Biker Essentials and Supplementaries Tested – Product reviews

Biker Essentials and Supplementary Tested – Product reviews for the rider. Make an informed decision while buying motorcycling gear.

Following is the list of products reviewed/tested for end use by the motorcyclist:
  • Helmet
  • Riding jacket
  • Gloves
  • Riding Pants
  • Riding Boots
  • Motorcycle Luggage
  • Saddlebags
  • Tank bags
  • Tail Bags
  • Action Cameras
  • Motorcycle Accessories
  • Tyres
  • Chain Lubricants
  • Engine Oil
  • Motorcycle care products

The list on Biker Essentials and Supplementaries Tested is indicative and not limited to a specific product. This list is not exhaustive, we are adding products as we go along the way.

The focus is on those items that offer you biking on a budget. The information is based on practical application in real world. In some cases we may use a simulated environment to mimic real world situation.


Disclaimer – The reviews are unbiased and look at practical application. Concerns if any are to be addressed directly with the vendor/manufacturers.

Polytron MTC

Polytron MTC short term review India

Polytron MTC review India


India Bike Week 2017 was a trip of its kind travelling over a 1000 kilometres across the landscapes of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. Heading out from Lluvia Industries, Coimbatore the idea was to complete a “proof of concept” for the Nightshadow project and enable further R&D. En-route the 3 month stationary Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 was given a fresh dose of engine lube at Mysore and Polytron MTC at Goa.

India Bike Week 2017 – The ride

Meandering through the rain induced Nilgiris via Coorg I reached Mangalore and armed with just a few hours of sleep. The next day, I egged on with a few friends from the Naked Wolves Mangalore group. We finally made Goa battle worn and yet all enthusiastic for the weekend ahead. Every year India Bike Week adds in a new flavour with new products and services related to motorcycling coming in. One of the first time participants were – Polytron.

The team had a unique contraption and a demo that showed the prowess of the product – Polytron MTC (metal treatment concentrate). A product that trickled down to the automotive stream from heavy industries and ship application. Certainly it was worth a shot, a few hours later the engine oil chamber received its share of the MTC. After concluding the festivities, I headed out from Mapusa after tanking up at 11 am. Halts were made at the Goa Ves for re-hydration and at Satara for fuel. At around 9:30pm I reached within a kilometre of home. A good 10 hour run and I was home! Riding through the Anmod route and hardly ever hitting the ton I was home without a whimper.

Four thousand kilometres later the bike still felt as good as new.

At the given time all the installation photos was taken by the team and thus lost in due course of time. Nevertheless the product left a positive impact on my mind.


Enter Trafo Filter Services

Cut to the present – India Bike Week 2019, indeed the same demo apparatus and the same pitch with a new team. A few phone calls later it was time to start from the beginning. On December 24 2019, Polytron MTC was installed at the premises of our affiliate partner Motobyte in the 2017 Bajaj Dominar 400. Indeed, the team was already celebrating the positive results of the Schorl DT400 Air Filter by Small Spark Concepts and we were eager to see what this could do.

The first impressions came in on the 26th night with:

  • Smoother gearshifts
  • Better throttle response
  • Improved heat management

Just so the reader knows, the motorcycle was running on the standard 10W50 Motul sourced and had the DT400 air filter with roughly around 10,000 kilometres post installation.

The first impression indeed sealed the deal and no sooner over a dozen motorcyclist friends were running Polytron MTC within a month. On 26th January 2020 Motobyte inaugurated their new facility while celebrating a year in business. Team Polytron amongst other partners joined in to share the happiness as one of the event partners. Here to testimonies shared added more motorcyclists from the Pune commune to join the club.


The Lockdown 2020

The four iterations of lock down kept all non-essential travel in the parking lot. Yet some of us ensured that we kept the battery from losing its juice. Indeed, like all I too was running a tight ship. With no respite on the horizon a 7 day interval extended to 10 days to conserve fuel.

Post relaxation it was time to lock and load. A mid-summer check-up and greasing eased the monsoon anxiety. Taking the Bajaj Dominar out after it being near stationary I wondered now what, Engine oil change? To answer that question I opened the throttle.

The results as follows:
  • Engine vibes – dismal
  • Throttle – very responsive
  • Fuel consumption – no change
  • Engine heating – normal
  • “look and feel” – “like new”

While the lockdown kept the oil sump in a near stagnant position, Polytron MTC preserved the performance quotient all this while. This is certainly impressive and thus I’d like to thank team Trafo Filter Services for re-introducing this ground breaking product to the motorcycling community.

To know more about Polytron MTC click on the links below:

Part 1: Introduction to Polytron
Part 2: Metal Treatment Concentrate Demo & Tests
Part 3: Chain Lube, Lithium Grease and the Fuel Conditioner Demos & Tests

Video Footage courtesy – DNA VLOGS – Dipen Nisar AutoVLogs

Here are the features of the product as described on their website

  • Reduces your bike’s engine and equipment wear and tear up to 90-95%
  • Removes 80-85% of friction on slippery surfaces and increases bike efficiency in extreme climates
  • Reduces your bike’s and two-wheeler’s engine/gear temperature and noise
  • Keeps your bike / two-wheeler engine free from deposit
  • Renews Power, Torque, Mileage and Engine life
  • Reduces your bike / two-wheeler’s maintenance expenses


“Directions for use” Simply add 10% by volume to your main lubricant.


POLYTRON is attracted to metal surfaces and through metallurgical process forms (from the original metal) a durable polished-like micro-layer of metal that drastically resists wear up to 95%, extreme pressure, and excessive temperature. POLYTRON will increase the reliability, longevity, efficiency, power, and eliminate wear on your equipment. Even in an event of sudden oil/coolant loss, POLYTRON can temporarily protect the engine from catastrophic damages.

Furthermore you can connect with Polytron at:

Trafo Filter Services




Carbonado GT2 - inner view

Carbonado GT2 Backpack 1st Impressions

First Impression Review

Carbonado GT2 BACKPACK – Prelogue

The Carbonado GT2 Backpack and I had a chance meeting. At the outset of their India promotions I was pretty much oblivious and least interested in what this product was. Indeed a lifestyle product and absolutely out of my league. After all what purpose is a sports car to a tractor manufacturer? Well we all know the “Raging Bull” story, don’t we? Rewind to 2006, the year of Dhoom 2. This sequel not only featured one of India’s Greek Gods and one of the world’s most beautiful women and motorcycles. Dhoom 2 had one very short yet prominent element. The opening heist features the protagonist all geared up with this unique backpack that stood out.

This backpack showed up in Google with a ton of iterations and had an import factor to it. And then I asked myself how do I claim warranty or even worse get it repaired here in India? So I reached out to a few friends in the industry and asked if they could make something like this? Loads of brainstorming and conversations later I hit a brick wall. Somewhere in 2016, a riding gears store in Pune, Destination Moto had a few of these. By the time I decided to buy one, the train already left the station.  Thus the aspiration to own a hard shell backpack evaporated.


Carbonado GT2 Backpack – Rider Mania 2019

As part of a team I attended the Royal Enfield Rider Mania 2019. Here one of its brand partners stocked a few of this uniquely styled backpack. The busy weekend and ride to Kanyakumari had me occupied for the fortnight. Nevertheless, a few features that I struck a chord with –

  • Integrated cable lock
  • Hard shell backpack
  • Clean design
  • Power bank and audio extension sockets
  • Last but not the least – food & drink compartment

Indeed a laptop bag that allows itself entry into the boardroom and a weekend trip alike makes it all the more desirable. So, whether it is a Xander Cage or a 007 it’s a one style suits all.

Carbonado GT2 Backpack – All wrapped up!

At the India Superbike Festival 2019 I finally got my Carbonado India Backpack. All excited to have the “Dhoom bag” I was ready to roll. Well not really, a slight scratch sealed the deal for an option to add a protective layer – wrap or a TPU layer to save the hard shell from all the battering. While I might have a slight dose of OCD, I can’t see damage like this. So, a few phone calls and loads or samples later I got a wrap finalized.

Working with Pune based, AJ Customs was nothing short of an adrenaline rush. Being a utilitarian by nature, I wanted everything, but clutter. Teaming up with Crisis Code we also added a safety element while leaving room for “Nomenclaturisation”. The elements of the wrap are as follows:

  • Premium quality material
  • Matte Finish
  • 7 paneled integrated design element
  • QR Code based ICE tag by Crisis Code
  • Alien Robot Theme
  • Corporate branding logo
  • Club/ Community patches

Adding to this, team AJ Customs have also created a gloss finish wrap to complete their “proof of concept” with the same design. Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Crisis Code for coming together with AJ Customs to add in the element of safety. Their specially designed stickers is not only limited to motorists and can be added to any surfaces like backpacks, luggage or any accessories used for travel purposes. Some of the key features being

  • Blood group
  • Insurance details
  • Emergency contact phone number

…Among other details

Carbonado GT2 Backpack – Recall Value

Here are the few bits about the backpack that create a recall value equivalent to a memoir:

  • Integrated cable lock – This comes as an add on accessory, given that it can house anything from a notebook to an iPad or a premium gaming laptop nothing like added security
  • Hard shell backpack – The unique 7 paneled design hard shell gives its international counterparts a run for their money.
  • Clean design – Put this on the rack, in your cupboard or give it to your pillion, this backpack just fits in.
  • Power bank and audio extension sockets – Remember the saying, “I’m not going to use it but I’m glad I have it when I need it.”
  • Food & drink compartment – Keep the Thumps up chilled and the kebabs hot and fresh. This is a carefully thought out feature and am sure a lot of mothers are already thanking team Carbonado for this. Yes, the wives too.
  • Ergonomics – In the name of checking out its level of comfort in discomfort I dunked in a few items purchased at a store and zipped the bag shut. Somehow the bag seemed to assimilate my clumsiness and allow me room to buckle the bag and ride over 20 kilometres across the city.

I’d like to add that the above text has been written while the backpack sits wrapped in its cover for over a month since delivery of the wrap by AJ Customs. The challenge being how much can one write without referring to text or seeing the product.


Having said that now it’s time to reveal the product here and head out on the “user review”. Till then to stay tuned on the latest offerings from Bplugd you can connect with them here 


To know more about AJ Customs click here

To connect with Crisis Code click here

Additional Acknowledgements:

Carbonado Catalogue



DT400 Schorl Air Filter review

DT400 Schorl Air Filter Review

DT400 Schorl Air Filter review – Prelogue

Two years from the day this article went into print, two individuals over a cup of tea toyed with the idea of manufacturing air filters for “pocket rockets and sports cruisers”. At the given time the brand had laid focus on Royal Enfield motorcycles and was happy with the current clientele. Drawing from the strengths and positive feedback sometime in the future the team got to work. A few phone calls and a prototype run later the DT400 Schorl Air Filter review set took form.

Built literally at the desk of its inventor, the DT400 Schorl Air Filter by Small Spark Concepts boasts of simple yet ingenious tech that offers the same return on tap that leading international brands do. Well sans the hefty commanding price! After the installation at Motobyte (their dealer partner’s premises) in Pune the subject was all ready to head towards the proving grounds. A 16,000 kms old January 2017 Bajaj Dominar 400.



DT400 Schorl Air Filter review – First Ride

At the first blip the crisp yet deep bass grunt made its presence felt. Taking the motorcycle on a short tour to the konkan coast offered a slight bump in the mileage. Add to it better acceleration and the naturally endowed baritone exhaust note. Taking it a step further the motorcycle hit 160 kmph faster while crossing the stock 155 kmph. This without a drop in current mileage with stood within the 26-29 kmpl bracket.

DT400 Schorl Air Filter review – Interstate Ride

Following up on its last tour the ride to India Bike Week 2019 offered better mileage. This in spite of being kept in a dusty area all day. ON its return journey the Bajaj Dominar 400 clocked in at 31.4kmpl on a full tank to full tank calibration over a distance of 220 kms.

DT400 Schorl Air Filter review – “Dyno Wars”

We put the motorcycle on a Dyno Run at the India Bike Week 2019. At the Race Dynamics podium the Bajaj Dominar churned out 28.1 whp, 1 unit more than stock. This was purely attributed to the performance of the air filter. Considering a remaining 30% shelf life of the stock drive chain sans the stock muffler and other unforeseen factors under basic conditions. This indeed was a positive result for the team involved in the trials of the product..DT400 Schorl Air Filter review

To begin with we would like to thank our collaborators at team Dipen Nisar Autovlogs for being part of the pilot testing.


 DT400 Schorl Air Filter review by DNA Vlogs click here: 


Also we would like to thank team Motobyte.in , Pune for assistance with the initial installation process. This in addition to a post installation periodic servicing of the Bajaj Dominar done at Motobyte.

The features of the DT400 Schorl Air Filter are:

  • Enhanced Mileage
  • Improved Acceleration
  • Curbing Emissions
  • Easy maintenance with simple wash and dry method
  • Product Life-cycle :100,000 Kms
  • Most importantly, the product is pocket friendly and made in India.
In case you are wondering about maintenance of DT400 Schorl Air Filter here is a short video:


Yes! All it takes is quick run by a pressure wash. Alternatively, wash it at home by soaking it in warm water at 30 degrees centigrade.


About Schörl:

Being a motorcycle enthusiast, the poor mileage of his powerful motorcycle haunted the founder back in 2008. What could be the reason?

Three and half years of experiments on the basic working essentials of the engine,
1) Spark

2) Fuel

3) Air

This revealed an important missing link – The Air, unlike spark and fuel cannot be seen nor be controlled effectively. Thus hardly any research was done on maximizing air for intakes. If there can be performance filters why not mileage filters? The concept was essentially to change the beliefs about performance air filters. The air filter was not only to achieve better filtration. But also to get better performance, more mileage and reduce carbon emissions. It took a little over 4 years of painstaking experiments and research to develop the technology based on microfiber filter element. The Air Filter can match the ISO standards and regulations for use on engines and do the job what it is developed for.

“We believe that the beauty is in the details: those small things which are unrecognised, unnoticeably ignored are the once which fit in the design and do the job which it is meant to do, without which the purpose is undone.”

Mayur Patil – (Founder, Director)

Connect with Small Spark Concepts here:

Linked in

T823 Tyre Test

Timsun T823 tyre – Short term review

Timsun T823 tyres is a tyre that is a popular tyre amongst long distance riders. However here’s the popular statements surrounding this brand:

  • There are an unknown brand come from out of nowhere
  • They are neither homegrown like MRF or Ceat nor carry the marquee like a Pirelli or Michelin
  • Bias tyres for motorcycles made by them, this is a joke! Radials is the in thing
  • Who pays premium for second grade stuff?
  • Timsun? You mean Dimsun??

This is what I’ve have heard and I completely agree with all those who have shared their view. You are probably one of those who advised me against the brand. Yes I cannot but agree on what you said looking back today. No discount no freebies just take it or leave it. Like who wants a tyre like this?? So much of deliberation isn’t worth my while let alone anyone else’s…

I think NOT!

Here’s why:

About two years ago there was this whisper about a new tyre brand in the market – Timsun. The whisper grew louder with the passing days. Loud enough not to be ignored, even by deaf ears. A few phone calls and emails later India knew that Timsun tyres forayed into the market. A careful study of the brochure spoke about the new patterns on offer for “all things motorcycle”. No sooner I knew it, the 2018 Dominar fitted with Timsun T823 matched the Ceat Zoom Rad X1 on every step be it handling or top speed or control. In fact the dual sport pattern and additional 10 mm gave the Bajaj Dominar a dominating stance. A few rides later a first impression review was in place that sparked a few more followers.

First impression said and done, so what?

The time between the first impression and this write up has seen some of the country’s popular motorcyclists opt for Timsun over and above other international brands. They have been there and done that. Let us not forget that about a decade ago a little known lubricant brand today is the leading choice for not just motorcyclists but for manufacturers who have listed this brand as an OEM partner. Likewise in case of Timsun India, in the last two years they have been gaining ground. From the humble Suzuki Gixxer SF 150 to Honda Africa Twin there is a tyre for ever one. Correction – seven tyres for seven different styles of motorcyclists.

Yes, the last line was no typo. On a visit to their Customer Experience Centre in Bangalore, during an orientation session we given a detailed tour of the (tyre) setup and informed that they have seven basic tread patterns. Each catered to a specific purpose / riding style. From regular road patterns to off-road patterns they had it all.

Here’s a cookie – the Timsun tyres on the Flat track Royal Enfield Himalayans (built by Autologue Design) can be rotated owing to its unique tread pattern.

The True Timsun T823 Tyre Test – Breaking BAD!

About a month from now a two thousand kilometer journey was completed on the Timsun T823 tyre. The motorcycle in question a 2019 Mahindra Mojo UT 300. The blue-eyed boy of its owner allowed me an opportunity to complete the expedition to Kanyakumari. Kanyakumari was a destination that seemed jinxed for all reasons and missing this three years in a row wasn’t going to happen. Enroute Goa the stock MRF Zappers had already lived their 17000+ kilometers and needed a change. As arranged at Mahindra Mojo Bangalore the Timsun T823 tyres replaced the stock MRF’s.

After fitment, the motorcycle was parked double digit kilometers from the workshop. The next day we set out to conquer Kanyakumari or get conquered. The morning drizzle and overcast clouds were playing tricks already. We said chuck it, let’s ride. Having said this we set out sans the rainwear taking the fight to the weather gods at the risk of drenching. The ride till Salem was slow and steady. Just a boring traffic dotted ride. Just out of Salem we hit 18,000 kilometers on the odometer!

A milestone of sorts

The Mahindra Mojo (#Daanav300) and I have rarely seen anything below 150 kilometers before setting for a halt on six lane highways. This was a production model and we both wanted to know how far both man and machine can go before breaking in. A total of 313 kilometers before halting for lunch just 200 odd kilometers north of our destination. The Timsun tyres held the road well for a motorcycle sans ABS or any other tech. A muscle car incarnate on two wheels, these tyres just ripped through tarmac, speed bumps and potholes. The journey back was no less the same endurance paced ride to Bangalore. We hit a new nonstop high on a 24 bhp two ton tourer. We got a decent mileage, pretty much the stock tyre mileage. Next what??

The Home Run

Getting into Pune required some extra pushing since we left late. The weekday, non festival traffic gave a top end of 142kmph on the production motorcycle as compared to its prototype that closed in at 145kmph. Getting into the borderlines of Maharashtra before sunset is a worthy mention. The stretch between Davengere and Belgaum is all but broken. With speed restricted carved into the otherwise smooth concrete. The Timsun T823s simply cruised in at about 80 kmph or so before coming to a grinding halt just out of Maharashtra for a break. Taking its toll was the fluctuation in temperature however the Timsun tyres held its own. Usually, some say that you should give about a thousand kilometers before a stint of hard riding. With Timsun it was “Go Baby go” right from the first upshift. Break in we did, breaking bad – I think not.

To Timsun or not

At this point of time when premium tyres can burn a hole in the wallet of the working class motorcyclists, Timsun offers a value for money proposition. Positioned just above the stock tyre class in terms of pricing, irrespective of tread pattern it does offer more punch. After all would you hit the gym with roadside purchased sneakers or prefer industry standard gym shoes? The Timsun T823 tyre is a performer on both smooth surfaced roads. Also, on roads that are bereft of gravel. Indeed by now YouTube is inundated with videos that will give you their perspective on the product. From one fellow motorcyclist to another I would encourage you to first understand the tread pattern of product and its role in your riding style. After all would you pair bathroom slippers to a tuxedo?

As I conclude this piece I would like to thank:

  • Timsun India in Bangalore for their time to educate us about the product rather than just sell us the Timsun T823 tyre.
  • NAFS motors for expediting the process of fitment and procurement of the tyres for the ride.
  • Last but not the least, my friend for entrusting me with the motorcycle and the new set of tyres to complete this review.

MRF Masseter – tyre review

Tyres of a bike are one of the most important aspects of riding. With the perfect combination of tyres, the rider can be confident about his bike and enjoy the ride. With the same thought in my mind, I started scouting new tyres for my Pulsar AS200. I wanted the best tyre’s which can give me good confidence in a corner as well as on flat tarmac with good braking ability.With some research and recommendations from friends I finalized the MRF Masseter tyre for my bike. I must say, it was one of the best decisions i have made for my bike.

I am Swapnil More an avid  motorcyclist, this is my Masseter story..

Just a little Trivia about the tyres: 

MRF Masseter has  the L.A.P.S. (Lean Angle Performance System), which is the core idea at the back of any performance tyre, it has one of the most modern and cutting-edge innovation in developing tyres for performance bikes.

 Potentially targeted towards passionate riders who like to go out for long rides, the Masseter tyres are particularly crafted to encourage more cornering abilities. The innovative bike tyres infuses soft compound rubber, more rounded corners, and contoured grooves for better water seepage, ultra traction levels and effortless navigating at curves due to large tread area.

MRF Masseter Tyre Features

Besides its attractive looks and out of the box engraved design, MRF Masseter has got many other features that will definitely allow more comfort and confidence while cornering, especially at high speeds. Here are the four core characteristics of the MRF Masseter tyre.

Special Soft Compound:

With this Masseter provides fantastic grip over the road surface alongside, it also helps in imparting better braking performance, thanks to the soft rubber compound.

Rounded Profile:

This is the utmost futuristic approach as it presents the biker with a maximum lean angle. Moreover, with rounded profile it ensures large surface grip eventually minimising the risk of getting out of control at speeds.


Advanced Lean Angles:

In order to guarantee better grip levels on the road, during sharp turns, superior traction is a must. And Masseter checks-in to makes it happen with its highly developed lean angles.

Contoured Grooves Tread:

Superior traction in wet conditions has always been a concern with bike tyres. Here with its one of a kind curvy-ly designed tyres it first provides better water channelling and ultimately enhanced wet grip


MRF Masseter Tyre Benefits

Made up of special soft rubber compound the MRF Masseter gives superior grip and improved braking performance.
Its unconventional lean positions help in better traction levels, which further aids in better cornering with confidence.

With soft compound, the contact patch of the tyres is wider leading to enhanced braking eventually reducing the chances of skidding.
MRF Masseter’s resourceful and practical design provides optimum balance to the rider on both the sides of the tyre while switching body postures at sharp turns.

My experience with the MRF Masseter has been for last 10k Kms and it has been really really good. The grip i have while cornering has given confidence to lean more into the corner. The tyre treads really good with heat issues while on long rides. I fill nitrogen air in the tyres which helps me keep it cool and air is intact for a long period. The bite given by the tyres while braking gave me confidence to release the throttle to its limit. I have used the tyres on flat tarmac, sand, wet surface and little off-roads as well. The response given by them are very good. During rainy season, the wet grip is very good and the tyre does not fish-tail. The LAPS technology helps in enjoying the twisties and turns on any road. I havn’t had a single puncture even after off-road rides.MRF Masseter gave me confidence to stretch my limits on every ride, be it endurance, speed, braking or cornering ability.Would recommend this tyre for all the people looking for great performance at pocket friendly cost.

Topcase by Nyati Laser – first impressions

Today’s avid motorcyclist is not limited to age or occupation

All one needs is a welding torch fuelled by a spark of creative innovation

This is Kriti & Shrikant from Pune. We had planned a road trip from Pune to Leh – Ladakh in July 2019. We needed a top box for our bike the Royal Enfield Himalayan. Thus, through a fellow motorcyclist’s reference we contacted Nyati Laser for a top box as they were looking forward to endurance testing of their product. We met with the manufacturer who provided us the top box and mounting plate as per our requirement. We took the top box for our expedition and it turned out to be very useful for our entire journey of approx 4500 kms.

First impressions:

  • It is a hard case made of heavy duty aluminium yet quite easy to access.
  • For the entire trip the top box was loaded with 5 to 7 kgs of luggage but it did not create any issues while riding.
  • It also comes with a cushioned backrest, which is very comfortable for the pillion. The top box also enhances the overall look of the bike.
  • The box is completely waterproof which also makes it a perfect choice for carrying luggage in rainy season.

Other than long rides, top box is also very beneficial to carry your belongings for a short weekend getaway or riding through the city, as it easily fits in your helmet and backpack and it doesn’t add to the width of the bike. The top box comes with iron hooks on top, with which you can strap other items onto the top box using a bungee cord/rope. However, the lock system can be improved as it is not possible to leave important articles in the box when the bike is parked at a place vulnerable to theft. Travelling only with top box and no other luggage at front can get a bit difficult as the bike will be unstable. It is important to balance the load due to the size of the box.


  • Secure fitting system
  • Light weight
  • Waterproof
  • Reflectors for riding after dark
  • Cushion for pillion
  • Lock available
  • Good capacity
  • Attractive look
  • Good quality material
  • Easily accessible
  • Durable and tough


  • Higher load affects balance
  • Better locking system to provide more safety
  • Bit difficult to mount or dis-mount from the bike for both rider as well as pillion.
  • Cannot be easily mounted or removed from the bike

At this point of time the top case in undergoing post ride analysis basis feedback and wear and tear. We do understand that the product will be launched in the months to come once the evaluation process is completed. The product will be available through a leading riding gear store based out of Pune. For those ordering from across the country, they can order the top case online.

Scala Gears Marvel jacket – review

Scala Gears Marvel L2 Jacket

“Badass biker” look motorcycle riding jacket are a passe. Riding jackets evolved over the decade in terms of technology. Now it is a style statement. To suit their tastes, motorcyclists have not just fit but also colors from the spectrum of jackets sold by various dealers across the country. Continuous improvement through feedback improved the riding jackets. Thus, suiting the taste and the convenience a motorcycle rider is expects from the apparel. Enter Scala Gears Marvel jacket review…

All is fair in riding gear and rising costs…

Driving this revolution a posse of a few good men and women in the business who relentlessly worked towards meeting the ever demanding customer satisfaction levels. All this, while keeping in mind factors like costs and safety. This typically brought in fresh blood that was fueled by the touring revolution. Motorcyclists from across the country lapped up the best in class gear that best suited their wallets without compromising on safety. So strong are the riding jackets that even the GST flood gates caved in to welcome even a more fierce competition. Not only on the pricing battlefield but also waged a war on the X FACTOR of the product in question that made it a sale-able product.

Then #15yearsofXbhp at #sidhu punjabi dhaba with the Yamaha R15 V3

Now #16yearsofXbhp with the Bajaj Dominar 400 at the same venue

Notice that the Scala Marvel has hardly given in to the wear and tear of the year gone by.


Scala Gears Marvel jacket first impressions review
  • Scala Gears Marvel jacket debuted with aggressive pricing
  • Minimalist yet, best in class styling and the famed CE Level 2 armors not just on the the shoulders or elbows but on the back protector too!
  • Adding to the slim fit quotient are the integrated liners to keep the rain and cold drafts out.
  • This Tex-Mesh mix allows for a decent level of ventilation on the Scala Gears Marvel jacket.
  • Specially, where one may have to change from thermal to rain and take them off.
  • Phone Battery down, Got a powerbank? excellent, keep the phone in the top pocket. The powerbank is neatly tucked away in the thermal liner or the jacket.
*please do be mindful that the weight of the powerbank may weigh you down, should you get uneasy pull over and keep it in your luggage


The Quick bits about the Scala Gears Marvel jacket: 
  • Wait but aren’t most jackets bulky and need a skill level of a OCD infected packer? In case of…
  • Well they might, however in case of the Scala Marvel it neatly fitted into the Dirtsack Shellsack . It already had a dual liner two piece raincoat, a Git2PRO ACTION CAMERA along with its folding monopod already inside.
  • HOW?? Quite simple, the CE LEVEL2 armours are a soft gel like. This gives the jacket the feel of a hoodie or a thick sweater rather than that of a riding jacket.
  • What else? Folding cuffs are zipper fastened on the diameter. velcro-straps seal up the circumference. Want to sit down for a meal and its too cold remove the jacket? Simply fold the cuffs and its Bon appetit!
  • Last and not the.. ? Yet it has a double lined zipper that should keep the rains out from the periphery of your smartphone or any other valuables tucked away in the chest pocket
Scala Gears Marvel jacket -” Long Term Review
  • The Scala is as easy as the RR Gear Raptor to maintain. The armors on the back and shoulders are easily removable – Simply wash and wear.
  • unlike most other jackets this one has more white accents. White as a color is a toughie to keep as is. Certain shampoos and Colgate toothpaste have come to the rescue while keep it at its whitest best.
  • The CE Level 2 armors as soft and gel like which make it easy to pack in to any backpack, in this case the Dirtsack Shellsack https://www.instagram.com/p/BkXCtMsBO1J/
  • The Marvel makes an awesome summertime jacket while keeping the rider protected.
  • The collar build allows you wear the jacket weeks without washing it.
  • The inner cuffs have color coded buttons to match the color of the elastics on the liners
  • The rain liner provides adequate protection from rain however a conjoined lined could looked forward to.
  • Best in class pockets, not only on the jacket but also on the liners as well.
  • Daily use has had no effects on the color, even on the white linings.
  • The reflective bits are eroded, however as per the wear and tear it is certainly acceptable.
  • From scooter to superbike this is a one style fits all two wheelers.
  • The Velcro on folding cuffs however have lost some bit of grip.
  • The runner on the main zip broke after about 8 months and was easily replaced
  • The zippers on cuffs are still in shape sans a bit of paint
Hope you enjoyed reading about the Scala Gears Marvel jacket review. Ride Hard ride safe.

Scala Gears Marvel jacket review

As per SCALA GEARS here are the specifications of the Scala Gears Marvel jacket:

Scala Gears Marvel jacket review

  • Outer Shell is 100% 600DN polyester imported Fabric for maximum Strength and Durability and Cool Mesh is 100 % Polyester with greater air vent function.
  • 3M scotch light piping for High visibility at day and night.
  • Adjustable waist and sleeves for better fit.
  • Two waterproof pockets at front and one pocket inside of the jacket.
  • Wallet and Mobile pocket with flap inside the shell as well as in the warm liner of jacket.
  • Detachable waterproof liner and heated thermal liner.
  • CE approved level-2* armors on Shoulders & Elbows.
  • CE approved level-2* back safety armor.
  • High impact rubber padding on the Back for more safety during the crash.
  • YKK Original zippers for smooth opening and closing.
  • High Quality rubber webs on loops and SCALA labeling and branding for the premium look.
  • High Quality printing for good visibility of the branding.
  • Double & Triple stitching for best strength during the crash.
  • Fix Connecting Zipper with the pant joining.
  • Micro-Fiber Comfort Collar.
  • Keys catcher hook attached.
  • Jackets come in multiple color and sizes.

Scala Gears Marvel jacket review

To know more about the  MARVEL jacket click here

You can reach them on FACEBOOK and Instagram too

Touring jacket? click here


Read also Best practices of textile riding jackets maintenance

Xtreme Dynamics Inc – “Her point of view” by Bhavna Sharma

Bhavna Sharma, Mrs India Universe Runner up 2018 is no stranger to the glamour industry. With her podium finish in Sri Lanka last year, she indeed has taken her passion to the next level. Currently, she is a mentor to budding pageant participants. A mother of two, she has spent most of her life maintaining a harmonic balance between being a home maker and a  working professional with an MNC in Pune. In 2016, Bhavna purchased her first 200 cc motorcycle. A Golden Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 and ever since her first ride there was no looking back for this motorcyclist mom. Today she talks about the Xtreme Dynamics Inc review.


“Safety is sexy” is one of the many metaphors of the motorcycling commune across the globe. Adding to this her personal rendition of style when she wanted to upgrade from the “commuter class” safety wear. While she did shop around for options she finalized Xtreme Dynamics Inc. It is commonplace for a motorcyclist irrespective of gender to opt for gear to their comfort. Of not necessarily one company, yes there are riders who prefer a single brand.

When asked, Bhavna said, “Yes there were brands that had the same safety standards as XDI at the time of purchase. However they stood out for lack of being tacky or flamboyant. XDI, I could connect with because of its no-nonsense design and classy accents. Be it the jacket or the riding boots for that matter, they both have a scent of “me” in them and hence the connection. “

Xtreme Dynamics Inc review

Here is Bhavna Sharma’s review

Xtreme Dynamics Inc review – XDI Racespec Boot

Xtreme Dynamics Inc review


The XDI race boot is a beautiful piece of riding gear. Everything from the sophisticated looks to the functional features has been crafted keeping the riders comfort in mind. The synthetic leather along with the waterproof coating and race spec protectors makes sure you can use it all around the year and in any terrain.

Since I have picked up a white and orange combination boots, which matches my XDI jacket. And of course, it also matches my Monster, a 2017 KTM Duke 390 (bought this year) too so it really looks sexy and sets some fashion goals for all riders.

It comes with:

  • Waterproof exterior
  • Metal sliders
  •  Gear shift panel
  • Molded TPU Protectors on ankle & heels
  • Anti-skid sole – which gives great grip & ride control

It also has Velcro closure with zippers, which helps fit in your feet perfectly.

Price wise I feel for an Ankle length boots it’s not that high compared to other brands.


Being a Female rider, I feel its bit heavy for me but I am sure male riders may not feel the same.

Xtreme Dynamics Inc review – XDI X1 HYDRASEAL Jacket

Xtreme Dynamics Inc review

Pros :

I don’t think you’ll find a better jacket for just 8000 Rupees. I’m 5’6″ and got M size (white-orange color) jacket, it fits perfect. Waterproof liner is also of very good quality. As after almost 200km ride in heavy rain, I was hardly wet from inside. Finally, the jacket is fantastic for riding in all seasons. Extremely comfortable, the jacket looks great and it shows the extra attention to the details from XDI.

It comes with 3 Season Liners Thermal, Detachable and waterproof. It has nice reflective prints and strips. They look chic at night /in Dark along with Adjustable waist strap, removable armors which is dual density armor and internal Hydra seal pockets.

Cons: Nothing negative to speak about.

All in all a very great product and I am super happy with the Jacket & Shoes . It’s been 14 yrs I’m riding a geared bike and coming from fashion background I feel it’s just a very stylish brand which comes with best of quality and look.

To conclude and summarize the review

Bhavna Sharma is extremely happy with her choice. This, even though the current generation riding apparel offers “Level 2” protection. She also extends her thanks to Probiker Helmets and accessories for their time and patience during purchasing process of both the products. Last but not the least through this review Bhavna also extends her appreciation to Xtreme Dynamics Inc. – the manufacturer for these safe yet stylish riding gears.

To connect with Bhavna Sharma click here

Xtreme Dynamics Inc review

Axor Stealth Helmet – Long term review

AXOR STEALTH Crazy Dull Black Orange Helmet

The recent helmet rule imposition in the city of Pune turned the city into frenzy of sorts. The erstwhile Motorcycle accessories shop now primarily a “helmet shop’. Nevertheless the decade old Probiker Helmets in Pune is still revving it up giving competition a run for its money. I bought a Vega Cara helmet exactly 71 months to this day! Through this helmet I saw my way into the motorcycling community. The very first group ride saw the fog of Lonavala after heading through the hot confines of the city. Today we look at the latest acquisition – Axor Stealth Crazy Helmet.

The journey through those winding roads led me across different places and in different weather conditions. If there was one accessory I ever cherished that is the helmet. Not just any helmet but one that fit well and gave of a scent of security.

Till date the brands used so far:

While I would still vote for the Vega Cara, it by far in today’s times is apt for city use on motorcycles no more than 200cc. The overall favorite on long tours is the SOL SF1. A brand favorite of tourers from one of the motorcycling fraternities, The SOL SF1 offered not only overall comfort but also a UV 400 dark inner visor that cut the heat out of the merciless sun. The rear leds came as a bonus.

The dark horse of the lot was the Axor helmet. For just 3500/- if offered the comfort of a “premium” helmet sans the double D ring retainer belt.The Axor saw its way through 2 replacement visors and etched itself in my memory forever. it offered high speed comfort while offering low budget maintenance costs. When Axor launched its premium offering, it was next on my list. The AXOR STEALTH Crazy Dull Black Orange Helmet came in a few phone calls and emails later.

Yes, this review would be incomplete should I miss out on the team coordinating this acquisition at Axor Helmets. Your gesture is much appreciated. Unlike most bloggers, Vloggers and motorcyclists who are part of this activity, I decided to take a different approach. The first Axor had wowed me and felt a month old even after a year and half of almost daily usage. Rain, shine or cold it stood the sands of time.

Look and feel

Going by that I opted in for the AXOR STEALTH Crazy Dull Black Orange Helmet after much deliberation. The decision to buy the helmet worked. Purely on looks I recall at least 5 fellow riders who bought the same model. Albeit in different color schemes. No I did not MARKET or up sell directly. It presence did the magic. Needles to say 14 months later the AXOR STEALTH Crazy Dull Black Orange Helmet still feels a month old with on signs of fading on the exterior or interior. The cushion quality is probably one of the best in the business. Given that holds up as good as new even wearing as daily commute helmet.

Axor Stealth Crazy Full Face Helmet
Axor Stealth Crazy Full Face Helmet


The helmet easily houses most of the available helmet communication systems without a fuss. The visor cleans up easily too. The added plus in this helmet is the availability of a dark inner visor. The standard Dark Visor is  just appropriate to see you all the way to the sunset. The belt holds its on and the helmet is an excellent choice for track use.

Technical details – The fine print 

At this point of time, the AXOR STEALTH Crazy Dull Black Orange Helmet has paved way for the Apex range which similarities with it at the outset. The Apex does have its own character indeed. For a list if the finer bits click here to know more..

Room for improvement?

The Dynamics of the word always has room for more and there is but only one issue. There is a lot of turbulence from the helmet .

Axor Stealth Crazy Full Face Helmet - Long term review
Axor Stealth Crazy Full Face Helmet

Invictus Touring Gears Tactical (Manas) Tailbag short term review

Manas Tailbag short term review

In last five years the motorcycling revolution has evolved in the country. A leisure pursuit by a handful of people in various pockets today is a hobby for a much larger bunch. From scooters to superbikes a lot of folks are joining the bandwagon. Not just Motorsports or endurance riding, today travelling on a motorcycle has a larger audience. That number on a scooter is gradually growing.

Initially luggage for travel was the standard bags and suitcases retro-fitted to the two wheeler. Today with the growing popularity there are a number of brands based in the country who are catering to the needs of “Travel Solution”. One such brand is Pune based Invictus Touring Gears.


Starting up in the year 1935 Sathe Gadikarkhana, today is  household name in Pune city. Taking the torch forward was another brand – Manas Adventure Gears. The brand was focused on Backpacks for trekking and mountaineering and did quite well too. Fast forward to 2017, through a common friend I was introduced to a young entrepreneur. At this time he was involved in developing a saddlebag that aspired to be as tough as a pannier. Cut to present day Invictus Touring Gears has evolved.

Manas Tailbag – 1st impressions

The Manas tailbag in its current iteration is known as the Invictus Touring Gears Tactical tailbag. The variant under review is the 1st edition “Manas Tailbag”. The tailbag came with battle scars. Very few manufacturers voluntarily prompt you to conduct rugged tests.

“Returning a battle scarred product would aid quality control and future development!”.

I’m like asking myself is he high on something or am I? I picked up the bag and headed out after exchanging pleasantries . After the “Biryani Bag”, I wondered how I could possibly connect with this bag? One day on an errand the idea kicked in. Laxmianarayan Chiwda, a Pune based brand has been a favorite in the family for over a decade or so with  kilos being purchased every so often. Taking a cue from this I dubbed it the Chiwda bag. The common connection being that both have origins in the old city area of Pune.


  • Can this accommodate a full face helmet? Yes
  • The bag also fits in a riding jacket, full gauntlet gloves and can pack in clothes for a long weekend trip too
  • A DSLR and laptop too fit in securely
  • Also, it easily packs in groceries and makes a formidable companion to the malls too
  • Spare parts/lubes upto 5-10 kgs are held with ease

Touring friendly

Whether you are a novice traveler or a been everywhere, The Manas tailbag is for everyone. Its current version offered 6 fasteners to securely bolt on. It is also bungee cord friendly for those who want to tie it down. The bag comes with dedicated straps for use as a backpack. The current is version has a blacked out pocket. The transparent pocket has given way to the new textile pocket. Option to choose colors at select vendors. A rain cover is a standard add on.

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Look and feel

The Manas Tailbag is “boxy” at first glance. The Rigid walls keep the bag from caving in. The interiors are well padded. Industry standard zippers are promising. The bag is BULGE FREE. The fasteners and buckle are of good quality. They hold the fort on long hauls. The dull looking piping is a looker at nights. It adds to the subtle factor in the day. It lights up well in the night. The inner lining has a premium feel. The stitching on the interiors are almost invisible. At first glance the inside feels like a DSLR bag. The bag has a handle  as well.


  1. The Manas Tailbag is hyper-versatile
  2. The dedicated backpack strap is a boon
  3. The Velcro strip in between is a great idea but attaching it back needs some practice
  4. Gauntlet gloves and spare city gloves easily fit in the outer lower pocket
  5. The inner net pocket holds paperwork as well as smaller items like SD cards etc.
  6. The North pocket is  good place to store charger cable etc, since it up in the vertical position
  7. On the other hand, the South pocket is good for energy bars etc.
  8. The padding is indeed confidence inspiring
  9. Expansion / compression executable ”on the fly”
  10. It is pillion rider friendly, no more fatigue
  11. Comfortably sits on backrests, carriers and topracks in backpack mode
  12. Boardroom to resort room it goes anywhere

The current version is on sale for 3500/-. First made in India tail bag to offer a first aid kit

There were some inputs shared in discussion. As explained certain aspects are purely design elements. these elements add to the frugality of the product. Some details are in discussion for improvement. All in all it impressed me enough to order one for myself!

The current version is on sale for 3500/-

First Made In India tail bag to offer a first aid kit.

Please find below photos of the Invictus Touring Gears Tactical Tailbag for your reference:

Photos Courtesy: Nikhil Sood


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