IGNYTE IGN 8 helmet review – 1st impressions

IGNYTE IGN 8 helmet review – 1st impressions

May 20, 2024 Off By The Editor

IGN 8 helmet review: MATT BLACK   “The helmet rule“

Certainly, we will not get into the fine print about the IGN 8 helmet. Yes, it is needs to be ISI certified. While some of the manufacturers have gotten their helmets a dual certification others have taken all three – thereby creating a world class read DOT and or SNELL certified helmets. The IGN-8 comes with Dual Homologation: DOT (FMVSS No. 218) and BIS (IS 4151:2015)

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 IGNYTE IGN 8 helmet   “First Impressions“

Yes, we got our hands on the first production piece of the IGN-8 MATT BLACK helmet right off the shelf. The thick visor promises to keep the wind sounds away while the chrome border accentuates its appeal. For the helmet size the Double D- ring fastener is appropriate and feels secure. Additionally, to talk about the interiors, the inner liners have provision to install Bluetooth communication systems and is finished of with reflective accents. The red spoiler at the back gives the illusion that indeed it is “lit up” which we think has been done from a safety standpoint.


IGNYTE IGN 8 helmet: Highlights/ features

  • The helmet both inside and out has a Premium fit and finish
  • This helmet adds to the Pin-lock feature in the current line up of sub 5000/- helmets in their cache
  • The inner visor while it isn’t a UV400 it does help keep the harsh glare out so you can focus on the road, even at midday.
  • Riding at 60 kmph in almost zero visibility is possible due to the pinlock visor that keeps the fog out.
  • The Double D-ring fastener latched on securely just as you expect an premium helmet to
  • While the weight of the helmet is about 1550gm +/,- the NACA Duct and balanced design keeps the neck pain away
  • The internal cushioning and lining keeps you comfortable all day long, even on a hot day.




The Fine Print

Description as per manufacturer:
  • Provides enhanced impact absorption by utilizing varying densities of thermocol
  • Allows cooling air to travel unrestricted through tunnels created in the EPS
  • Precise placement of multi-density EPS material yields a more compact, lightweight design
  • Double D-Ring Fastener
  • Cheek Pad with high density EPS
  • Visor Locking Mechanism


 IGNYTE IGN 8 helmet: Highlights -As per the manufacturer :

  • Available in M, L & XL
  • High impact PC-ABS blend material used for the shell to meet DOT Standards
  • Multiple air vents for outstanding air flow ventilation system
  • Dual Certification: DOT (FMVSS No. 218) and BIS ISI (IS 4151:2015)
  • Polycarbonate (PC) anti-scratch coated visor fitted with Pinlock 30 anti-fog shield
  • Spoiler at the back for the sporty look
  • Removable & washable interior padding and cheek pads



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