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SJ4000 Waterproof Case – Now On-The-Go charging

For those of who have dreaded the thought how it would feel to have not captured that tight bend or a High Tower because the camera ran out of juice(battery), SJ Cam now comes with a standard accessory the SJ4000 Waterproof Case with On-The-Go charging cable which can be purchased from their website (Click here to visit the website ).

While the package we received did not come with any set of instructions it is really quite easy to set the waterproof case up.typically coming with provision only for charging and for accessing the HD output te user can chose which of the adapters to use. The socket on the other end attached to a single pin male socket that can be further attached to the3 cigarette lighter or UCB unit provided in the packaging. This comes as a boon for user who are on long rides or want maximum possible footage. the USB unit can terminate at a powerbank or to an onboard USB unit as well. While the pictures as pretty much self explanatory, care should be taken while attaching the adapter to the usb or cigarette lighter.



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SJCAM 4000+ – The Bumblebee of sports action cams

After reigning over the hearts of the not so deep pocketed erstwhile automobile and motorcycling enthusiasts of over 3 years ever since its “variants” exploded the Indian markets,  SJCAM has literally a helmet held brand for those looking out for a cost effective solution to capture moments of their lives. Be it a camper’s night out or a ride irrespective of terrain or league, the SJCAM has been there much to the likes of others who were either available locally or imported by the “relative and friendly” route.
Taking a stride and diving in to the not so deep pockets of the Indian consumer SJCAM has officially entered India and has given us the opportunity to share our point of view on one of their workhorse products that can rightly be deemed the true successor of the already popular SJ4000. Well getting one for as low as 5000/- is indeed a no brainer for those of us sifting through cyberspace for the best deals and who really cares about warranty?? the day the 1st draft of this post arrived there was a petrol hike by Rs 2.50/-. put this added burden on your wallet lets see if that makes a dent on our hard earned bank balance and future planning.
As a product that is available at the cost of the standard smartphones, the SJ4000+ shares every thing but its form factor with the M10+. Nevertheless for a bigger form factor and a lesser price the SJ4000+ seems to sit at the point where power meets price. And adding value to this is the SJ4000 Waterproof Case with On-The-Go charging cable that throws in a sense of continuity so as long as you do  not run out on memory cards (Theoretically estimated to support up to 128Gb). Well as you have it we have this NOS canister in the arsenal too.
Now that we have got that out of the way lets take a look at the packaging which may not be as “upmarket” as any other premium brand but it sure has the finesse and class to give a mid- range smartphone major a thought to go back to the design board and reconstruct those pillars that make the packaging a class apart donned with a serial number that is verifiable on the manufacturer’s website. Speaking of which taking the sleeve that holds the box together reveals a “kitchen window” Bumblebee perched like a crouching tiger on a tree. the package comes with the standard fitments that most of the branded manufacturers and “knock offs” supply. In addition to the mounts, included is an extra door to camera.
 Our person in question is a 1.5 LCD screen wonder boy that comes pre-loaded with a 32Gb Samsung class 10 EVO memory card. Yes, I have been told not all class 10 cards are compatible and we recommend that you check with the support team on the compatible cards. Before one gets cranky and cracks up on this lets take a walk back in time when we checked the “system requirements” before we burnt down our school day savings to pick up that gaming graphic munching monster.
While we will let you give your reviews on the clips below needless to say that the SJCAM 4000+ i  rather easy to use from the word go! Be it the interface or toggling with the basic options while operating the crash guard mounted camera single handedly while the other hand is holds the clutch in place it sure is user friendly (unlike some cases where one needs to remove the gloves to easily operate the camera). For the cost of your average smartphone the SJCAM 4000+ at it price and featured indeed is a value for money proposition.
Unlike most other review here is a self- styled unboxing  of the SJ 4000+ featuring the “Power Accessory” (Click on link for more details)
Video clips:
SJ 4000+ night lapse
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Image Quality
12 MP 4032*3024
10MP 3648*2736
8MP 3264*2448
5MP 2592*1944
3MP 2048*1536
2MP HD 1920*1080
VGA 640*480
1.3MP 1280*960
Video Features
2K @30fps 2560*1440
1080P @60/30fps
720p @30/60/120fps
WVGA @240fps
Advanced Features
OV4689 Sensor
12 Mega Pixel
Gyro Stabilization
2K @30fps
Burst Mode
Loop Record
Motion Detection
Time Lapse Video
Slow Motion -2X,-4X,-8X
Self Timer
1.5″ LCD
4 X Zoom
Micro USB Port
Storage up to 32GB
900mAh Battery
To view details click here
A Whole New Package
A Whole New Package













Serial Number
Serial Number








ICE for India
ICE for India


"Whats in the box?"
“Whats in the box?”



Waterproof Case – Inner View



User Manual
User Manual


Attachments only
Attachments only


The SJ Cam 4000+ flanked by the accessories.
The SJ Cam 4000+ flanked by the accessories.


DIRTSACK FORESTER NEO – EXPANDABLE “tank it or tail it, youse it as you like it”

After being floored over by the scalability of the Dirtsack DG3 (read review here), we decided to opt for another product after scouting by land and checking the rhino, we found that the neo fit perfectly in between creating a balance in term of costs as storage capability. To aid our review we approached a fellow rider who was already using the RACEPACK KTM – EXPANDABLE , on his Duke and since our test subject is a close cousin of the Duke we mounted the bag to check before making an actual purchase and it fit like a dream.

The KTM 390 and its close cousin the Pulsar 200 NS
The Pulsar 200 NS gets Racepacked

Just that the straps we a tad bit short for the bike. in the KTM’s case it has the trellis frame whereas the NS does not. Now this did not deter us from finalising our plans. It gave us an opportunity, one to explore and toy with.after much deliberation we purchased the magnetic version from XLIMITZ ADVENTURE WORLD’s Yerwada Store(If you are reading this a note of appreciation for your salesperson who not only attended to my questions but took the initiative sort out a few concerns). The product purchased was the older version on sale with them. Both versions have a difference in the way BACKPACK straps are setup. Apart from that there is no other visible differences.

Given the fact that the tankbag was going to be extensively used until it found itself a successor it made business sense to settle for this one, to be used on magnetic and non- magnetic surfaces. Are we impressed with the product, well it is too soon to comment, but yes whether purchased from whichever channel, sale or not the product definitely is value for money. While on the magnetic surface sans the straps the bag tended to shift while the motorcycle went off road or on pothole ridden roads. Whereas on even surfaces it held its own. The ideal solution would be to fasten the bag along with the straps provided or use bungee cords to anchor it down. Yes, they do have loops for the use of bungee cords or ropes. Am sure that am still yet to unwrap the glitches irrespective of those who have already gone the distance with the Neo. Whatever it is, it has been well thought of and that is a thought worth thinking about!



Note the glow of the 3M reflectors when the flash is used..



Mag – Neo



So throwing  in a few nicknacks, loose cables and action camera accessories we were off to celebrate a close friend’s birthday. Packing in two cameras worth of fitments turned out to be worth the while. The bag was full and there was no need to expand it. The sling strap provided, made it easy to tug along for the purpose of a sling/office bag. Though not yet tested it is safe to assume that a Tablet, diaries and other items should be a snug fit in this bag without any hassle.  After all why should rider’s restrict its use to just rides. it can be taken to the office/college too!

Shaken but not stirred, At the foothills of Tamhini Ghat..
Shaken but not stirred, At the foothills of Tamhini Ghat..

After the Mag-Neo test we decided to NS it out. Getting the Neo on the bike took no longer than 5 minutes the first time. After that all I had to do was decide: whether the crash guard or the rear foot pegs. In both cases it is a snug fit so as long as you have bolted the straps on and adjusted it to size. Here with a little innovation the retrofitted straps are a blessing indeed. We extend our gratitude to the person who got this “update” in place. It truly is worth every minute of labor down to the last second spent to get them made.

Bolt at work, phone on charge
Bolt at work, phone on charge..


The bag held its own while travelling the Pomgaon route between Maale (Mulshi) and Jambulene near Aamby Valley.


Rear footrest view – Left


Rear footrest view – Right



Where are the straps?? On the crash guard ;)
Where are the straps??
( Yes the picture is of poor quality, but its upto the richness of your observatory skills to find them)


The tank bag did serve its purpose, however there was another purpose – Tail bag quite simply the rear foot rest was but the obvious choice and all that was required was to meander the steering strap from under the tailgate to the other side, buckle it in and strap it out! for all the while it was there, over 12 hours it didn’t budge, even with the sudden downpour putting the raincover was not as tough as made out to be, unless you left your patience to baby sit your sanity at home. Having said that “even chaos has a  method” all that is required to be done is just pull the cord here!

With Sourabh Sane - Cofounder, The Saddle Store
With Sourabh Sane – Cofounder, The Saddle Store


This review isn’t over yet,

many more miles to come, abhi toh touring season shuru hui hai…

As per the manufacturer’s website here is a detailed specification of the FORESTER NEO – EXPANDABLE

(This is for the Latest version available)

  • Heavy denier ballistic fabrics exterior for extreme durability
  • Neoprene padded base to negate damage to painted and chromed surfaces
  • Expandable ? by 4 inches & 4 litres
  • 100% waterproof all weather cover in concealed stow pocket
  • Reinforced side walls and base for added strength and shape retention
  • Seams are bound on the inside and stress points are reinforced
  • Soft plush interior lining
  • 8 ‘Rare Earth’ Magnets anchor bag to tank
  • 2 additional secure mount straps provide added security and a 0 displacement fit while fully loaded and on those off road runs
  • U-shaped open loading main compartment allows easy packing and access to contents
  • 3 exterior zippered pockets + 1 transparent map pocket
  • Includes a secure clamped, seam sealed , rain cover in a stow away pocket
  • Additional straps enable more secure bike mount or convert the bag into a compact back pack.
  • 3M  500 cd lux high visibility reflective tapes on 2 sides for safe low light riding
  • Heavy duty YKK zippers & slides
  • Dimensions: L38/B25/D20
  • Capacity: 16 litres expandable to 20 litres

For more details and to visit the manufacturer’s website  click here

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