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Polytron MTC

Polytron MTC short term review India

Polytron MTC review India


India Bike Week 2017 was a trip of its kind travelling over a 1000 kilometres across the landscapes of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. Heading out from Lluvia Industries, Coimbatore the idea was to complete a “proof of concept” for the Nightshadow project and enable further R&D. En-route the 3 month stationary Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 was given a fresh dose of engine lube at Mysore and Polytron MTC at Goa.

India Bike Week 2017 – The ride

Meandering through the rain induced Nilgiris via Coorg I reached Mangalore and armed with just a few hours of sleep. The next day, I egged on with a few friends from the Naked Wolves Mangalore group. We finally made Goa battle worn and yet all enthusiastic for the weekend ahead. Every year India Bike Week adds in a new flavour with new products and services related to motorcycling coming in. One of the first time participants were – Polytron.

The team had a unique contraption and a demo that showed the prowess of the product – Polytron MTC (metal treatment concentrate). A product that trickled down to the automotive stream from heavy industries and ship application. Certainly it was worth a shot, a few hours later the engine oil chamber received its share of the MTC. After concluding the festivities, I headed out from Mapusa after tanking up at 11 am. Halts were made at the Goa Ves for re-hydration and at Satara for fuel. At around 9:30pm I reached within a kilometre of home. A good 10 hour run and I was home! Riding through the Anmod route and hardly ever hitting the ton I was home without a whimper.

Four thousand kilometres later the bike still felt as good as new.

At the given time all the installation photos was taken by the team and thus lost in due course of time. Nevertheless the product left a positive impact on my mind.


Enter Trafo Filter Services

Cut to the present – India Bike Week 2019, indeed the same demo apparatus and the same pitch with a new team. A few phone calls later it was time to start from the beginning. On December 24 2019, Polytron MTC was installed at the premises of our affiliate partner Motobyte in the 2017 Bajaj Dominar 400. Indeed, the team was already celebrating the positive results of the Schorl DT400 Air Filter by Small Spark Concepts and we were eager to see what this could do.

The first impressions came in on the 26th night with:

  • Smoother gearshifts
  • Better throttle response
  • Improved heat management

Just so the reader knows, the motorcycle was running on the standard 10W50 Motul sourced and had the DT400 air filter with roughly around 10,000 kilometres post installation.

The first impression indeed sealed the deal and no sooner over a dozen motorcyclist friends were running Polytron MTC within a month. On 26th January 2020 Motobyte inaugurated their new facility while celebrating a year in business. Team Polytron amongst other partners joined in to share the happiness as one of the event partners. Here to testimonies shared added more motorcyclists from the Pune commune to join the club.


The Lockdown 2020

The four iterations of lock down kept all non-essential travel in the parking lot. Yet some of us ensured that we kept the battery from losing its juice. Indeed, like all I too was running a tight ship. With no respite on the horizon a 7 day interval extended to 10 days to conserve fuel.

Post relaxation it was time to lock and load. A mid-summer check-up and greasing eased the monsoon anxiety. Taking the Bajaj Dominar out after it being near stationary I wondered now what, Engine oil change? To answer that question I opened the throttle.

The results as follows:
  • Engine vibes – dismal
  • Throttle – very responsive
  • Fuel consumption – no change
  • Engine heating – normal
  • “look and feel” – “like new”

While the lockdown kept the oil sump in a near stagnant position, Polytron MTC preserved the performance quotient all this while. This is certainly impressive and thus I’d like to thank team Trafo Filter Services for re-introducing this ground breaking product to the motorcycling community.

To know more about Polytron MTC click on the links below:

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Part 2: Metal Treatment Concentrate Demo & Tests
Part 3: Chain Lube, Lithium Grease and the Fuel Conditioner Demos & Tests

Video Footage courtesy – DNA VLOGS – Dipen Nisar AutoVLogs

Here are the features of the product as described on their website

  • Reduces your bike’s engine and equipment wear and tear up to 90-95%
  • Removes 80-85% of friction on slippery surfaces and increases bike efficiency in extreme climates
  • Reduces your bike’s and two-wheeler’s engine/gear temperature and noise
  • Keeps your bike / two-wheeler engine free from deposit
  • Renews Power, Torque, Mileage and Engine life
  • Reduces your bike / two-wheeler’s maintenance expenses


“Directions for use” Simply add 10% by volume to your main lubricant.


POLYTRON is attracted to metal surfaces and through metallurgical process forms (from the original metal) a durable polished-like micro-layer of metal that drastically resists wear up to 95%, extreme pressure, and excessive temperature. POLYTRON will increase the reliability, longevity, efficiency, power, and eliminate wear on your equipment. Even in an event of sudden oil/coolant loss, POLYTRON can temporarily protect the engine from catastrophic damages.

Furthermore you can connect with Polytron at:

Trafo Filter Services




Carbonado GT2 - inner view

Carbonado GT2 Backpack 1st Impressions

First Impression Review

Carbonado GT2 BACKPACK – Prelogue

The Carbonado GT2 Backpack and I had a chance meeting. At the outset of their India promotions I was pretty much oblivious and least interested in what this product was. Indeed a lifestyle product and absolutely out of my league. After all what purpose is a sports car to a tractor manufacturer? Well we all know the “Raging Bull” story, don’t we? Rewind to 2006, the year of Dhoom 2. This sequel not only featured one of India’s Greek Gods and one of the world’s most beautiful women and motorcycles. Dhoom 2 had one very short yet prominent element. The opening heist features the protagonist all geared up with this unique backpack that stood out.

This backpack showed up in Google with a ton of iterations and had an import factor to it. And then I asked myself how do I claim warranty or even worse get it repaired here in India? So I reached out to a few friends in the industry and asked if they could make something like this? Loads of brainstorming and conversations later I hit a brick wall. Somewhere in 2016, a riding gears store in Pune, Destination Moto had a few of these. By the time I decided to buy one, the train already left the station.  Thus the aspiration to own a hard shell backpack evaporated.


Carbonado GT2 Backpack – Rider Mania 2019

As part of a team I attended the Royal Enfield Rider Mania 2019. Here one of its brand partners stocked a few of this uniquely styled backpack. The busy weekend and ride to Kanyakumari had me occupied for the fortnight. Nevertheless, a few features that I struck a chord with –

  • Integrated cable lock
  • Hard shell backpack
  • Clean design
  • Power bank and audio extension sockets
  • Last but not the least – food & drink compartment

Indeed a laptop bag that allows itself entry into the boardroom and a weekend trip alike makes it all the more desirable. So, whether it is a Xander Cage or a 007 it’s a one style suits all.

Carbonado GT2 Backpack – All wrapped up!

At the India Superbike Festival 2019 I finally got my Carbonado India Backpack. All excited to have the “Dhoom bag” I was ready to roll. Well not really, a slight scratch sealed the deal for an option to add a protective layer – wrap or a TPU layer to save the hard shell from all the battering. While I might have a slight dose of OCD, I can’t see damage like this. So, a few phone calls and loads or samples later I got a wrap finalized.

Working with Pune based, AJ Customs was nothing short of an adrenaline rush. Being a utilitarian by nature, I wanted everything, but clutter. Teaming up with Crisis Code we also added a safety element while leaving room for “Nomenclaturisation”. The elements of the wrap are as follows:

  • Premium quality material
  • Matte Finish
  • 7 paneled integrated design element
  • QR Code based ICE tag by Crisis Code
  • Alien Robot Theme
  • Corporate branding logo
  • Club/ Community patches

Adding to this, team AJ Customs have also created a gloss finish wrap to complete their “proof of concept” with the same design. Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Crisis Code for coming together with AJ Customs to add in the element of safety. Their specially designed stickers is not only limited to motorists and can be added to any surfaces like backpacks, luggage or any accessories used for travel purposes. Some of the key features being

  • Blood group
  • Insurance details
  • Emergency contact phone number

…Among other details

Carbonado GT2 Backpack – Recall Value

Here are the few bits about the backpack that create a recall value equivalent to a memoir:

  • Integrated cable lock – This comes as an add on accessory, given that it can house anything from a notebook to an iPad or a premium gaming laptop nothing like added security
  • Hard shell backpack – The unique 7 paneled design hard shell gives its international counterparts a run for their money.
  • Clean design – Put this on the rack, in your cupboard or give it to your pillion, this backpack just fits in.
  • Power bank and audio extension sockets – Remember the saying, “I’m not going to use it but I’m glad I have it when I need it.”
  • Food & drink compartment – Keep the Thumps up chilled and the kebabs hot and fresh. This is a carefully thought out feature and am sure a lot of mothers are already thanking team Carbonado for this. Yes, the wives too.
  • Ergonomics – In the name of checking out its level of comfort in discomfort I dunked in a few items purchased at a store and zipped the bag shut. Somehow the bag seemed to assimilate my clumsiness and allow me room to buckle the bag and ride over 20 kilometres across the city.

I’d like to add that the above text has been written while the backpack sits wrapped in its cover for over a month since delivery of the wrap by AJ Customs. The challenge being how much can one write without referring to text or seeing the product.


Having said that now it’s time to reveal the product here and head out on the “user review”. Till then to stay tuned on the latest offerings from Bplugd you can connect with them here 


To know more about AJ Customs click here

To connect with Crisis Code click here

Additional Acknowledgements:

Carbonado Catalogue



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