Yamaha RX 135 Diablo

Yamaha RX 135 Diablo

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Yamaha RX 135 “Diablo” – Shapeshifting custom build by Kirex Moto Customs


It all began when my maternal uncle got me my first bike magazine when I was around 5 years old and the bikes featured left me awestruck. This is when I fell in love with bikes. It just grew from love to passion. The rest is history from there on. As a ten year old, I remember sitting on my uncle’s Yamaha RX 135 for the first time. This is when I got obsessed with bikes. At sixteen a Harley Davidson Café Racer by Rajputana Customs blew me away. Hence the plan to build an Rx135 and a paradigm shift to a Café Racer! Three years went into research, designing and gathering information on custom builds. And finally on Jan 1st 2018 I bought my first motorcycle for a custom build of the Yamaha RX 135 Diablo.

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Worked on the design for five days and on 5th January I started the building the bike.

Yamaha RX 135 Diablo

Making of Yamaha RX 135 Diablo the Café Racer v1 –

Well, the design is simple but somewhat complicated. I wanted a Café Racer but at times I also had to take my mom for shopping etc. So, I simply designed a seat with a removable cowl. For that I cut short the frame and added a ‘U’ hoop at the back. I changed the suspension to better ones by Endurance. Since this bike would be a Café Racer, it would run as if one so stopping power was required. I added the front disk break setup by ByBre.

The custom 36 spoke chrome wheels enhanced the retro-modern look of the bike. Removed all the unnecessary plastics from the bike. Also removed the oil tank since I mixed oil while filling fuel. I used that empty space to build a new compartment for the battery and hide it with a race number. A free flow air filter with some carburetor tuning helped increasing in performance. I got  custom made Clubman handlebars and rear sets. to ensure that the ergonomics favour the ‘cafe racer’ name and it worked like a charm. The reduced weight of the body and heavy wheels helped in keeping a better stability even at high speeds.

Keeping the design simple, the Yamaha RX 135 Diablo Café Racer can become a Brat bike, remove the cowl and it is a Brat bike, change the handle bar and she is a tracker!

 Plans for future –

The idea in mind is to create a masterpiece for IBW 2018. Since this is a start-up, the investment for such type of initiatives not encouraging enough to build a custom motorcycle for IBW. For now, the plan is to highlight Yamaha RX 135 Diablo at small events, rides, gatherings in the city to display my ability as a custom bike builder. At the same time I look forward to an opportunity or project wherein I can build a winner at the next national level custom build competition

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