Dirtsack Max 20 Review – No Strings Attached

Dirtsack Max 20 Review – No Strings Attached

July 2, 2021 Off By The Editor

Dirtsack Max 20 Review – No Strings Attached

The Dirtsack Max 20 Review unlike the most is different from the other Dirtsack products. Different because the review unit is a field subject. In common man terms – demo/ personal use / (possibly R&D) unit. The only tell- tale signs are the few specs on the yellow portions of the bag.

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The Dirtsack Max debuted at India Bike 2019 with 3 colors and 3 sizes. Unlike the traditional motorcycling luggage the simple form factor is an eye catcher. So what is the Dirtsack Max 20 is it?

  • Sling bag
  • Backpack
  • Stackable tail bag or 
  • Saddlebag


The Dirtsack Max 20 is neither, it is everything!!

As surprising as it sounds the Dirtsack is a cross platform product. In fact, we believe that this is a first of its kind in India. Probably a matter of co-incidence, however the product launch time is perfect. A bag that packs all essentials in one place. The Dirtsack DNA is everywhere. Lets take a closer look.



Dirtsack Max 20 – Construction:

In pure Dirtsack tradition, the buckle fasteners and straps used are the same used in the Shellsack. While the shellsack is designed typically your helmet, it is capable of much more. One of the reasons being the slim design durable straps. The bag has a dedicated concealed pocket housing the backpack straps. A Padded back section for comfortable use for the to bike and back trips. Also, it has carry on handles at both ends. to ensure a “non bulging” situation, additional aluminum fasteners are provided each edge. Last and definitely not the least, the subtle Hi-Viz accents.

Did we miss anything, Nope. Because the Dirtsack comes with its own built-in waterproof liner that is anchored with a Velcro fastener. Like we said, “No Strings Attached” !!

Dirtsack Max 20 – A few numbers

  • 19 inches worth of height after ensuring the Velcro edge is buckled in
  • 6 inches (approximately) width when fully loaded
  • 15 kilograms (maximum) load can be packed for backpack mode “to Bike and back” transit
  • 950/- tank harness for the MAX series

Dirtsack Max 20 - fully loaded

Dirtsack Max 20 – The Dipstick Review

The pandemic and lockdown situation has kept long distance travel plans on hold. In the meantime like it is said, THE SHOW MUST GO ON. Taking a cue from this metaphor the review is in place. A simple errand is all it takes for closure. A worthy mention here for the shellsack. Lockdown 2020 is where the Shellsack power to weight carrying ratio outclassed itself. Here too, the Max 20 was loaded to maximum. with “backpack” mode engaged it hauls the payload without a fuss. Be it beginners or experienced travelers, this is an easy to use backpack. However, it is recommended that you not overload it or backpack over long distances. Even if filled to 15kgs or more, handle with care and anchor it securely as per the manufacturer’s instructions.


MAX 20 – Description as per manufacturer Website

The most versatile bag of the Dirtsack MAX Modular Luggage System. 

Use one as a tail bag for short rides of a couple days or a pair it with a MAX 30 and another MAX 20 to form a massive tail bag + saddle configuration of 70Lts.

Converts to a convenient backpack with padded shoulder straps for easy hauling when off the bike!


MAX 20 Specs – as per manufacturer

  • 100 % waterproof
  • Alloy cam buckles – 250 kg load rated
  • Aluminum fittings
  • 20 litres Uncluttered waterproof main cavity
  • Utility pockets / bottle holder – water retardant
  • Stackable modular design
  • 3M Hi-viz elements for night time visibility
  • Backpack– Secret shoulder straps
  • Dimensions : 26cm x 20cm x 40cm (l x w x h)
  • Weight : 1.3 kg

Color options  –  Yellow / GrayGreen

Multiple mounting options
    • Tail bag
    • Tank bag – with the use of the Max Tank Harness (sold separately.) 
Multiple applications
    • Sling bag
    • Back pack
    • Stackable tail bag
    • Saddlebags

Dirtsack Max 20 - Mahindra Mojo

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