ASG ZS1 a new kid on the block – Best portable air inflator for car & bike?

ASG ZS1 a new kid on the block – Best portable air inflator for car & bike?

January 2, 2023 Off By The Editor

Best portable air inflators?

ASG ZS1 portable air inflator is a fairly new entrant to the race of portable tyre inflators available today. Yes, without out a doubt the list of tyre inflators for personal application is endless. Typically there are two form factors:

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  • Portable air inflators
  • Portable air inflators with built-in battery

For those who are car enthusiasts the standard portable air inflators are a popular buy. Depending on the specifications, budget and application there a lot of them “Best portable air inflator for car and bike” available in the market – be it online marketplaces or at Car accessories dealerships.


“Best Portable air inflators” – The Why, the what and so on…

Be it using a portable air inflator at home or keeping in in your car for those long journeys, it certainly is a no brainer. However, carrying a tyre inflator along with you when on a motorcycle expedition has its  own implications.

These implications are brought about due to the following considerations:
  • Size of the portable tyre inflator matters since it is part of your luggage
  • Weight wouldn’t be much of a consequence so much so as its volume
  • Voltage rating – simply put the amount of load it would put on your motorcycle’s battery
  • Inflation time – indeed, during the dark hours and when you are in lonely areas time is of the essence
  • Built in Battery – Certainly with advancements in technology the current lot of tyre inflators are coming with built-in batteries
  • Charging time – Well, this is now stating the obvious but might as well
  • Charging Socket – and lastly to address the elephant in the room. This decides the amount of extra cables you will need to carry.


ASG ZS1 Portable air inflator Review

Now that we have identified the reasons and have acquainted ourselves with what builds up to the “Best portable air inflator “, let us take a look at what the ASG ZS1 Portable air inflator has on offer:

  • Compact form factor – the ZS1 build resembles a portable bluetooth speaker
  • USB C charging – most of us have moved to smartphones with USB type C cables
  • Quick charging – This charges rather quickly.
  • Interface – be it the operational buttons or the display, they are easy to maneuver. Additionally they are readable in all nomenclatures – PSI, BAR etc.
  • Inflation time – inflating a 110/70/17 tube fitted motorcycle tyre from almost zero to about 28 PSI, just under 2 minutes flat.
  • Cycle tyre – when used in other modes, like cycle mode it inflated the tyre almost instantly.
  • Additional equipment – the other equipment while provided we have tested, but are good to have

All in all the product is compact, easy to use and quick to charge. Its bye bye to all those extra long cables and hello to a light weight toolkit add-on even for those short weekend runs and breakfast sprints.



Here’s a quick demo of the portable air inflator in action – Cycle mode



Description as per the manufacturer

With built-in storage space for Hose (Connecting pipe)

Compatible with Cars, Motorcycles, Cycles, Inflatable Ball (Football/Basketball/Volleyball) ⚽️ 🏀 🏈 (Default Nozzle in hose is for Motorcycles & Cars 2 extensions provided, can be attached to the default nozzle for Cycles & Balls respectively.)


Specifications – as per the manufacturer

Model ZS1
Battery Capacity 2000mAh /7.4v/14.8Wh
Charging 5V/2A
Output pressure 150 PSI (Max.)
Dimensions 167 x 61 x 61 mm
Weight 446gms.
Modes Car – Motorbike – Cycle – Ball – Custom
Unit PSI – BAR – KPA – Kg/cm2
Colour Black
Charging Adapter Type C
Charging Time 2 Hours (0% to 100%)

Features – As per the Manufacturer

  • Digital LED Display
  • Auto Shut Off (If left unattended)
  • Preset Pressure (Stops when required PSI is achieved)
  • Compact & Portable
  • Built-in torch to check/find tyre valve


 ASG ZS1 – Package Includes:

1 x ZS1 Portable Air Inflator
1 x Type C charging cable
3 x Attachments (For Cycle, Ball, etc.)
1 x Storage Bag
1 x User Manual

Product Warranty: 12 MONTHS WARRANTY

Price : ₹3,500/-

Sounds interesting? click here to get your ASG ZS1 today!


Connect with ASG here

+91 9820110995



What else?

Here is our review of one of ASG’s oldest and most popular products:


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