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Domivel X by Autologue Design



They say what’s in a name however when it is a name that paints emotion on a canvas that is not of cloth or parchment but that of metal, fibre or the in-house FRP. Art that blends in cutting edge technology with the finesse of an era that it has succeeded, the resultant heir has ruled the nation of its followers with wonders that the automotive enthusiasts cannot get enough of.

Autologue Design recently launched the Domivel-X kit which offers:

  1. The Dark Smoke Visor
  2. Specially Chiseled out side Panels – The Domivel X
  3. Traction Kit – a pair of specially designed tank grips


With the time that progressed, the Autologue Design team put together the above items to transform the stock Bajaj Dominar 400 into their concept and thus inducting it into their #alcrew ( A nomenclature for all customers of their vast range of products). While initially there were not plans to review or offer feedback or collaborate, after receiving rave reviews from onlookers and acquaintances I could not help but talk about it…



The Dark Smoke Visor – On the outside the visor is as classy as it can get but on the inside it does look gloomy, that indeed is undeniable. After all if Batman looked like  the Joker and vice versa it would take the fun out of the enterprise wouldn’t it? The FRP based visor is just the right height and does not impair the rider’s vision should in case for any reason he/she decide to crouch. Too small a visor and we are better off using the stock visor. However there are other that offer a taller visor which is reminiscent of the “Queen” in the Alien series. What I Had in mind was a product that exhurberated the class on the line of 007 and was happy to get nothing short of that.




Taking into consideration that the rider would also be riding out at night be it a short trip in the neighbourhood or an all night tour, the decision to blend the gloss and rough matt surfaces was a good one since there is always an opportunity of light bouncing off the scratches on the visor that could impair vision for a split second which could be fatal. while the replacement takes away the number plate holder it in return offers the opportunity to paste the number on the visor itself.




Domivel X  – The Specially Chiseled out side Panels are almost effortless to fit an snap on right above the stock panels after being bolted on with the fasteners. They are purely cosmetic in nature and unlike its cousins the Domivel and the Domivel SE. Tucking itself just short of the functional grille, the Domivel X setup can be but described in one word “Ripped”. Taking the already Leo Stanced power cruiser to a zero fat 8 pack stunner level (Ladies if your are reading  this and already picturing your “Greek Gods” we request apologise for the interruption).




Traction Kit – Coming across as a plane jane set of tank pads, these are specially carved out tank grips that not only offer the knee to lock in when you load up for that corner it also allows the rider to anchor themselves in order to execute knee assisted maneuvers when required. The seemingly plane jane look perfectly blends in with the side panels scheme as if it were stock fitment or a part of the factory fitment finishing. It also was found to protect the area from resultant discoloration that would occur over a period of time due to contact while riding. As an added plus it saves the area covered from any scratches due to involuntary or voluntary damage.




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About Autologue DesignLed by Mukul Nanda, Autologue Design aims to bring about a change in the automotive customization sector by providing not only niche but also pioneering services to Indian Automotive Enthusiasts. They also aim to raise the bar in terms of quality, products and services that are currently available in the Automotive Accessory Market. Doing all of this while excelling to meet international standards and at the same time maintaining their individuality and style when it comes to designing their vehicles.


The Autologue workshop covers over an acre on the foothills of Marunje near Hinjewadi with the following facilities:

  • Factory Space spread over 10,000 sq ft with a private off road test track.
  • 30 foot paint booth
  • Body work division for metal and frp panels
  • Prototyping Centre for design development with facilities like:
  • 2D / 3D CAD
  • CNC Milling
  • MDF/CLAY Modeling
  • FRP Centre with Vacuum Bagging
  • TIG/MIG/Co2 Welding
  • Pipe Bending


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DROMOS – The Prelude


Its ride sunday tomorrow and lo behold I just can’t find the keys to the motorcycle only to find them in the pocket of a pair of jeans that was awaiting a tumble in the washing machine later in the morning can be quite frantic. So also misplacing our cellular phones (which some of us) kept on silent can turn comical at times. Dromos at its very basics aim to eliminate the time spent on a frantic search
Just attach Dromos BLE device with your valuables to easily find them with your phone. You can even locate your phone with Dromos BLE device!


Sometimes we wonder why just take a selfie? why not have a remote to get that perfect family portrait

Dromos BLE device can remotely select either cameras on your phone and click them.


As absurd as it sounds this may be passed off as a grammatical error however it is such phrases that keep the catch and allow us to hit that panic button, sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Dromos BLE device is capable of sending emergency alerts through the paired phone without taking the phone. The alert also sends the location of the phone. The location can directly open in Google Map. A very handy feature during a panic situation.


While expressing concern about the power consumed by the bluetooth channel, we are told that it is indeed fairly less otherwise.

Compatibility: Android 4 / iOS 8 or above
We have developed the mobile application completely in India, rather than providing ‘ready to go’ application from other sources. We are concerned about personal security issues of Dromos BT users. Since, the mobile application (like all other Bluetooth tracking application) will need to access all communicating gateways of your mobile phone.

The M.R.P of the device is Rs.1,499/-
Launch Price: Rs.999/- (M.R.P.)


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The Sagar Sheldekar Story – Motolethe Valentine’s Day Special

 For the Love of motorcycling 

“Badan Pe Sitaare Lapete Hue” a song that is as flirtatious as it can get. With the legendary Late Shammi Kapoor crooning over the voice of Mohd. Rafi Sahab it is “poetry in motion”. The month of February marks not just the advent of the onset of summer. It in fact, is also a week that leads up to Valentine’s Day. The Sagar Sheldekar Story is phrase and a story in itself. NO?

The Sagar Sheldekar Story

Keeping in with the time and theme it is but right without further ado to bring on board Sarge.

The profound presence of an earth shattering background score that brings to the celluloid an almost vertical engine block mounted on two wheels. The rider is setting the road on fire with his knee sliders. All this while, he gives his audience a breathtaking review of the motorcycle in question. Now that is poetry in motion. As agile as Bruce Lee yet with the grace of a ballerina in every frame. Sagar Sheldekar holds captive the audience’s heart beat with every reflex of his slick and flawless maneuvers.

Sagar Sheldekar, doing what he does best at…

After keeping the motorcycling enthusiasts glued to the screen ever since he began doing so, not too long ago he stunned us with the news of him setting a foot for another course. This move, after bidding goodbye to the #PDArmy. There indeed have been and probably to come many a presenter on a global level. However, in the time he has gained dominance if there is anyone who could break or set a new record would be Sarge himself.

Team Motolethe with the man himself over a first ever Audio interview with the questions as follows:

So crank up that volume there’s a SURGE (Sarge) on the way !!


1. As per our sources we understand that you begin your tryst as a presenter somewhere in 2013, however prior to that you were a corner carving fiend, how did your association with motorcycling begin?

“The Sagar Sheldekar Story” began over 7 years ago with Power To The Rider (Powerdrift). However, his first experience with motorcycling was when he was taken on a trip to Mahabaleshwar by his elder brother. On the descent his brother was cornering his Hero Honda CBZ all the way down the ghats. Sitting behind, the fully geared up Sagar at that point of time was scared to the extent that he thought his elder brother wanted to kill him! Somewhere in the middle the adrenaline rush got the better of his fears and he began to enjoy the descent with every curve that came its way.

2. Tell us about your first motorcycle

He got his first motorcycle, the Yamaha R15 honed his skills at the California Superbike School. In time to come he started racing on the the racetrack. The Yamaha R15 had him hooked from the first time he glanced upon it. A game changer in ever sense, a fuel injected 4valve miniature R6 and a complete package to master the art of cornering for Sagar. In short – A beginner’s race motorcycle.

The Sagar Sheldekar Story

3. If you had to bring back a motorcycle from the past it would be a _________

Being an optimist he looks to the future that reminisce the past. While he has had the honor to ride the best of motorcycles ever, he does however really look forward to the future.

4. If you were not a motorcyclist (as you are today) you would have been a _________

A lifeless soul, prior to motorcycling and was into other non motorcycling pursuits. But nothing compared to his life (career) when he is with a motorcycle. He is a successful entrepreneur of his firm, but is best when it comes to speaking the languages of motorcycles.

5. We hear that you have spent some time on the track as an athlete can you shed some light on those days spent on track

The first race he took part in, the Yamaha one make championship was a “stay over” according to his folks at the beginning. Four days spent at the track egged him to sharpen his skills. That is when he attended California Superbike School. He attributes his skill set to all the 4 courses that paved way for the rider that he is today.

6. Any plans to take part in international competitive/ non-competitive motor-sports/tours

Sagar has crossed the age limit for competitive racing. Also, he has broken too many a bone and has stopped competitive racing. Recently, he has visited The Isle of Man and it is his dream to do a lap on a motorcycle the next time around. He would love to ride on his favorite track – Phillip Island  and Laguna Seca someday in the future.

7. Your idea of your dream motorcycle (Do not specify any brand or type)

He would like a motorcycle for every genre of motorcycling. A motorcycle that he can take to the race track is his idea of a dream motorcycle. Aprilia RSV V4RS and the Ducati Panigale V4 are the benchmarks that stand out in every sense as compared to the others in its class. If he were to be non brand specific – a motorcycle with:

  • Handling as its strongest attribute
  • Good linear power delivery
  • Strong braking

These would be the core elements that he would look for in a motorcycle  amongst others.

8. You wear a helmet because 

He has one head and just one life. Even then, all the protection he has is less and that led him to invest in a race suit. He recommends investing  in the best riding gear that your money can buy. Because best protection is what will let you continue living your dream of motorcycling.

The Sagar Sheldekar Story

9. A message for budding presenters and Vloggers

Follow your heart and follow your passion. And if your are willing to put in the hard work then the sky is the limit. Once you become the voice that people are willing to hear you also share the responsibility. That, of making a good example for others to follow. Its not just about the fame, you be an example for people to follow…

The Sagar Sheldekar Story
“You gotta dream big to spark a fire that refuses to die out. For once you muster the will to follow your passion, nothing is impossible! Even if that dream is as far fetched as being a #coach at the best riding school in the world. A school that has taught me everything I know! @superbikeschool #Thelearningbeginsnow #KeithCode #CSS”
With this we conclude ‘The Sagar Sheldekar Story’ and we do congratulate Sarge as he rides towards his next assignment at the  California Superbike School

DISCLAIMER: The images are taken from Sagar Sheldekar’s personal photo collection with explicit permission for use in “The Sagar Sheldekar Story”. Should you choose to use the above images we recommend that you contact Sarge over here


Here is a bit of nostalgia from the archives of Sagar’s motorcycling pursuits around the time he started his journey in the automotive media industry.

sagar sheldekar

August 28, 2009

An ardent Vale fan and a cornering junkie, Sagar took to biking at the age of 14 and has not looked back ever since. Biking forms an intricate part of his life. While most of his friends turned to alcohol or cigarettes to escape from their cubical life, Sagar’s R15 was his ticket to freedom. There are very few things that he enjoys more than laying his knee on the ground as he push his bike to its limit on the flowing corners of Mutha. Sagar plans to transform his passion into a career in the near future and spread the message of safety among the biker brothers.

Indeed just like the last line, 10 years on Sagar has followed his vision and has taken it to the next level with the Living it up series. It been a year now and he has achieved what he envisioned overa decade ago. Truly he is not only an inspiration but a visionary!

Source: Motoroids

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