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XDI X1 Hydraseal Jacket Review

XDI X1 Hydraseal Jacket Review
XDI X1 Hydraseal Jacket Review
Why wear a riding jacket?

The primary purpose of any off the shelf-riding jacket is to protect its occupant in the event of a crash. This piece of apparel is the embodiment of certified protectors or armors, wrapped in a fabric purpose built with utility pockets and in some case with layers to withstand the extreme oddities that Mother Nature so generously doles out from time to time.

About Xtreme Dynamics Inc. – our point of view

From what is known about its founders, is that this is a brand built by motorcyclists for motorcyclists. After all, who better knows a motorcyclist than a fellow motorcyclist. While the world media and its surrogates would submit their arguments based on class, type, style and other biases the 1st looks of the X1 has the potential to please everyone from a scooter to a plus litre class rider, be it a sport, adventure, cruiser or any design of petrol guzzling 2 wheelers. With a long term plan for a purpose built vehicle already in the pipeline I needed a riding jacket to not just be the part but also look the part. Stay in the limelight while also being in the shadows. Be “out there” without being too loud.


There are some of you reading this running this thought, it was already long overdue how long could it be? A ready made suit is made in a day, however a designer one will need time. All this to blend in every aspect of the fabric and elements of the occupant to deliver a style statement. Now it is not everyday premise where you see a fellow rider and want that classy piece of apparel. When asked about the rain protection, I was sold on the fact that an additional raincoat wasn’t needed. While the monsoon isn’t my favourite season to ride, its after effects of soaking up the rain is a concern. Thus I was off to Probiker Helmets to learn more and tryout the XDI X1.

The XDI X1 is a 3 layered jacket:
  1. The Cordura-mesh out shell
  2. The waterproof liner
  3. The thermal liner
Waterproof Liner

The waterproof liner while at the outset has nothing interesting to write home about at the outset, indeed the motorcyclist who worked upon its design tucked in a layer to keep the extreme water and cold from penetrating through its outer shell from the zippers. Unlike most others, they took care to strategically place fasteners in two different colours on the cuffs that make it easily accessible for even the laziest of the lot! Since the rain liner is typically the Firewall it appears to be more than a rain cover (yes it does sport a waterproof zipper!) that a liner and that is the kind of design that keeps the need for a duck back raincoat. Imagine flaunting a designer suit while stepping out of a sports car unscathed of the weather conditions to the extent of not needing an umbrella.

Thermal Liner

The thermal liner undoubtedly is my favourite part of the conversation. Not because the manufacturers hash-tagged #RIDEEXTREME, but also because of its utility. The fleece layer is not only well cemented on to the rain liner from cuff to cuff, it also offers two utility pocket of varied dimensions. The one to the right side is a flap pocket small enough to house a feature phone, extra loose change or supplies. The one on the left is large enough to accommodate a 20,000 MAH power bank. Just in case you the rider is concerned about a discharged situation while touring. The pocket square can also house documents that may needed frequently without having to dig in even to a tank bag.

The XDI X1 Hydraseal jacket names itself sounds like a car that define power yet class. Minimalist yet sophisticated. Well it sure does!

Here are a few points:

A slim fit design

XDI X1 Hydraseal Jacket is minimalist and still carries the reflectors in the right places. Until buying the jacket, all I believed I needed was a Hi-Viz vest too. However the X1’s rear reflectors took care of that as well.


The XDI X1 Hydraseal Jacket has eight Velcro fasteners that retain the jacket to its rider. Their primary function is to keep it from puffing out. The X1 has three fasteners on each sleeve-

  • one on the arm
  • one on the hand
  • and the last one by the cuff.

The fastener on the cuff has been designed keeping in mind regulation airflow. The rider can either restrict air or allow it to enter thanks to the fastener on the cuffs. And then we have one on each side of the waist to buckle the jacket in – all of them easy to access even with your gloves on!


Except for the top left pocket, all the other zippers have tails. This allows easy access without removing the gloves. The design of the cuffs keeps the tails from jutting out. Also, it eliminates the resultant buzz at all speeds and environments – be it day or night.

All three of the zippered pockets – the chest pocket and the side pocket are made of  water resistant material. The look and feel is similar to the rain liner. We will let the next drop of water do the talking. The inner pocket is neatly perched just above the waist. And, pretty much provides you with the same convenience as the pocket on the thermal liner.


The Cordura mesh combination allows for ample airflow during warm climates. That too, with you having to sweat it out. Typically some jackets with this mix have a tendency to fry the rider at times, in case if gets too hot!

The metal alloy protectors on the shoulders are reminiscent to the bull guards of an SUV and indeed are as tough as they look.

Unlike most manufacturers in its price segment, Xtreme Dynamics Inc has taken opted for lightweight armors. This indeed, is a good call on their part. It aids to the slim fit design and keeps the jacket from sagging from any angle. Even, when using a backpack or a tank bag the back protector does not protrude.

The connecting zipper that attaches the jacket to its riding pant seems to be norm with most manufacturers that also offers riding pants off its shelves.

The journey so far..

Inaugural ride –

The inaugural ride was a solo ride to Surat, Gujarat during Diwali. It made crossing through the oddities on Mumbai’s weather a breeze. Usually, this is where the liners go off. However it was all the more comfortable while I was averaging 70 kmph on the way out, since the bikes engine was overhauled. On the return trip, which was done in 8 hours and 3 short stops. At panvel I had to lose the liners in order to combat the midday heat. Nevertheless, even at speeds up to 130kmph it did not flutter.

Trail offroad riding –

A few short trips which included an off-road trail with a fellow rider. Incidentally he is also is a proud owner of the XDI X1. Whoever said that a sporty jacket could not be worn while on a off-road trail, I guess was wearing sweatshirt!!

Cold Climate –

To simulate a Ladakh like scenario wherein one would wear additional thermals, on a ride to Bhimashankar the jacket held its own even with the “Hoodie” within. So yes, the jacket is LADAKH READY.


Now the reader awaits photographs, that wait will have to be a bit longer as this jacket was meant for use on a bigger, faster sports tourer. Hence a pre –ride test was important to analyse and provide any feedback if necessary. After all the plan is to DOMINATE THE NIGHT …

Vote of thanks

The XDI X1 Hydraseal Jacket was bought from Probiker Helmets and Accessories, Pune. We do thank you for your assistance and customer service rendered while finalising the product.

Last but not the least Xtreme Dynamics Inc. A word of appreciation for bringing out this product that understands the needs of a tourer.

Viral Journalism – For clicks and hits

For clicks and hits – the item song story

While the intention is not to get undivided attention, I see no harm in any kind of attention. From the cabaret days to the item song era one formula always worked. That was THE ITEM SONG routine. Even if the movie was at best forgettable the item song is beyond legendary. Same in the case of some talented people unlike myself. These authors have the comprehension skills to match the likes of Mozart. Viral Journalism a whole new symphony!

Viral Journalism – copy, paste and post.

Some people have the money to buy a very expensive automobile or motorcycle. There are also some individuals who buy a DSLR. It would not be a surprise that even the world’s worst washing powder brings out the best colour, shine and texture. Likewise, there some of these talented individuals who are self professed awesome writers. And some who are genuinely qualified not just in skill they have a college degree to validate it. Now here is the twist, in some cases these people forget to do their homework. As I would like to assume (which I would rather NOT) and in some cases they blatantly do not! They simply copy, paste and post.

While developing a so-called steamy spice filled right up (a write up that makes no sense but it may go right above the head) with a cherry on the pie headline just to drive traffic. Yes, like of these authors whose pickled (profanity -filled) pointed out about how stats work and how he generates the money.

Viral Journalism – HOMEWORK?

Irrespective, the fact remains that is how it works. Yes, you may not like to hear it, but it is correct. I would not really care if the article drives traffic or not. You can copy paste this as your status and share it! I know some of you personally and hence I do have the audacity to tell you in the capacity of a reader – what you may never have done in your school or college years, you should do here – YOUR HOMEWORK.

Viral Journalism- RE “search”

If you truly believe that this article is shallow and doesn’t make sense well you just hit rock bottom. For the depth of your research in some cases is no longer than a skimpy piece of apparel. Keep away from making assumptions. Keep it limited to your analysis of machinery. I am OK when you criticize your subjects. However, I am not Ok when you do without knowing the entire background story. Ye,s please beat your chest or pat your back with pride. That which comes from the KICK you get from doing such write-ups. Now go figure the last exclamation.


Buying a helmet?

Buying a helmet?

Buying a helmet?

From time immemorial every illustrated battle has a warrior in history who went down or floored armies with or without his helmet. I will not get in to the history of how a soldiers crown became a motorcyclists first line of defense. Be it in keeping the green reaper away on the track or off it. Yes this article in no way is to support, market or up sell helmets of any manufacturer. On a second thought when buying a helmet, if helmets became not just mandatory, but a component of a two-wheeler insurance policy sans the taxes it would make life easy.


With the new year around the corner and the onset of December most of us have either a fixed figure of a raise in CTC. some of us even have remuneration figure in mind, In some cases a cheery cherry a promotion too. “Let me get that raise and I will… (Add your wish list here). If not I will look for better opportunities. In all of these years of my work life, never have I come across an employee asking for a pay cut. Let’s accept it – a small denomination recharge gives you more talk time than the average vegetable. Specially when bought by the kilo and leveraged against each other.

The other picture of An insight to buying a helmet for yourself.

While the above paragraph allows you to drool in a confused state of mind, picture your head etched in tarmac with your eyes bulging out from the impact. All this while you are still in the sitting position on your two-wheeler. Now spice this up – you just died.

Now lets fuse both your income and your loss of income in a situation that leaves you brain dead for life. If that sounds harsh, a head injury that allows a highly paid executive owning a middleweight motorcycle to fry papad and pakoda’s to earn a living.

Now lets talk about the net worth of your current skill set, using this simple formula:

Net take home (less deductions and without variable income/perks/incentives) x12months x20 years

(You can increase or decrease the number of years depending upon when you retire or choose to retire from a full time job.)
*If you are a business professional or a doctor and such, here your monthly average income may be considered.

The total amount arrived at, is your net worth. Thus considering that you are a capital asset that does not appreciate or depreciate in value over the duration as mentioned under “years”. Here I have used a term of 20 years. This is considering that you took a home loan for 20 years. This is your primary of your investment and are working solely to pay that off, apart from other expenses. Is a cool pair of shades or a designer haircut worth risking the loss of income? Is it OK for you to leave your loved ones to grieve upon your loss? ( that is, in case you die)

Also, not too long ago a well respected writer shared his thought about purchasing a helmet. Yes, that echoed well with my extended family. Wherein he spoke on the lines that, “if you can afford a Smartphone worth 30,000 you can afford a helmet”

In case if that does not convince you just because you are a “safe and sane rider” astride a scooter. Here is something – A few of my acquaintances had near misses. In some cases their teeth chipped because they did not wear their helmet for an errand.

To conclude my pieced on buying a helmet, I’d like mention another writer who is a cautious rider. Yes, I was highly impressed by her ideology. Why I spent on a helmet even though I ride “just a scooter” is indeed worth a hundred helmet salute.

Photo Credits: Rishi Lokhande

Helmet: Axor Stealth Crazy

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