IGN 7 helmet review – Best helmets under 5000?

IGN 7 helmet review – Best helmets under 5000?

November 10, 2022 Off By The Editor

Best helmets under 5000 – IGN 7, the new lid on the block?


IGN 7 helmet – introduction

The IGN 7 helmet is a new offering from the IGNYTE brand of helmets. Bringing in premium features to create a helmet under 5000 rupees is either:

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  • A myth in motorcycling helmets, this mostly because we are a cost conscious market.
  • Not really done by an indian brand in the premium segment till date.
  • Even if already done, there are some niggles.

So what makes the IGN 7 helmet such a peach of a helmet? Yes, we acknowledge that there is a standard variant that you will find online. Well, today re-badging and platform sharing is commonplace. This is visible across all domains – ranging from automobiles to high end gadgets too! Bringing in a product from the commuter to the motorcycling segment requires some considerations, let’s get to know the IGN 7 better.

IGN 7 helmet – VENTILATION PERFORMANCE & AERODYNAMICS: As per the manufacturer

Keeping the hot and humid Asian subcontinent environment in mind which can be extremely hot and fatiguing, this is precisely why ultimate ventilation performance was a top priority when engineers conceptualized the IGN-7.
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World first helmet with NACA Duct air flow technology, this air flow system is also used in aircraft’s and super cars.
The double NACA inlets above the shield allow the entry of the large volume of air inside the helmet to refresh and dehumidify the interior.
Enhanced high-speed stability while reducing drag and negative forces
The NACA inlets on the back of the helmet allow quick extraction of the stale air.

NACA Duct air flow


  • Provides enhanced impact absorption by utilizing varying densities of thermocol
  • Allows cooling air to travel unrestricted through tunnels created in the EPS
  • Precise placement of multi-density EPS material yields a more compact, lightweight design
  • Double D-Ring Fastener
  • Cheek Pad also with high density EPS
  • Visor Locking Mechanism


IGN 7 helmet – Buying a new helmet today

With the current norms in place it is required that helmets being sold in India are ISI certified. Certainly there are views and opinions all over the place. We will not get into the nitty gritties – suffice to say this is one of the reasons some brands have gone off the shelves.

While some brands, have gone the extra mile to get a dual certification – thereby creating a world class (read DOT/snell certified) helmet that is legal to use in India(ISI certified). Now we have shared our reviews on a range of helmets. No, we haven’t crossed the 10,000 rupee price range yet. However, understanding the motorcycling on a tight budget sentiment we do keep a lookout for cost effective yet durable products.

One such quest for a multi-combat role helmet brought us upon a chance meeting with the IGN 7.


IGN 7 helmet – The WHY?

While scouring the market for a helmet in the 5,000 – 10,000 range we found the IGN 7 helmet. The helmet fulfilled the following conditions:

  • Touring helmet
  • Well balanced/ light weight helmet
  • Double D-ring fastener
  • Bluetooth headset/ communicator compatible
  • All-weather friendly
  • Last but not the least – subtle yet stylish


IGN 7 helmet: 1st impressions – Blood, Sweat and Rain

  • The helmet both inside and out has a Premium fit and finish
  • This is the 1st ever Pinlock visor that is available in a sub 5000/- helmet
  • Interestingly it comes with a Snap locking system on the outer visor
  • The inner visor while it isn’t a UV400 it does help keep the harsh glare out so you can focus on the road, even at midday.
  • Riding at 60 kmph in almost zero visibility is possible due to the pinlock visor that keeps the fog out.
  • The Double D-ring fastener latched on securely just as you expect an premium helmet to
  • While the weight of the helmet is about 1650gm +/,- the NACA Duct and balanced design keeps the neck pain away
  • The internal cushioning and lining keeps you comfortable all day long, even on a hot day.

ign 7 helmet


About Us – IGNYTE

IGNYTE started its journey in the year 2016 with inputs from the best designers, motorcycle enthusiasts and experts from the industry. IGNYTE helmets are conceptualised and designed in Italy by an industry leading R&D team of engineers and designers who focus on delivering the best results in aspects of Aerodynamics, safety and comfort. The motto is to deliver uncompromised standards of safety, style and comfort without putting a hole in the customers pocket.

Our cutting-edge technology and innovation helps us achieve the goal of being able to deliver the highest standards of quality at a price that most consumers would be happy to pay.


The objective of IGNYTE brand is to be synonymous with the words PREMIUM, SAFE & DAPPER




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