SJCAM 4000+ review – The Bumblebee of sports action cams

SJCAM 4000+ review – The Bumblebee of sports action cams

June 2, 2016 Off By Editorial Team

SJCAM 4000+ – The story so far

The SJCAM 4000+ finally makes it debut! After reigning over the hearts of the not so deep pocketed erstwhile automobile and motorcycling enthusiasts of over 3 years ever since its “variants” exploded the Indian markets,  SJCAM has literally a helmet held brand for those looking out for a cost effective solution to capture moments of their lives. Be it a camper’s night out or a ride irrespective of terrain or league, the SJCAM has been there much to the likes of others who were either available locally or imported by the “relative and friendly” route.

SJCAM 4000+ – Touchdown 

Taking a stride and diving in to the not so deep pockets of the Indian consumer SJCAM has officially entered India and has given us the opportunity to share our point of view on one of their workhorse products that can rightly be deemed the true successor of the already popular SJ4000. Well getting one for as low as 5000/- is indeed a no brainer for those of us sifting through cyberspace for the best deals and who really cares about warranty?? the day the 1st draft of this post arrived there was a petrol hike by Rs 2.50/-. put this added burden on your wallet lets see if that makes a dent on our hard earned bank balance and future planning.

SJCAM 4000+ and the SJCAM M10+

As a product that is available at the cost of the standard smartphones, the SJ4000+ shares every thing but its form factor with the M10+. Nevertheless for a bigger form factor and a lesser price the SJ4000+ seems to sit at the point where power meets price. And adding value to this is the SJ4000 Waterproof Case with On-The-Go charging cable that throws in a sense of continuity so as long as you do  not run out on memory cards (Theoretically estimated to support up to 128Gb). Well as you have it we have this NOS canister in the arsenal too.

SJCAM 4000+ – First look

Now that we have got that out of the way lets take a look at the packaging which may not be as “upmarket” as any other premium brand but it sure has the finesse and class to give a mid- range smartphone major a thought to go back to the design board and reconstruct those pillars that make the packaging a class apart donned with a serial number that is verifiable on the manufacturer’s website. Speaking of which taking the sleeve that holds the box together reveals a “kitchen window” Bumblebee perched like a crouching tiger on a tree. the package comes with the standard fitments that most of the branded manufacturers and “knock offs” supply. In addition to the mounts, included is an extra door to camera.
A Whole New Package
 Our person in question is a 1.5 LCD screen wonder boy that comes pre-loaded with a 32Gb Samsung class 10 EVO memory card. Yes, I have been told not all class 10 cards are compatible and we recommend that you check with the support team on the compatible cards. Before one gets cranky and cracks up on this lets take a walk back in time when we checked the “system requirements” before we burnt down our school day savings to pick up that gaming graphic munching monster.
"Whats in the box?"

SJCAM 4000+ – EASY?

While we will let you give your reviews on the clips below needless to say that the SJCAM 4000+ I  rather easy to use from the word go! Be it the interface or toggling with the basic options while operating the crash guard mounted camera single handedly while the other hand is holds the clutch in place it sure is user friendly (unlike some cases where one needs to remove the gloves to easily operate the camera). For the cost of your average smartphone the SJCAM 4000+ at it price and featured indeed is a value for money proposition.
Unlike most other review here is a self- styled unboxing  of the SJ 4000+ featuring the “Power Accessory” (Click on link for more details)

SJCAM 4000+ –  Video clips:

SJ 4000+ night lapse
SJCAM 4000+ – Image Quality
12 MP 4032*3024
10MP 3648*2736
8MP 3264*2448
5MP 2592*1944
3MP 2048*1536
2MP HD 1920*1080
VGA 640*480
1.3MP 1280*960
Video Features
2K @30fps 2560*1440
1080P @60/30fps
720p @30/60/120fps
WVGA @240fps

SJCAM 4000+ – Advanced Features

OV4689 Sensor
12 Mega Pixel
Gyro Stabilization
2K @30fps
Burst Mode
Loop Record
Motion Detection
Time Lapse Video
Slow Motion -2X,-4X,-8X
Self Timer
1.5″ LCD
4 X Zoom
Micro USB Port
Storage up to 32GB
900mAh Battery
To view details click here
A Whole New Package






















SJCAM 4000+ “Whats in the box?”


Waterproof Case – Inner View




Attachments only

Attachments only


The SJ Cam 4000+ flanked by the accessories.

The SJ Cam 4000+ flanked by the accessories.




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