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Bolt – The power of Zeus in a matchbox

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Bolt – The power of Zeus in a matchbox

Before we begin with the 1st impression lets get to know about the device. Bolt Red Streak – features as per the manufacturer


  • Charger for all Phones The Bolt Red Streak is capable of charging any mobile safely and fast. It provides a 5V, 2A output. The charger is designed keeping the safety of your bike in mind.
  • Anti-Theft Design The detachable design of the Bolt Red Streak makes it easy for you to un-plug and carry the charger while you are not riding.
  • All Weather Resistant The Bolt Red Streak has a working temperature range from 0°C to 75°C. When the phone is connected and device is under use on the bike, its absolutely water-proof.
  • Built to Last Intelligent design combined with the best thermo-plastic material helps withstand vibrations and harsh weather conditions.
  • Bolt Circuitry The circuit is designed for 95% energy efficiency. It delivers up to 2A steady current output to charge your phone as fast as your wall charger.
  • Warranty Policy The Bolt Red Streak comes with 1 year FREE replacement warranty – anything goes wrong, we ship the new device to your door-step.



The Bolt Box


While the bolt has been around for about 6 months from its launch date, even though it seemed like a good proposition the NEED for investing in such a device never came to the forefront. tantamount to that the split handlebar was a hindrance as the bolt seems to be a handlebar device at the outset. Gearing up for a Bike Festival that has pretty much all the petrol heads and loud mouthed tails called for a solution to stay charged up at all possible times (in terms of all gadgetry).


On a Whats-app group the feasibility of  Bolt was questioned so with a few phone calls and a visit to one of the dealers we were in possession of a box that was more befitting for a Coffee mug if not anything else. from fit to finish the package and its contents were a class apart and worth every cent of 1699/- shelled out. the box housed the handle bar mount, a charger, a user/warranty manual and 4 cable ties.


Installing the bolt mount on the test subject was rather easy from the handle bar of the motorcycle right down to the battery terminals. to review the ease of use initial at every pit stop the plug n play game was played so that the internet dongle carried along for the trip kept the data roaming termites and network bugs at bay from the cellphone. When the battery on one of our action cameras died out we put the bolt to task with it regaining it full potential in a short time. Given the fact that staying connected on the go was the need of the hour we did not have an opportunity to use the bolt to refuel the power-bank or the cellular phone.

The Bolt getting BOLTED on the test subject:



As part of the package the Bolt pocket came along, since the luggage systems had a tank bag on board the bolt pocket was not put to use, however we can say that the pocket is indeed touch screen friendly. here is what the makers have to say about it:

Compatible With All Bikes: The Bolt Pocket has adjustable straps which can be used to fix the unit across the fuel tank. The front straps have attached clips which makes it easy to fix.

Touch-Screen Friendly:The top of the Bolt Pocket is made up of transparent touch-friendly material. So you can easily interact your mobile-phone for navigation and taking a call, even when the phone is within the Pocket.

Water Resistant: The Pocket is designed to keep your phone safe from mild rains. Its closed from all the three sides and has a Velcro protection from top to prevent any water inflow.



Cafe Racer Riding Pants

The riding pants by Cafe Racer from the outset is pretty much a regular looking plain Jane trouser. However what lies beneath is what the manufacturers believe makes these riding pants a class apart.


The riding pants a.k.a the “test subject” is a comfort fit 4 pocket production specimen. Sans the armor that will come with other designs, these have a layer of Kevlar infused fabric that lie beneath the stretchable fabric. This yellow layer is meant to be the rider’s final line of defense should he or she takes a fall. The 4 pockets, the two at the rear are a snug fit without giving you jitters about the thought of your wallet falling off while the diagonally crossed front pockets are deep enough to accommodate a phablet.


Being a 1st impression review i’d like to talk about the look, feel and comfort to begin with. While the stretchable materials allows the rider to kick as high ones flexibility allows in order to get into the saddle in the event of luggage, and as the riding pants can be worn for over 12 hours at a go without feeling uncomfortable. For a basic pair, they can manage the cold and the heat too. While the hot and cold factor lie solely with the rider’s resistance to hot or cold environments this indeed keeps one on the go.


Be it riding, trekking, going to a party or attending a board meeting for that matter as long as your journey is on a 2 wheeler, these riding pants are indeed something to look forward to.


Following is a link to the website:
Riding jeans with Knee Sliders

Comfort test: with the onset of IBW 2016 and the sweltering heat of Goa at its best there was no better occasion than this to take the Cafe Racer riding pants to the next level. While it ensured that the heat did not get the better of during the day while still keeping the heat of all engines (including the motorcycle I was riding) from burning my feet as we tiptoed through traffic it also made sure that the sudden drop in temperature in the night did not affect me while allowing me to pocket everything between the phone and wallet in it pockets.


Long distance Riding Comfort: to ensure that I got a fair review of the riding pants I set out from Goa at around the same I moved from Pune, however with the exception of reaching Pune sooner that I got to Goa. While clocking over 600 kms I spent about 11 odd hours of which 234kms of non-stop riding took away a sizeable chunk of the miles munched. The only discomfort came in the form of the pain from the tightened Velcro bands of the leg guards I was wearing. Loosening them on the go did the trick and saved the otherwise possibility of getting a cramp.


Rider Testimonial – Anshum Rastogi 

Anshum Rastogi, an IT professional and avid rider from Pune recently purchased a pair of the Kevlar jeans before a long trip back to his hometown. Enroute he had an accident, this is what he had to say …

I was going from Pune to Bhopal. In mid way near Dhule, I met with an accident, where my front mudguard got broken down as it went inside the back of a truck. The mudguard hit the bottom bar end of the truck. I was at 100+ speed and I applied brakes, but still hit the truck at 20-30 kmph. The impact resulted in a small skid on my left side. The left side crash guard along with clutch level and handle fender got the hit. I was saved as I was wearing gears. CAFE RACER jeans, just a small hole in jeans (as shown in pic), saved my knees, I got small bruises above my knees, which may be due to rubbing of knee guards. LS2 jacket too gave me bruises on my left elbow, but it saved me a lot together with the ASPIDA spartan gloves. All in all I recommend wearing complete gears while riding as they can take the maximum beating and leave the rider with small bruises.



Yash Mohan Pawar

Yash Mohan Pawar at the starting grid - MRF Supercross

With the advent of the internet it is common place to see or hear about humble beginnings to greatness stories. In come rare cases we also get to meet people who have come from the street light lit academics to the limelight. They make it big in IITs, Multi National Corporations and are picked up by bigger ones. Some of them so big that they have in some way fueled or are responsible for the industrial revolution. Their inspirational stories will drive the generations to come and one such story is of Yash Mohan Pawar.

From conglomerates to CEOs and men and women in uniform everyone has a story to tell, one such story is of Yash Mohan Pawar.

Here we have the same story-line. However, this one has had a podium finish with many more to come. No, there is no so called ‘pun intended'(whatever that metaphor is supposed to mean). This one is filled with dirt, grease and smoke. At the MRF Supercross championship held in December 2015 there was this lad who kept coming up on stage every now and then. He wasn’t part of the audience vying to meet a celebrity. The funny part is- the question the Anchor of this event asked the audience:

“What did you do (aspire to do) when you were 17?…” Something pretty much on those lines.

At the age of 17 Yash Mohan Pawar, a lad from a very humble beginning is standing on a podium accepting his trophy. A few trophies is at the hands of Bollywood actor Boman Irani who himself shares a connection with the sport – motocross. Starting off from the gates to reach that podium at least twice had the lens of our team quite busy. So what is his story?? His father with the limited resources decided to buy him a bike. He played against the odds to save and get the basics through.

From what is known about Yash Mohan Pawar, he indeed is a prodigy. Just like other athletes, he keeps his fitness regime in place. At same time he is pursuing his formal education. With support pouring in from athletes and well wishers it is not just a blip on the gas for Yash.

It is practice, dedication and love for motocross as a sport  it has brought Yash this far.

We do wish him all the very best and do thank our first “Motolethe” Mr. Vishal Sanghra for sharing this less known facts about him. No we are not just doing a story here. We want to leave a memoir for Yash for the years to come.

Also, at the same time we want to let parents know that:
  • Riding a bike is not limited to clipping corners on the streets.
  • It is not breaking the speedometer cable while whizzing past traffic.
  • It is a lot more – it is family and a passion shared by the family.

We invite  the readers to introspect and keep in mind that there is indeed family that awaits at home. All this while, when they are out on an adventure that involves a motorcycle.

Photo Credits: Gautam Prasad Scenamatix
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