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Motolethe – Rider stories.

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The Sagar Sheldekar Story – Motolethe Valentine’s Day Special

 For the Love of motorcycling 

“Badan Pe Sitaare Lapete Hue” a song that is as flirtatious as it can get. With the legendary Late Shammi Kapoor crooning over the voice of Mohd. Rafi Sahab it is “poetry in motion”. The month of February marks not just the advent of the onset of summer. It in fact, is also a week that leads up to Valentine’s Day. The Sagar Sheldekar Story is phrase and a story in itself. NO?

The Sagar Sheldekar Story

Keeping in with the time and theme it is but right without further ado to bring on board Sarge.

The profound presence of an earth shattering background score that brings to the celluloid an almost vertical engine block mounted on two wheels. The rider is setting the road on fire with his knee sliders. All this while, he gives his audience a breathtaking review of the motorcycle in question. Now that is poetry in motion. As agile as Bruce Lee yet with the grace of a ballerina in every frame. Sagar Sheldekar holds captive the audience’s heart beat with every reflex of his slick and flawless maneuvers.

Sagar Sheldekar, doing what he does best at…

After keeping the motorcycling enthusiasts glued to the screen ever since he began doing so, not too long ago he stunned us with the news of him setting a foot for another course. This move, after bidding goodbye to the #PDArmy. There indeed have been and probably to come many a presenter on a global level. However, in the time he has gained dominance if there is anyone who could break or set a new record would be Sarge himself.

Team Motolethe with the man himself over a first ever Audio interview with the questions as follows:

So crank up that volume there’s a SURGE (Sarge) on the way !!


1. As per our sources we understand that you begin your tryst as a presenter somewhere in 2013, however prior to that you were a corner carving fiend, how did your association with motorcycling begin?

“The Sagar Sheldekar Story” began over 7 years ago with Power To The Rider (Powerdrift). However, his first experience with motorcycling was when he was taken on a trip to Mahabaleshwar by his elder brother. On the descent his brother was cornering his Hero Honda CBZ all the way down the ghats. Sitting behind, the fully geared up Sagar at that point of time was scared to the extent that he thought his elder brother wanted to kill him! Somewhere in the middle the adrenaline rush got the better of his fears and he began to enjoy the descent with every curve that came its way.

2. Tell us about your first motorcycle

He got his first motorcycle, the Yamaha R15 honed his skills at the California Superbike School. In time to come he started racing on the the racetrack. The Yamaha R15 had him hooked from the first time he glanced upon it. A game changer in ever sense, a fuel injected 4valve miniature R6 and a complete package to master the art of cornering for Sagar. In short – A beginner’s race motorcycle.

The Sagar Sheldekar Story

3. If you had to bring back a motorcycle from the past it would be a _________

Being an optimist he looks to the future that reminisce the past. While he has had the honor to ride the best of motorcycles ever, he does however really look forward to the future.

4. If you were not a motorcyclist (as you are today) you would have been a _________

A lifeless soul, prior to motorcycling and was into other non motorcycling pursuits. But nothing compared to his life (career) when he is with a motorcycle. He is a successful entrepreneur of his firm, but is best when it comes to speaking the languages of motorcycles.

5. We hear that you have spent some time on the track as an athlete can you shed some light on those days spent on track

The first race he took part in, the Yamaha one make championship was a “stay over” according to his folks at the beginning. Four days spent at the track egged him to sharpen his skills. That is when he attended California Superbike School. He attributes his skill set to all the 4 courses that paved way for the rider that he is today.

6. Any plans to take part in international competitive/ non-competitive motor-sports/tours

Sagar has crossed the age limit for competitive racing. Also, he has broken too many a bone and has stopped competitive racing. Recently, he has visited The Isle of Man and it is his dream to do a lap on a motorcycle the next time around. He would love to ride on his favorite track – Phillip Island  and Laguna Seca someday in the future.

7. Your idea of your dream motorcycle (Do not specify any brand or type)

He would like a motorcycle for every genre of motorcycling. A motorcycle that he can take to the race track is his idea of a dream motorcycle. Aprilia RSV V4RS and the Ducati Panigale V4 are the benchmarks that stand out in every sense as compared to the others in its class. If he were to be non brand specific – a motorcycle with:

  • Handling as its strongest attribute
  • Good linear power delivery
  • Strong braking

These would be the core elements that he would look for in a motorcycle  amongst others.

8. You wear a helmet because 

He has one head and just one life. Even then, all the protection he has is less and that led him to invest in a race suit. He recommends investing  in the best riding gear that your money can buy. Because best protection is what will let you continue living your dream of motorcycling.

The Sagar Sheldekar Story

9. A message for budding presenters and Vloggers

Follow your heart and follow your passion. And if your are willing to put in the hard work then the sky is the limit. Once you become the voice that people are willing to hear you also share the responsibility. That, of making a good example for others to follow. Its not just about the fame, you be an example for people to follow…

The Sagar Sheldekar Story
“You gotta dream big to spark a fire that refuses to die out. For once you muster the will to follow your passion, nothing is impossible! Even if that dream is as far fetched as being a #coach at the best riding school in the world. A school that has taught me everything I know! @superbikeschool #Thelearningbeginsnow #KeithCode #CSS”
With this we conclude ‘The Sagar Sheldekar Story’ and we do congratulate Sarge as he rides towards his next assignment at the  California Superbike School

DISCLAIMER: The images are taken from Sagar Sheldekar’s personal photo collection with explicit permission for use in “The Sagar Sheldekar Story”. Should you choose to use the above images we recommend that you contact Sarge over here


Here is a bit of nostalgia from the archives of Sagar’s motorcycling pursuits around the time he started his journey in the automotive media industry.

sagar sheldekar

August 28, 2009

An ardent Vale fan and a cornering junkie, Sagar took to biking at the age of 14 and has not looked back ever since. Biking forms an intricate part of his life. While most of his friends turned to alcohol or cigarettes to escape from their cubical life, Sagar’s R15 was his ticket to freedom. There are very few things that he enjoys more than laying his knee on the ground as he push his bike to its limit on the flowing corners of Mutha. Sagar plans to transform his passion into a career in the near future and spread the message of safety among the biker brothers.

Indeed just like the last line, 10 years on Sagar has followed his vision and has taken it to the next level with the Living it up series. It been a year now and he has achieved what he envisioned overa decade ago. Truly he is not only an inspiration but a visionary!

Source: Motoroids

To look up the content in its original form click here

We would like to thank Team Motoroids for permission to post and share this with us.

Ritu Kaur – Bullet Queen

Ritu Kaur – Bullet Queen of Vadodra

Born to a Punjabi family and raised in Vadodra Gujarat, Ritu Kaur is a swimming coach in an international school in Vadodra. Her tryst with motorcycling began when she was in the sixth standard during summer holidays. She usually spent the vacations at her relative’s house in Punjab. Due to lack of proper public transportation in that small town travel used to be very inconvenient. Not willing to compromise, one fine day she requested her elder cousin brother teach her how to ride a motorcycle. He agreed and taught her how to ride on his Yamaha RX 100. This is the first step how Ritu Kaur – Bullet Queen of Vadodra came in to being.

Ritu Kaur - Bullet Queen of Vadodra

Ritu Kaur – Bullet Queen of Vadodra, taking it further

When she returned to Vadodra and school started she used to ride to school on her father’s Vespa. During her college she used a TVS Apache to commute. Recently she also participated in the MRF Mogrip National Championship (Ladies 160 -220c). Ritu Kaur represented Team 10 Racing. She gives the complete credit to her coach Mr. Sunil Nigam of team Baroda Automotive Racing ( BAR) for arming her with the skill sets to give reigning champions a run for their money. Done, while allowing her to hone her skills with limited facilities to train and practice. Riding on behalf of Team Kings Autoriders at the recently held Royal Enfield Rider Mania, Ritu Kaur cruised her way to the podium with two trophies much to the joy of her team, well-wishers and fans.

Ritu Kaur - Bullet Queen of Vadodra

Here is a brief summary of her journey in the field of competitive and non-competitive events
  • Founder and Moderator : Bullet Queens – Vadodara
  • Runners up of dirt track bullet race riders mania Goa 2016 (Only female participant from  Gujarat)
  • Motocross dirt track at Kochi carnival 2016 – Winner
  • Winner-motocross championship at Trissur, Kerala 2016
  • 2nd runner up – Round 3- Pune, MRF Two Wheeler National Championship Rally 2017
  • Winner Round 5- Coimbatore, MRF Two Wheeler National Championship Rally 2017
  • Winner of Jaipur Dangle Dirt race ladies class 2017
  • 1st place, CEAT 2wheeler scooter motocross race in Bhopal 2017
  • Winner of Tumkur, Karnataka Dirt race 2017
  • First place, Royal Enfield Riders Mania Dirt Race on Bullet 500cc & 2nd Runners up in350 cc
  • Winner of Trials Royal Enfield 2017
Royal Enfield Rider Mania Trials 2017

Gurumail in the News:

Bullet queen of Vadodara proves herself in the male zone

Ritu Kaur with her team and their haul of trophies

The Motolethe – Kalyanaraman Venkatesan

It has been two years that began its journey and as a Second Anniversary Special Edition we are bringing to you a story about one man who had made a difference, read on…



There is no dearth of motorcyclists in the country who is or isn’t a rebel without a cause. There are some who seek support from the society to promote their cause and there are some who do it on their own. As a country India is one of those has seen more automobiles on its roads than tarmac available. This surge of vehicles has brought it own events to the table. One of them being road hazards. Stepping up to the occasion we have one individual who have been patient and perseverant to sensitize fellow motorists on Road safety. In the time that followed, starting with his hometown one can see others taking up the cause as well!

Kalyanaraman, Tell us something about yourself

I am a BIKER by passion and an IT Professional by the desk, my technical inclination drove me towards the IT sector whereas the urge to contribute to the welfare of the society pushed me towards my mission.



How did MISSION SAFER ROADS take shape?

The passion for Riding and Driving led me on a path which is now a mission to have SAFER INDIAN ROADS. I spent the last 6 years on researching, understanding and then educating the society on how self-discipline and awareness is vital for one’s safety on Indian roads.  Thus – MISSION SAFER ROADS!



Also we are given to understand that you have an initiative around Ambulances..

As a motorist and a responsible citizen of the country, many issues related to road safety intrigue me. One cause which is close to my heart is the sensibility to GIVE WAY TO AMBULANCE. You are saving lives by providing immediate help during an emergency without being directly involved for even a delay by few minutes can cause an uncalled fatality. I believe we need to be sensitive to respond and take action when they see an Ambulance with a glaring siren.


What is the strategy or approach to spreading awareness?

Today’s youth are not just commuters but also, they are the ones who are driving the country. Thus this quest to spread the awareness has driven me to the right place to begin my campaign – The youth.  Schools, Colleges and Corporate houses have given me the platform where I have addressed the basic need for self-discipline and following traffic rules. Typically, I initiate the discussion with importance of HELMETS and choosing the right one for protection and then converge upon the topic of empathizing with the other motorists, especially – the Ambulance!



How many workshops have you conducted so far?

Until date I have conducted over a 100 sessions for colleges, schools and MNCs and shared my vision with over 25000 eager audiences. Also, amongst them some have shown their solidarity in my belief by offering their valuable work-force time while I engaged with over 8000 eager listeners. I have also conducted sessions for driving license applicants at the RTO, Pune.



Apart from conducting a workshop, is there any other way you spread this message?

The quickest dialogue about “GIVING WAY TO AMBULANCE”  is through the plate on back of my motorcycle which reads “ALWAYS GIVE WAY TO AMBULANCE, EMPATHIZE. SOMEDAY, IT COULD BE YOU. The visual impact it has created so far has been immense and has raised my hopes that people would recall it the moment they see an ambulance stuck in traffic and raise to the occasion!!



How much do you charge for a workshop?

My sessions are voluntary and I do not believe in monetary benefits.

You can also connect with them on Facebok

To know more about  Mission Safer Roads





Photo Credits: Mission Safer Roads

The Motolethe – The Lake Girl Story

On a fine summer day a set of four riders planned a ten-day’s journey to ride into the record books of India Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, and Limca book of Records. While the entry does not require a ticket or a pass all they had to do was make the attempt to visit the Tso Lhamo/ Cholamu, the highest lake of India at an altitude of 17,490 ft.  They finally managed to achieve what they set out to do in following three categories (please see the certificates as below):

  1. Vartika Jain:First female rider to reach Tso Lhamo/ Cholamu, highest lake of India.
  2. Pratyaksh Jain:Youngest male rider to reach Tso Lhamo/ Cholamu, highest lake of India.
  3. All four riders(Atul Ghosh, Ambar Srivastava, Vartika Jain, Pratyaksh Jain): First group of motorbike riders to reach Tso Lhamo/ Cholamu, highest lake of India.


TIME DURATION – 10 DAYS JOURNEY (3rd May’2016-13th May’2016)

Motorcycles – 4 Motor Bikes (CBR250R, KTM 200, Karizma ZMR, CBR 250R)

GROUP NAME – Nawab on Wheels (male participants), TheBikerni- Lucknow Chapter(female participant)

No. Of Riders – 4

Name of Riders– Vartika Jain (KTM Duke 200)

Pratyaksh Jain (CBR 250 R)

Atul Ghosh (CBR 250 R)

Ambar Srivastava ( Karizma ZMR)

As narrated by her, this is their story –

Our journey began with full enthusiasm from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow to their final destination Tso Lhamo/Cholamu Lake.

Tso Lhamo or Cholamulake is the highest lake of India and one of the highest lakes in the world, located at an altitude of 5,330 m (17,490 ft). Situated in North SikkimIndia  and just 4 kilometres(2.5 mi) southwest of the Chinese border.


The energetic journey which started from Lucknow took its first break at Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Post a one-day break, the journey with their beloved bikes started again from Muzaffarpur, Bihar. The formalities of record attempt i.e. filling Log Book and get it signed by the Gazetted officer wherever we stay forced us to take a day’s break.

Next day with all our safety gears, we reached Siliguri via Darbhanga, Forbeasganj, and Purnea.


NH-28 is a beautiful highway full of lush green surroundings with cool breezes which creates a fabulous experience that no one can afford to miss. Not only this we also experiences the traditional culture, villages and many more. Beauty of the road becomes increasing as we were heading towards the hills.


We rented a hotel room at Siliguri, West Bengal and after freshening up we enjoyed the rest of the evening in the company of the local riders over dinner. They helped us with the route and current road conditions for our journey ahead and also shared their riding experiences. Meeting and exchanging the experience of biking with local riders of Siliguri filled the air of motivation and confidence in our hearts. Next day the showers from the heavens beckoned that we put on our raincoats and got ready to start the journey for Gangtok via Sevoke, Kalimpong and Singhtham. Riders are always enthusiastic when it comes to bearing witness to some kind of adventure and here our first adventure greeted us with the natural beauty in the absence of people and concrete structures.

On our way to Lachen from Gangtok we also experienced panoramic vistas of the stunning landscape and snow loaded peaks around Sikkim, all we did was soak in the hill station’s natural beauty while we rode. It was picture-perfect view of the neatly sequenced alpine pastures, quaint monasteries and water streams gushing down from scenic valleys which refreshed our minds. After covering this stretch and with a desperate wish of having a meal, we stopped at Mangan to relax our starving stomachs. Moving ahead we crossed Chungthang and Thangu covering the top point of 14000 ft to Lachen where we took a night halt.

After two days of acclimatization we started our journey towards the final destination. We could not wait to reach Tso Lhamo (17490 ft Highest Lake of India) to see the beautiful and unbelievable Beauty of Nature!!!The Tso Lhamo lake is approx. 55 kms away from the Lachen but it took more time than expected i.e. 5-6 hrs due to the extremely bad road condition, only Off Road! The journey from Lachen though started with an energized vigour but I guess that energy was not for ride but for something more interesting. We went head over heals with the total offroading and experience of small and large crossings (Waterfall flowing from the road and going to the abyss) and the river flowing along with the road was another charm of the hills. It is our Beautiful nature difficult to explain. Journey to the destination was painful yet worth for our passion.


After the adventurous ride we reached our final destination – Tso Lhamo Lake. The lake is indeed beautiful, bluish/purplish in colour and little frozen at the edges. The oxygen level at this altitude is low which gave us a bit of breathing problems but our enthusiasm beat every hurdle. After completing the formalities for our record attempt (like clicking few pictures, and most important the authentication and verification signature from the army base camp, log sheet completion, etc), we grabbed the opportunity to visit Gurudongmar Lake, the second highest lake of India. It was also very beautiful with clear blue water surrounded by mountains covered with snow.


We then spent some peaceful time in a temple “SarvdharmaSthal” near Gurudongmar Lake. In this temple, main deities of all the religions reside here. Now, we had to leave from there before 12 noon as the oxygen levels had a tendency to drop drastically due to the strong breeze and some other reasons as informed by the locals. We reached Lachen for the night halt and the next morning we geared up to start our return journey. With the amazing adventures and an experience of lifetime, we Riders (of NOW and The Bikerni) decided to return to Lucknow Via the Same Route.

The 10 days long journey finally came to an end but it gifted the riders an experience of a lifetime and the belief that given the diversity our country provides us with in terms of places, region, people, food, and culture one whole life would be not enough to witness all.

Vartika Jain

The Motolethe – A shade of Grease



Amidst over two thousand motorcycle enthusiasts who joined the 3rd edition of Moto Day organized by MotoDreamz, there came a doctor and no we are not talking about him. Power, poise, precision, control all that and more whether it is tending to a patient on the chair or being patient while the wind tried to get to her hair, Team Motolethe is indeed privileged to have one of the best Female Superbike Racers in India to be the 1st lady to feature on MOTOLETHE.


A qualified dentist, Dr. Neharika Yadav always had a liking for bikes and racing. Being the quickest woman, she has already completed 2000kms at the Buddh International Circuit having first made a pilgrimage to the track as a biking enthusiast. Thus suffice to say she has indeed created the Work-Life Balance. We met her soon after the flag off at Moto Day on occasion of the World International Motorcycle Day 2016. This event was organized by MotoDreamz on 18th and 19th July 2016 in Lavasa.


While she already knew how to ride a bike, she started riding extensively from 2013 after her first visit to the Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida. She was bedazzled by the symphony of the 1000cc machines that blazed past while she sat at the stands and was all that was required to get her on the saddle.


Interestingly, it was an accident that took away 50% of her hand movement in a fatal car accident and convinced her to live her life to the fullest. While for a set of training wheels she had a motocross bike and in 2013, went on track with a KTM 390. In 2015 she was the only woman amongst 33 other men on her Ducati 899 at JK Tyres Championship. Today her best time stands at 2 minutes 19 seconds being her fastest on the Buddh International Circuit.


While physical fitness is paramount, with the risk of injuries in this sport, one also needs to have lot perseverance and will to be able to progress in this sport. Months of determined practice and mentoring from seniors helped develop the persona that she carries on track. The adrenaline rush helped leverage the 6 day hectic schedule with a day on track with her beloved Ducati 899 at the Buddh International Circuit. While talking about endurance it is not limited by the sight of the checkered flag but also is seen in her daily routine tasks coupled with keeping fit and being disciplined.


To know more about Neharika Yadav’s story Click here or visit the link provided in the comments below.

A MOTODAY special feature by our Communications Head – Trisha Roy
avid Blogger and Content Writer at Shades Of Expressions

Yash Mohan Pawar

Yash Mohan Pawar at the starting grid - MRF Supercross

With the advent of the internet it is common place to see or hear about humble beginnings to greatness stories. In come rare cases we also get to meet people who have come from the street light lit academics to the limelight. They make it big in IITs, Multi National Corporations and are picked up by bigger ones. Some of them so big that they have in some way fueled or are responsible for the industrial revolution. Their inspirational stories will drive the generations to come and one such story is of Yash Mohan Pawar.

From conglomerates to CEOs and men and women in uniform everyone has a story to tell, one such story is of Yash Mohan Pawar.

Here we have the same story-line. However, this one has had a podium finish with many more to come. No, there is no so called ‘pun intended'(whatever that metaphor is supposed to mean). This one is filled with dirt, grease and smoke. At the MRF Supercross championship held in December 2015 there was this lad who kept coming up on stage every now and then. He wasn’t part of the audience vying to meet a celebrity. The funny part is- the question the Anchor of this event asked the audience:

“What did you do (aspire to do) when you were 17?…” Something pretty much on those lines.

At the age of 17 Yash Mohan Pawar, a lad from a very humble beginning is standing on a podium accepting his trophy. A few trophies is at the hands of Bollywood actor Boman Irani who himself shares a connection with the sport – motocross. Starting off from the gates to reach that podium at least twice had the lens of our team quite busy. So what is his story?? His father with the limited resources decided to buy him a bike. He played against the odds to save and get the basics through.

From what is known about Yash Mohan Pawar, he indeed is a prodigy. Just like other athletes, he keeps his fitness regime in place. At same time he is pursuing his formal education. With support pouring in from athletes and well wishers it is not just a blip on the gas for Yash.

It is practice, dedication and love for motocross as a sport  it has brought Yash this far.

We do wish him all the very best and do thank our first “Motolethe” Mr. Vishal Sanghra for sharing this less known facts about him. No we are not just doing a story here. We want to leave a memoir for Yash for the years to come.

Also, at the same time we want to let parents know that:
  • Riding a bike is not limited to clipping corners on the streets.
  • It is not breaking the speedometer cable while whizzing past traffic.
  • It is a lot more – it is family and a passion shared by the family.

We invite  the readers to introspect and keep in mind that there is indeed family that awaits at home. All this while, when they are out on an adventure that involves a motorcycle.

Photo Credits: Gautam Prasad Scenamatix

Lt Col. Sohan Roy

 Lt Col. Sohan Roy

Sitting in the saddle of his father’s motorcycle (A Norton) with elder brother in the pillion seat with his other siblings in the side car for a quick click, was probably where the spark for motorcycling ignited and ever since there has been no stopping or looking back for Lt Col. Sohan Roy.

Lt Col. Sohan Roy

Be it while his younger days, serving in the armed forces or spending time with family and friends his love for motorcycling has not just inspired many a budding motorcyclist (irrespective of his or her “ride” or Genre of riding) but has entered the Limca Book of records among-st other accolades and recognition that he has received in the recent years. Taking a cue from him are the GEN-x Y z and so on and so forth who seek inspiration and some a path to follow when the matter above the grey matter turns grey.


The more we elaborate or share is indeed less about “Sohan Sir” (as most of the junta of the motorcycling commune know him as across the country) who is the other end of the paradigm that form the idea of the Motolethe. With one of Pune’s finest athlete’s story that were fused in to build this block . Today he clocks in another milestone, December the 22nd 2015 and heads out on another milestone year ahead. We begin his story with a birthday wish and do give our token of gratitude for being there as a beacon of inspiration firing up a million sparks that ride across the country

Lt Col. Sohan Roy

The Motolethe – Ben Holbrook

Ben Holbrook

 World Motorcycle Day or Motoday is an event that synonymous with the motorcycling community of Pune.

Every year this celebration is gaining ground in other cities of India. While the enthusiasts are busy with preparations for this we got an Exclusive interview with the man behind World Motorcycle Day –  Ben Holbrook

Savio: Tell us  about yourself and what drew you towards the motorcycle?

Ben:  I am Ben Holbrook, from Wales in the UK. I live in Barcelona, Spain. I was always drawn to motorcycles and the sense of freedom they offer. My dream is to ride around Europe. I work as a travel writer and am currently working on my first book. It is about a road trip I took from London to Belgium and the experiences I had along the way.

 Savio: Your first bike, your current bike and the bike you aspire to own.

Ben:  The first bike I owned was a Honda CBF 600, a fantastic first bike and extremely reliable. I am currently bike-less but planning to buy a BMW 1200 GS and tour Europe.

Ben Holbrook

Savio: World Motorcycle Day, how did the idea come about?

Ben:  I came up with the idea of World Motorcycle Day when I realized there was a day for almost everything else, like:

  • “Wear a suit to work day”,
  • “World Whisky Day”
  • “World Book Day”

Also, it seemed crazy to me that there wasn’t a World Whisky Day, so I set up the website. Although I have not had a lot of time to perfect it.

Savio: Is solstice/ longest day, the only reason to ride out were any other days considered?

It seemed as good as any day to name World Motorcycle Day. I just like the idea of there being more hours of daylight for riding. The longer the ride, the better.

Savio: When and where was this first organised, can u share some details and photos of the event?

Ben:  I honestly do not hear much about the events. I do not have images of the first event, so I encourage people to share their photos and event details on the Facebook page. I got many messages asking how people can get involved. The answer simple: any way you like! Just get together with your fellow bikers and ride!!!!

Savio: In the recent times due to the availability of hi-powered machines there is a rise of 2 wheeler accidents (some ending in fatalities). Would World Motorcycle Day be the ideal platform to spread the message of safe riding, wearing a helmet and appropriate riding gear?

Ben:  Absolutely, it is all about riding safe. I have always encouraged riders to wear all the right gear when riding.

Savio: Lastly, a message that you would like to give us – your fellow motorcyclists

Ben:  World Motorcycle Day is a celebration for everyone and anyone who loves to ride. So let us get out there and cruise. And remember to wear the right gear and ride safe. We want you around for next year’s celebration, too!


Whatever you want to know about World Motorcycle Day:
Website –
Twitter –
Electronic MAIL  –
World Motorcycle Day

The Motolethe – Vishal Sanghra

The Motolethe - Vishal Sanghra

Stepping into this coffee shop on NIBM Road, Pune I am greeted by its owner. The Motolethe – Vishal Sanghra, is gentleman like any owner wears his best smile every time. Whether we meet over the cash counter to place the order or to strike light conversation while I sip on the brew served.

It indeed is amazing to see him carry out business as usual. People like him are the ideal examples those of us who would like to call ourselves riders or “BIKERS”. You may not find this connection between a business establishment of this sort and a motorcycle, would you? Well, the owner of the establishment – Vishal Sanghra is not just any athlete. But an athlete who walked away a Winner.

Here is the Motolethe – Vishal Sanghra Story

Representing DSK Racing, Vishal Sanghra wins the Pune leg of the Pune Supercross 2014 championship in the MX-3 category. What makes this victory special for him was not that he won on home-ground. Nor that he represented a team that has its connection with the motorcycling junta. He won it with an injury. During the championship he had a fall. One that not only gave him an injury. He has two dislocated fingers of his right foot and was off the plaster 4 days before the race. Thus limiting him to a bandage and a support to walk about.

Google will give you a million similar stories about riders who journey to lands heard of either on the TV or seen in pictures, with similar situations. However, finding one that has a rider celebrating his victory in this case is rare. Burning the last bit of adrenaline can only be counted in hundreds or may be even thousands – on a global level. Filter this down to India, in a country that is “owned” by Cricket with other sports making headway through leagues. A Supercross or even a Motor-cross race held in India on a global sports channel is light-years away.

The efforts of the promoters of the sport as well as the team owners who are supporting this sport that day will come. Indeed India will have its own Supercross or motocross championship aired on a Global television channel soon.

Adding to this, athletes like Vishal have had their fair share of falls only to come up strong and like in Vishal’s case win a race. Post the race I met Vishal to congratulate him. He was seated in a folding chair pitched right next to his car. The adrenaline junkie who went berserk jumping for joy on track (incidentally right in front of me!) is also a father.

Yes! like some of the riders today, Vishal is a “family man”. It indeed is commendable that he does enjoy that moral support to go out there and not just race but Win!

As a culture people are taking up biking or touring. As a sport every other road in the country will probably have its own wheelie popping teen. Understanding the risks involved which is not just injury but also loss of life is a reality that we ignore. Apart from the humility and courtesy that Vishal extended he also left a lesson for me –

Victory demands passion, passion demands dedication and dedication demands decision.

Deciding to reach that victory lap indeed would have taken a toll on his daily life is what we may assume. As an option he could have sat out with the injury in the stands. However knowing the risks and making calculated decisions is what set Vishal Sanghra en-route to being on the other side of it. The side where I stood capturing moments of the Pune Supercross until he came by celebrating his Victory!!

The Motolethe - Vishal Sanghra

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