About US – The MOTOLETHE story

About US – The MOTOLETHE story

About US - The MOTOLETHE story

About US – The MOTOLETHE story

Motolethe is defined differently in various dictionaries. To talk about us, Motolethe is the culmination of a motorcycle and athlete. Hence ”Moto-lethe (just like Lathe- lathe machine)”.

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There are various genres of motorcyclists, some of them are

  • Professional track racers – Motogp, supermoto etc.
  • Motocross or Supercross with their various classes
  • Freestyle Stunt motorcyclists
  • Endurance/ saddle sore/ race riders
  • Tourers
  • Street racers – like isle of man
  • Research, development and testing pilots

All these riders undergo some level of fitness and training to prepare them for the journey. Be it on a racetrack or across punishing terrain, their training is like any other sports athlete. Also, for all of this, they require a motorcycle. In some cases, it is the very same engine wrapped in a different body. In this avatar, the motorcycle is tuned to deliver differently. The coming together of these two entities thus form the concept Motolethe.


Motolethe is a website that is for the rider, not the ride.

  • Find riding gears and product reviews for your ride.
  • Motolethe is a repository of inspirational rider stories irrespective of motorcycling style.
  • We are a place for motorcycling group stories from across the country
  • The Rear View Mirror section is a place for offbeat articles related to automotive enthusiasm

We are thankful to our investors, collaborators, and supporters for bringing us so far.