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CEAT Zoom Rad X1and X1F – Long term Review

Chapter 1 – Introduction and Installation

CEAT Zoom Rad X1 tyres are especially designed to cater specific needs of sports bike enthusiasts from across India. High performance-led ‘Zoom Rad X1’ tyres offer superior control and comfort at high speeds to enable a rider to embark on an exciting road journey. Other major features of the tyres include its soft and high grip compound for better leaning and cornering abilities. Such premium tyres are best suited for the riders of KTM Duke, Bajaj Dominar, Yamaha R15. These tyres will be available in 130/70R17, 110/70R17 and 150/60R17 size.

After our outing with the Ceat Zoom Rad that left us completed stoked and in awe we are beginning our next innings with Ceat Tyres, this time around we have the X1 and X1F fitted to our test Subject, the Bajaj Dominar 400.


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Chapter 2 – The Break In

A motorcycle that is just down with its second free service and barely clocked 12,000 kilometres meant that the Bajaj Dominar 400 is just a toddler who has scratched the surface of its baby boots. This meant giving it a soft break in and allowing the tyres to adapt to the extreme heat of Pune’s sweltering weather. Keeping it easy for the first 500 kilometres I gradually hit the gas on them to let them “crack in” to the tarmac. No, i did not attempt any burnouts  but let the open straights take us into triple digit territory. As it edged towards its first ton, I toyed with the prospect of cornering. While the stock MRF REVZ C1 passed all possible proving grounds to make room for the Ceats, the tyres was a winner on all terrains from offroading to rain soaked roads that had droplets the size of m16 bullets piercing through the raincoat and armoured RR Gear riding jacket.

After setting the benchmarks to high away from the point of disappointment, the MRFs were handed down to the agile workhorse the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS. Keeping up to this level of expectations ideally would be a task of sorts for a new tyre off the depot. However in the tradition of the Zoom Rad (read the review of the zoom rad tyres here ) series this too was a failure. It simply failed to disappoint! Cornering friendly treads that let the motorcycle dive in to the corner. While the comfort zone usually is a right hander, one fine sunday enroute to the Bajaj Dominar owners HYPERMEET in April 2018, I attempted to lean in on the the easy left-hander to and the Dominar effortlessly keeled over without any whims. so also while testing it for highest possible speeds, the Zoom Rad felt comfortable at 150 kmph and yet come to a grinding halt without much ado. The summer was well spent on almost every type of surface and there hasn’t been a spot where the ceat zoom rads took a dip in confidence levels. Now with the onset of monsoons it is yet to be seen what this dynamic duo can do! No, we won’t go off roading to places like Rajmachi unless there’s a tow truck and a new set in place, these are street tyres. After all would you wear bathroom slippers to a Tuxedo dinner? For any other relevant queries it would be appreciated if you could post them in the comments below.

keep watching this space for more…

Chapter 3 – Bring in the Rain Coming Soon…

For more details and to check availability of the tyre for your motorcycle click on the link below:


Breaking Stereotypes – All Bikers go to Ladakh

Breaking Stereotypes – All Bikers go to Ladakh

It is commonplace nowadays that a when in conversation it comes across that you are a motorcyclist the other person asks, “Have you been to Ladakh?”. Then I begin to wonder if this person skipped Geography as a subject? Is this individual blind by the common notion that travelling to Leh-Ladakh or getting Leh’d is the ultimate goal of every biker. Taking this in to account, pat comes the cross question, “Do you consume alcohol and /or you like partying?” If the answer is a positive one I ask them if they’ve been to Goa. If not I ask, why? You may wonder what relevance does it bear? Breaking Stereotypes about motorcycle journeys, read on.

Breaking Stereotypes

Breaking Stereotypes – “coming of age”

As mundane as it may seem, there is a deep rooted link a notion that these places bring to one’s mind. In case of a non-motorcyclist, for us there is more to the highest motor-able roads. It is the “coming of age” for those who have been there. Likewise in case of those who are adept to partying, there are places beyond Goa. Yes my friend if you are a party animal am sure you listed out at least five scenic places now. These are the getaways where let go of the stress that life usually offers you. These are the off-sites that get your game face on at work.

Breaking Stereotypes

Breaking Stereotypes – similar lifestyles same subcultures

As a journal, Motolethe is the culmination of a motorcycle and its rider, the other characteristics. Being as diverse as the gorges of a mountain pass is to a hair pin bend. Not all motorcyclists engage in the same type of motorcycle related activity. Indeed there are those who are all rounders. Some all-rounders are typically leaned towards a specific type of pursuit. That which makes up the genealogy of that person’s riding style. So also, not every party animal’s definition of a party would necessarily be an Electronic Music Festival. It can be a Live Rock Concert or even attending The Opera.

Breaking Stereotypes – The conclusion

Taking a cue from this I would encourage the non-motorcyclist reader to explore the adventures of the erstwhile motorcyclist. Who knows you may discover a piece of paradise you never knew existed. That too within the periphery of your “Long Weekend Getaway”. Yes, do feel free to thank that bloke whose adventure came to life when the neurons fired up your imagination. Just like fire flies on a dark lonely night. There is more to the journey that ever is. There is more to India that just the highest mountain pass! Even more than the interesting places that are there. We live in land that is more than our windshields. Welcome to Incredible India


Breaking Stereotypes

Freakazoids turns six this year

Freakazoids turns six this year!

Formed on the  January 11th 2012 and based out of Ponda, Goa this group of 30 odd riders. Freakazoids turns six this year, this is their story. Around six years from today, three school friends who purchased their dream motorcycles somewhere between 2011 and 2012. Interestingly as it turned out, it was the same make and model. The Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi and not stopping at this, they envisioned bringing together the entire biking fraternity of Goa under one umbrella. While the ideology worked for first couple of years, destiny seemed to have lost the corner at the apex. When of the three moderators, one of them gave into his attitude and other priorities while the other stepped out of the brotherhood as he was unable to harmonize a personal-passion balance.

Freakazoids turns six this year

Dark hours demand a Dark Horse

In this dark hour the group saw one person rise to the occasion. He began to bring order among the chaos and bring the ship back on course.  While he was able to manage the team effectively, he also took that bunch of gasoline guzzling piston stallions and their saddled riders to the next level. A level where the team is not only popular with the locals but has its roots connected to motorcycle clubs across geographies of the country.

Freakazoids can be regarded as one of the  most active riding groups of Goa. Stabilizing team operations did not come easy. It can be said that the sense of bonding as a family is what strengthened the bond over the past five years.

To connect with The Freakazoids Goa you can reached them through the following mediums:

Freakazoids turns six this year

You can look them up on Facebook – Freakazoids

Hit them up on Instagram – Freakazoids Official

Lead Moderator – Shivam Sawant

You may also Call/Whatsapp – 9049813098

2017 the year that was – Freakazoids 5th Anniversary Year celebrations

MAXIMUSPRO – Offline Navigation on the go



Launched at the India Bike Week in Goa last November, the MaximusPro is a product and service designed for bikers and by bikers as not only a navigation assistant but also a travel planner. Offering an Offline Navigation experience, the MaximusPro gives the user turn-by-turn directions even if there is no connectivity! In case you deviate from your planned route then you will receive approximate directions to return to your planned route, sounds interesting?


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