Safeguarding your Data

Sitting at my laptop wondering what to wirte about safeguarding your data? Today I am in the first month on the second decade of just another millennium at some part of the day in a time zone other than where you and I may not be connected by longitude or latitude. So what makes this introduction so special? And what has changed every since my “launch day” at the computer lab. Today the notebook is literally a notebook in terms of its mass and dimensions. What hasn’t changed is the clicking of the keyboard which in fact has shed its fair share of weight ever since its inception, nah correction invention.
Back then all we had access to this fortified air conditioned room labeled as COMPUTER LAB with some weird looking gizmos call computers. From the mono colored screen to the slim display the computer has evolved from being the long lost cousin of a battery to a THIN CLIENT. This contraption does more than just games and calculus.
Today these intelligent machines not only compute faster than the speed of light they also store a lot of Data. No it’s not like ATTA (whole wheat) which is fine grounded and edible. With the advancement of the technology on both HARDWARE- TANGIBLE FORM and SOFTWARE – WRITTEN CODE a few of the following as a collective are known as DATA:
While this isn’t an exhaustive list of items under the nomenclature of DATA these items may have items of emotional or accountable value. This electronic form of storage has saved millions of square feet of living space and real estate. Come to think of it as nostalgic as it gets, once upon a time some of us would have written about Science as a boon or a curse. Today Data has very well taken centre stage.
From corporate to households, today everyone is concerned about data theft. Millions of dollars are spent just to protect sensitive information from corporate espionage. Not just this, leaks have turned the tables and tarnished reputations of individuals from every strata of society that has access to a Smartphone or a computer. The richer the data, the more susceptible it would be to theft. Simply put data is the electronic, intangible form or jewelry and precious stones. If kept unattended or not locked away just like valuables it can get stolen and then sold or manipulated.
Thus comes in the need for safeguarding data. Typically data can be classified as –
The world has come a long way from blackmailing using sensitive information like photos, videos and documents. Just as they existed in the tangible world so also in the electronic world there are threats. Today one can live in a cave or a meditation centre but ask one to live in a cave or so. For all you know you just got exiled! The reason being information spread in Cyberspace created but us through the various mediums that is a repository of information, which should be kept away from the WRONG HANDS.
Thus be it data currently on the storage device or data that once upon a time existed on it is what matters. There are methods for extracting information. Safeguarding data can be done in various ways. Locking it up in safe and throwing the key in the bottom of the ocean sounds simpler today. Thus it is imperative to ensure information which holds personal or professional importance be safe guarded. This can be done be adopting best practices without even purchasing complex equipment or data protection software. Earlier I mentioned about a key. Here in the electronic world the key is a a password made up of combination and permutation of – letters, numbers and in some cases special characters. To make it even difficult to break through facial identity and finger print recognition methods are adopted to keep devices that hold key information safe. Safeguarding data can be done by following industry standards on the professional front and keeping abreast with the latest means to safeguard your data.