Dirtsack DG3 version 2.0  Short-term review

Dirtsack DG3 version 2.0 Short-term review

April 11, 2017 Off By Editorial Team

Dirtsack DG3 version 2.0 Short-term review

It has been over a year and counting that you would have read the first line on a contraption that is anything far from a travel solution for the erstwhile tourer, is it? While the first time the Dirtsack DG3 caught my eye was during the India Bike Week in 2016. After a quick demonstration of the vest hanging by the stall, I had figured that this was what I had been looking for and after a year that statement still stands. However, the Dirtsack DG3 version 2.0 stands out.

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Dirtsack DG3 version 2.0 – What is new?

In its current Avatar or the Dirtsack DG3 version 2.0 of the DG3 there are a few changes. This is a one size fits vest with loops that allow it to stretch vertically as well as horizontally in addition to the Velcro straps at the shoulders (do not even try looking for them, they are well concealed in the design). Like its predecessor this version too has a number of utility pockets that are spacious enough to house:

  • Multiple gadgets not limited to Smartphones or Action Cams
  • Chargers for gadgetry
  • Accessories like earphones, attachments and power banks
  • Vehicle documentation like RC, insurance etc. for easy access and maybe some loose change
  • The rear pocket fits in object up to 8 inches height that could include some clothes etc. for an overnight ride etc.
  • There is also a provision to install a camel back bladder
  • Addition of pockets on both sides with loops and zippers with fasteners that save you the trouble of removing your gloves to access them
  • Earphone friendly loops s to run “cables” through so that they do not take up extra space while they recharge or you listen to music on the go
  • An interesting addition here is the reflective back and fluorescent nets strategically placed for added visibility at both – during the day as well as night.


Dirtsack DG3 version 2.0 Short-term review – The Twist

For this review we added in a twist – we got onboard a few members of The Lycans – Pune to use it on their breakfast ride (that also included a ride to attend the Bajaj Pulsar Festival of Speed – Season 2). Here is what one of them had to say:

Adhiraj Nene “I found the Dirtsack DG3 version 2.0, a very useful product. As a traveler, it is the best utility vest I’ve used. It is very light weight. Didn’t even feel that I am carrying a vest. The front pouches carries my vlogging camera, batteries and sunglasses. Also, they carry my mobile phone. Still ample of space left.”

Adhiraj Nene Sporting the Dirtsack DG 3 version 2.0

Dirtsack DG3 version 2.0 – Pros

  • Hydration bag slot can even carry more than just pack.
  • Adjustment straps are perfectly designed to get a perfect position.
  • Color and design is very attractive.
  • For this price, I guess it is worth 1800 bucks.


Dirtsack DG 3 version 2.0 – I didn’t find any cons…


Dirtsack DG3 version 2.0 – No bags

Typically, it packs in all the essentials for a one-day ride or city ride. The Dirtsack DG 3 version 2.0 indeed is a simple, compact and value for money proposition. This, for the marginally increased price point from its predecessor design. Even when you are heading out to the likes of a Goa or Mahabaleshwar or any other destination, tuck this in your luggage and you have taken along a portable companion. Be it for that ride to the beach or even the local market without the need to carry an extra bag. For the technical specifications and further details you can log on to www.dirtsack.in


Location Credits: Open Road – Pune 


Dirtsack DG3 version 2.0 - Open Road Dirtsack DG3 version 2.0  - hooks for hydration pakDirtsack DG3 version 2.0 - front topDirtsack DG3 version 2.0 side view 1

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