Apollo Tramplr XR Review: The best Adventure touring tyres? 1st impressions

Apollo Tramplr XR Review: The best Adventure touring tyres? 1st impressions

December 13, 2022 0 By The Editor

Apollo Tramplr XR Review: Introduction

Apollo Tramplr XR tyres are a product that you will see a lot, specially if you are an adventure motorcyclist. The reason is simple – it is replacing a lot of the known and unknown tyre brands in the market today. With a personal and keen interest in the dual purpose tyre segment we simply went and bought another set for ourselves. The first set of Apollo Tramplr tyres we bought are a size that fits most of the motorcycles in the 150cc motorcycles and above segment 100/140 setup. We added this setup to a first generation 2012 Bajaj Pulsar NS200.

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Apollo Tramplr ST Review: Proluge

However, with the Apollo XR we put these on a fairly newer motorcycle. In this case the tyres takes over the reins from the Pirelli Angel CT tyres running a 110/140 section setup in short journey of just about 9,000 kilometers. Given that the motorcycle in question has its favourite set (read type) of tyres. The motorcycle in question here is the 2020 Mahindra Mojo BS6.

Ever since its launch in 2015, the Mahindra Mojo has been proving it’s touring credentials with:

  • Rugged build quality
  • Refined engine
  • Comfortable ergonomics
  • Versatile nature

This underrated touring motorcycle for the unversed – is fairly smaller number by and far as compared to the least sold motorcycles in its segment. However, interestingly this motorcycle is one of the highest consumers of not just miles but tyres and everything else that applies to its product portfolio.

The Mahindra Mojo’s virtually bulletproof engine has seen its presence in two more avataars under various tunes and is doing seemingly well for itself. Well, without further ado let us get acquainted with the Apollo Tramplr XR.


Apollo Tramplr XR Review: The Why?

  • Until the recent rise in costs of imported tyres, Timsun & “Scorpions” were the go to adventure sport tyres.
  • With 9,000 kms done on the stock Pirelli tyres, soon a need for a set of tyres to suit the Mojo’s forte will arise.
  • The stock setup is 110/140, thus no oversizing or undersizing for this set up
  • Additionally, the Apollo Tramplr XR’s tread pattern being similar to imported brands is a head turner
  • Adding to this, the Apollo Tramplr ST’s performance on the other motorcycle instilled confidence to go for the XR


Apollo Tramplr XR Review: The First Ride

As a standard rule it is said that the first thousand kilometres are where the tyre breaks in before you can really start leaning in. Or, for that matter braaping out. Setting our sights at a one thousand kilometre ride for a first impression review sounds ambitious. Isn’t it? Given the route the first few hundred kilometres is expected to be a smooth run. While a short 500 kilometre run would not do justice, we decided to use the tyres for a 1,000+ kilometers before talking about it.

The destination – Goa. Heading to Goa is easy, ride out on national highway 4 then hit the state highway until you meet the next highway that leads to Goa. Leave early morning and have a Goan style lunch. Simple quick nine hours ride to our destination. Another advantage of this is the different types of roads and terrain enroute to ride on.


Apollo Tramplr XR Review: The Start off

Taking on the national highway is a breeze for the tyres. Be it hitting its first set of corners within the 100 kilometres mark or aiding the abs braking, the Tramplr tyres are spot on. Usually one would tread with caution until the break in is done with. Here, the Tramplr lets you throw caution to the road while you confidently ride on.

Apollo Tramplr XR Review: break it like this…

The surprise awaited us on the Ajra – Amboli stretch. The roads took a beating this monsoon, thus we were told. And hence the repair work was in progress. Adding, to the fiery mix the humid afternoon and an almost endless rough patch that tested the might of the machine and the mettle of the rider. The mettle was at breaking point if it weren’t for the Mumbai – Mangalore highway that came by at Banda.

The machine however treaded on without flinching on the broken patches like they were a dream. While some accessories like the front makeshift number plate holder wasn’t ready for the bad patch, the motorcycle never gave in. The Apollo Tramplr XR’s are good on the highway stretches. On “dirt” they feel even better!


Apollo Tramplr XR Review: Welcome to Goa

Ok, so you handled the Highways and dirt so what? How about some narrow roads with tons of tourists in your path? No, problemo! Some sand in the mix, sure bring it on. The tyres gives the motorcycle enough room on sandy roads long as you do not gas it too much to cause a powerslide of sorts.

No! we did not ride on sand beaches and get a viral video like some vehicles who become overnight celebrities. Instead we did let the GPS guided roads guide us into unknown roads and bylanes in the state of Goa test the handling with these tyres on. Result – passed with flying colours.


Apollo Tramplr XR Review: Goa is too sweet for tea, time for “Amrutalya chai”

After being thrown off the sugary charts by the tea all over the place, the homesick feeling started to kick in. All I wanted was a cup of “kadak chai” and wash away the memory of this tea milkshake. With a ride to into Maharashtra to a city called Kudal. Keeping the ride time minimal with smooth open roads the Tramplr was more than happy to comply with the throttle response. Thereby letting the motorcycle meander into triple digit figures wherever possible.

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Apollo Tramplr XR Review: “Country roads take me home…”

The road back home to Pune indeed was comparatively a smoother run. This aided by:

  • the pleasant weather
  • minimal traffic and
  • a lesser kilometres of broken patches, courtesy the ongoing repair work.

Getting back sans these elements is indeed a joy ride with the new treads on the Mahindra Mojo’s. Wait, what? yes you read this correctly. In the short span of time between launch and counter sale, we know of two other first “Mahindra Mojos” to get the Tramplr XR

Sach-Pass (Dad of all Passes and off roads in d world) done & dusted – Image credits Sunil R, Mojo Tribe Chennai.

Apollo Tramplr XR, going beyond Sameness?

Without a doubt the Apollo Tramplr XR is a tyre to lookout for. Indeed , any motorcycle any terrain, the only question is –

Where are you riding to next?


Apollo Tramplr XR Review: Acknowledgements

We would like to thank the Dealer for Apollo Tyres – Ashok Tyres – Super Zone

Address: No 28, Shankar Sheth Rd, near Vega Centre, Swargate, Pune, Maharashtra 411037

Connect with them on WhatsApp here or call them on +918291087807

Connect with them on Instagram


Installation Credits: Subhash Motors, Pune

Shop no-4,5 , Tirth Kunj Apartment opp HDFC bank,

Aranyeshwar chowk city light bakery lane,

Maharashtra 411009

Connect with them on Instagram



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