Ritu Kaur – Bullet Queen

Ritu Kaur – Bullet Queen

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Ritu Kaur – Bullet Queen of Vadodra

Born to a Punjabi family and raised in Vadodra Gujarat, Ritu Kaur is a swimming coach in an international school in Vadodra. Her tryst with motorcycling began when she was in the sixth standard during summer holidays. She usually spent the vacations at her relative’s house in Punjab. Due to lack of proper public transportation in that small town travel used to be very inconvenient. Not willing to compromise, one fine day she requested her elder cousin brother teach her how to ride a motorcycle. He agreed and taught her how to ride on his Yamaha RX 100. This is the first step how Ritu Kaur – Bullet Queen of Vadodra came in to being.

Ritu Kaur - Bullet Queen of Vadodra

Ritu Kaur – Bullet Queen of Vadodra, taking it further

When she returned to Vadodra and school started she used to ride to school on her father’s Vespa. During her college she used a TVS Apache to commute. Recently she also participated in the MRF Mogrip National Championship (Ladies 160 -220c). Ritu Kaur represented Team 10 Racing. She gives the complete credit to her coach Mr. Sunil Nigam of team Baroda Automotive Racing ( BAR) for arming her with the skill sets to give reigning champions a run for their money. Done, while allowing her to hone her skills with limited facilities to train and practice. Riding on behalf of Team Kings Autoriders at the recently held Royal Enfield Rider Mania, Ritu Kaur cruised her way to the podium with two trophies much to the joy of her team, well-wishers and fans.

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Ritu Kaur - Bullet Queen of Vadodra

Here is a brief summary of her journey in the field of competitive and non-competitive events
  • Founder and Moderator : Bullet Queens – Vadodara
  • Runners up of dirt track bullet race riders mania Goa 2016 (Only female participant from  Gujarat)
  • Motocross dirt track at Kochi carnival 2016 – Winner
  • Winner-motocross championship at Trissur, Kerala 2016
  • 2nd runner up – Round 3- Pune, MRF Two Wheeler National Championship Rally 2017
  • Winner Round 5- Coimbatore, MRF Two Wheeler National Championship Rally 2017
  • Winner of Jaipur Dangle Dirt race ladies class 2017
  • 1st place, CEAT 2wheeler scooter motocross race in Bhopal 2017
  • Winner of Tumkur, Karnataka Dirt race 2017
  • First place, Royal Enfield Riders Mania Dirt Race on Bullet 500cc & 2nd Runners up in350 cc
  • Winner of Trials Royal Enfield 2017

Royal Enfield Rider Mania Trials 2017

Gurumail in the News:

Bullet queen of Vadodara proves herself in the male zone


Ritu Kaur with her team and their haul of trophies

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