IBIS MOTORCYCLE BOOTS – Waterproof, Rideproof 2?

IBIS MOTORCYCLE BOOTS – Waterproof, Rideproof 2?

June 21, 2024 Off By The Editor

IBIS MOTORCYCLE BOOTS – Because classics never go out of fashion!

IBIS MOTORCYCLE BOOTS once again! With the onset of the monsoon and a long summer break all you can look forward to is  riding as much as you want to. In order to get to the highway, you need to get out of the city. In order to get out of the city you need to navigate through the oddities of waterlogged roads and the one-off reckless motorists. So yes, safety begins right from home.

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Understanding that for some of my rides and daily commute I need a “rain soaked” riding boot with a steel toe, it had to be an Orazo. But then again which one? Taking function over form factor, for me the sport was out of of the reckoning. The trail fits like a glove no doubt, but then when you are old fashioned at heart you pick a classic. Don’t you? hence I picked up the Orazo waterproof riding boots online.


IBIS MOTORCYCLE BOOTS – As odd as it gets!

After spending enough kilometers with the  Orazo Boots, you want to buy another pair of riding boots. One that will offer the same utility and safety as what you currently have. A riding boot that with optimal protection on rides will also get you through daily commute. Indeed being a person who generally needs shoes with soles of steel, the choices are very limited.

Damn I miss my Reebok High ankles here! ultra comfortable and stylish too.Interestly those were white and definitely a test of patience to keep ’em as much white. 7 years back at India Bike Week I tried on the first pair of Orazo Riding boots and they’ve barely gone off. Except for when travel does not include the use of a motorcycle. Figured I would opt for the newer designs. Personally, the classic fit the best.

IBIS MOTORCYCLE BOOTS -Lets drift a bit..

Indeed with the current gear set up and another full size riding boot I am good to go. But then again adding to the waterproofing factor you want the assurance that should something befall you (on your foot) it be as safe as can be. With the recent wave of “Safety Standard and Jargons” being flung around we tend to look at the label. That which tells you about the standard/ certification applied.

Like the corporates do it, so can the common man too – “Make informed decisions”. This can happen only when we commoners delve into the meaning of what any Certification means. Be it graduating from your choice of university or aspiring to buy your favourite smartphone. We research and search and again research.

This expedition also known as the buyer’s journey is something like this, no?
  1. Problem recognition
  2. Information search
  3. Alternatives evaluation
  4. Purchase decision and
  5. Post-purchase evaluation

So moving on lets see what this classic iteration has to offer its user


What the IBIS MOTORCYCLE BOOTS offers:         

  • Rugged all terrain sole
  • Confidence inspiring grip for use on most motorcycles and almost any surface
  • The taller leather ensemble keeps the splashes out
  • The Velcro fastener allow for “Fast Boot”
  • Available in all sizes and unisex design


So what’s new in the IBIS MOTORCYCLE BOOTS:         

  • All-new cushioned in-sole, this allows for more strides less stress
  • The compact yet, comfortable form factor helps with keeping feet fatigue at bay for a longer period
  • As compared to the 2018 purchase IBIS MOTORCYCLE BOOTS the fastening system is not only quick to boot/ unboot, it lets you keep them on without and cramping feeling at the calves.
  • While there wasn’t water wading, without a rain pant to the boot level no issues of rain or splashes directly seeping in


Planning to buy the IBIS MOTORCYCLE BOOTS? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The motorcycle touring boot is like most touring boots in nature
  • They can be used for outdoor activities
  • The Orazo Ibis Velcro on the shin area should be given some ventilation in the break time.
  • Walking into a conference in rain soaked ibis, careful rinse the muck without letting it seep though.
  • The boot indeed is plain Jane, however this allows it for it to be worn almost anywhere any time.

Orazo IBIS MOTORCYCLE BOOTS – To clarify doubts:

  • The Orazo Ibis is a good option to most riding boots.
  • Costing almost half than most brands it is certainly value for money.
  • The industrial form factor helps maintain the durability in punishing conditions.
  • From bike rides to boardroom meetings, the formal fit enhances its usability.
  • Polish and go makes applicator polish it’s best friend




  • Available in two levels of water-proofing
    Water Proof construction (Please see video below of 2 hour Water Proof demo for IBIS model)
    – Water Reistant
  • 12 inches tall
  • Velcro Fastened
  • Light reflector at heel side
  • Ankle protection
  • Shock absorption near the seat region (ie. heel side)
  • Steel toe protection
  • Highest grade abrasion & water resistant leather
  • Smooth leather finish including tongue area
  • Well designed flex points makes walking comfortable
  • High degree anti slip sole
  • Ultra – comfy bounce back foam in-socks (anti-fungal)
  • Shin protection



This all-weather, all-terrain motorcycle riding boot is the perfect for wearing on long trails and off-roading.

Water Resistant Models: Boots can withstand light to moderate rains and splashes

Water Proof Models: Boots are perfect for usage in monsoon rains and while walking in shallow ponds. 


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Outdoor photo credits: beardofaster18

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