Reise Moto traceR review – 6.67% short and Fabulous?

Reise Moto traceR review – 6.67% short and Fabulous?

February 21, 2024 0 By The Editor

Reise Moto traceR – Prologue

One look at the Reise Moto traceR tyres and you will notice a tread pattern that sits apart from what is currently on offer. Adding to this mix is a motorcycle that demands performance tyres, without which the ride experience is a compromise. A special note, a non-abs arm machine that weighs close to 200 kilos!  Yes, indeed major automotive houses and social media influencers have spoken about the “awesomeness”. Established motorcyclists have pushed the Reise Moto tyres, to the brink of its performing edge.

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However, we took a different route. We fused together a motorcycle and added a set that is 6.67% short of its OEM recommended profile. The motorcycle in question is a 2015 Mahindra Mojo, which also came to be known as the Mahindra Mojo XT. The Mojo is a 1st lot, 1st generation bike that came with Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 110/150 tyre setup. In time to come after a long service, this unit was decommissioned and then after acquisition restored to its current form. To give the motorcycle a different not “run of the mill” look we decided that whatever went on this bike, it cannot be a tyre that was ever used on the MOJO. Not even in the aftermarket fitment. A few phone calls and messages later, we prepared to onboard the Reise Moto traceR 01 treads on the motorcycle


Reise Moto traceR – Installation and fitment and the fine bits

Certainly, these tyres do not necessarily have an outlet that exclusively sells or stocks them so they came by courier. Wrapped in transparent packaging and spacers to ensure no deformation occurs in transit. Additionally for ease of transport to the tyre shop for fitment it had a easy carry bag too.

With a skilled technician getting the tyres installed is a breeze. Ensure the rotation direction is correct and they are inflated to the correct PSI as per the requirements of your motorcycle’s manual.

Reise Moto traceR – The first Impressions: a 100 kilometers to a 1st thought..

Indeed most of my talented and experienced colleagues would have shorter spins until the first thought. However, setting the benchmark higher I gave the Reise Moto traceR tyres a mix of roads to deal with:

  • Bylanes
  • city in-roads
  • highway

And ensured that day as well as night time travel was added in. The Mahindra Mojo was already about 300 kilometres down after being restored to life. Also, for a few months it stood still due to modalities and other pending work. Finally once it came to life we intentionally kept the top speeds under 100kmph. Initially, letting the bike and the tyres adjust I went easy on the throttle.

reise moto tracer

It was during the night runs when the bike came to life on the highway stretches blazing past its own comfort zone. For, those who are adept to ABS usually switching back to a non-abs can be a task. However, when you are able purge your muscle memory and ride a non abs monster is when riding the Mojo BS3 is fun.

Reise Moto traceR – Aao brake kare.. Handling

Most tyres that are manufactured are able to do whatever is marketed about. Here is where the Reise Moto traceR outshines its competition. In a normal circumstance one would upsize from stock fitment for better grip and performance. In rare cases, usually special or track application is when a downsize is seen. Breaking the norms the 140 rear section is 6.67% short of the stock size – 150.

Additionally, the tyres are biased unlike the Diablo Rosso 2s. Few deliver the goods when you hit the pedal. With these tyres whenever you apply the brakes there are no signs or skids or loss of control. In fact, it lets the rider go the distance confidently, irrespective it being day or night. So the real question is – Should the competition be worried? Well, try and buy, till then keep rolling!


Reise Moto traceR – Combination for this review



Reise Moto traceR Highlights (as per manufacturer)




Directional crossover blocks Unparalleled traction On point braking. Stops on a dime, everytime. Proven performance and stability in all weather conditions
Rounded and extended shoulder profile Hugs corners with ease Safety-inspired confidence you can lean on
Crossover grooves Best-in-class aquaplaning prevention Enhanced traction through superior wet channeling. Repel water while soaking in the fun
Multi-compound tread technology Outstanding thermal qualities for minimised abrasion. More miles means more rides means more smiles
Central zig-zag grooves Uninterrupted surface contact Rides smooth and silent
Wide footprint area Increased traction Gives going steady its true meaning. Holds a straight line
Crafted tread design Visually stunning European good looks. Turns heads even when standing still




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