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For clicks and hits – the item song story

While the intention is not to get undivided attention, I see no harm in any kind of attention. From the cabaret days to the item song era one formula always worked. That was THE ITEM SONG routine. Even if the movie was at best forgettable the item song is beyond legendary. Same in the case of some talented people unlike myself. These authors have the comprehension skills to match the likes of Mozart. Viral Journalism a whole new symphony!

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Viral Journalism – copy, paste and post.

Some people have the money to buy a very expensive automobile or motorcycle. There are also some individuals who buy a DSLR. It would not be a surprise that even the world’s worst washing powder brings out the best colour, shine and texture. Likewise, there some of these talented individuals who are self professed awesome writers. And some who are genuinely qualified not just in skill they have a college degree to validate it. Now here is the twist, in some cases these people forget to do their homework. As I would like to assume (which I would rather NOT) and in some cases they blatantly do not! They simply copy, paste and post.

While developing a so-called steamy spice filled right up (a write up that makes no sense but it may go right above the head) with a cherry on the pie headline just to drive traffic. Yes, like of these authors whose pickled (profanity -filled) pointed out about how stats work and how he generates the money.

Viral Journalism – HOMEWORK?

Irrespective, the fact remains that is how it works. Yes, you may not like to hear it, but it is correct. I would not really care if the article drives traffic or not. You can copy paste this as your status and share it! I know some of you personally and hence I do have the audacity to tell you in the capacity of a reader – what you may never have done in your school or college years, you should do here – YOUR HOMEWORK.

Viral Journalism- RE “search”

If you truly believe that this article is shallow and doesn’t make sense well you just hit rock bottom. For the depth of your research in some cases is no longer than a skimpy piece of apparel. Keep away from making assumptions. Keep it limited to your analysis of machinery. I am OK when you criticize your subjects. However, I am not Ok when you do without knowing the entire background story. Ye,s please beat your chest or pat your back with pride. That which comes from the KICK you get from doing such write-ups. Now go figure the last exclamation.


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