengal, 28/05/15
Pune, 03/06/15 
Indore, 21/07/15
Chennai, 23/08/15
Delhi, 05/11/15
Mumbai, 16/12/18
We’ve hit the above cities in India and to be a part of our expanding ‘Territory’ give us a holler.

You may also drop a line on any of the chapter pages and we will get back to you.
Our motto  is to ‘Work as One to achieve Success’.

On a concluding note from my side, in the same tradition as conveyed above and followed in every chapter of ‘The Lycans’ fraternity.
Live the life you wanted to lead, cause time my friend has promised to no one.
-Dave Barr (Motorcyclist).

-Thanks N Regards

Written by Bharath Gowrishankar a.ka. Brat

 #The_Lycans_India (Mysore)

The Lycans India Story as narrated by one of the moderators of the founding chapter. This is a story about how a group of stunting enthusiasts "shape-shifted". From an aggressive adrenaline demanding hobby of stunting to join the ranks of the more subtle touring class of riders dedicating themselves to safe and disciplined riding.
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