The best riding jackets in India

The best riding jackets in India

June 26, 2021 Off By The Editor

The best riding jackets in India – is in fact a debatable statement, isn’t it?

The best riding jackets in India if you look are many and yet there are none. After all, no matter what humans do not have spares and are neither immortal. Everyone of us, including yours truly has an opinion. These opinions when shared on global platforms have two motives.  It is an easy guess, after all it is two sides of the same coin.

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The best riding jackets in India – ” Coast ?? “

Speaking of coin, the first influence is budget. Buying substandard products is as easy as walking across a busy highway completely tuned into your phone. Likewise, breaking the bank for an “over the top” product is likely to get one reprimanded or excommunicado from the DNA clan. Ideally the best way is to draw an XY axis between your maximum budget and a list of reputed brands to pick from. In case you feel its not reachable, save a little more and then have a go.

Once you have the budget in place then go back to the list and see what is available. There are the usual factors to keep in mind when purchasing other apparels. After all, A jacket is mix of simple and complex fabrics coming together to protect you in case you hit the road. Pro-tip, in case there is a flash sale on higher priced jackets it is likely that it will fit in your budget.


The best riding jackets in India – Comfort Fit

As mentioned above this  safety equipment is apparel. It is imperative that it be comfortable in terms of fit. The right fit keeps you in the comfort zone no matter hail, rain or a blizzard for that matter. Not convinced? Well, why would a brand market their denims as a product that is virtually wearable all the time.

Also, stating the obvious here, depending on your personal taste give colors a consideration too. Some motorcyclists prefer vibrant colors for visibility. So also, others prefer subtle designs and / or colors for polished look.


The best riding jackets in India – Utility

You are a high flying executive with a smartphone worth a lac or so. A white collar employee or a college student who saved up for this cellular phone. no matter the reason, the phone needs a pocket where it not only fits, but is also secure. Then there are other utilities like storage for wallets, spare keys etc. In the current situation, add mask and sanitizer.


The best riding jackets in India – Safety

I saved the best part for the last. Given the average of averages, the chances of getting knocked down is fairly low. However, it is highly likely that to err is ambulance. Keeping this in mind, the armor inserts need to be up to speed. Be it the protection rating or type of materials used, there are a host of armors or armor inserts available in the global market.

The other side of the coin:

Weight of the product – For “big built” motorcyclists, this isn’t a factor. However, for average build and ladies on long tours the “weight gets to them”

Level of safety – Light weight armor with a low safety gives almost no protection. However, the evolution in the industry is making armor lighter and safer. Based on the use of the jacket, one needs to get the best possible safety rating available.


Here you will find our pick of jackets

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