Dirtsack Shellsack Helmet Bag Review

Dirtsack Shellsack Helmet Bag Review

May 11, 2017 3 By Editorial Team
Dirtsack Shellsack Helmet Bag

The Dirtsack Shellsack perched atop the Llama and Long Ranger.(Location Courtesy – Open Road,  Pune)

For the number of items we are consuming you may think that we are being paid by the manufacturer. But then again here you are hanging out at your regular chai tapri and invite friends. They in turn bring their friends to share the brew from the same cauldron. This Chai kicks in a fresh dose of energy with every sip taken. So, what’s the harm? After all, good things are best when shared right? While the Neo forester replaced the traditional Backpack it also had a lot of “empty time”. Whenever the bag was empty I had to carry its weight and with an average range of 100 kms a day. This called for a solution – The Shellsack.

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Dirtsack Shellsack – The Open Road impulse

The Shellsack incidentally, is an impromptu purchase made from JP’s store – Open Road . This purchase made when I went to take a few pictures of the 2017 version of the DG 3 –HYDRATION AND UTILITY VEST. In discussion, I requested for a demo of the Dirtsack Shellsack. Store owner JP obliged a trial fit using my helmet. Thus, in went the helmet and out came the bill print from their card machine. For all of 950/- it may does not seem justifiable. However, when you are talking a walk after your short ride to wherever not worrying about leaving the helmet behind is a relief. So, be it a stroll in the mall or around your ride destination the helmet is snugly perched inside. Also, don’t bother about your gloves just place them in the helmet and you are good to go.


Dirtsack Shellsack – Backpack Mode

In fact, on a recent ride from Pune to Mumbai I carried the bag instead of bolting it onto the bike. I travelled on a weekday only to return to Pune on a Sunday night. With over 400 kilometers travelled in Mumbai city, suburbs and highway gave a brief insight as to what this could carry. Speaking of which, they also give your a VISOR COVER (included in the cost of the bag). So this way you carry a spare visor for your journey, just in case you want to. Also, the Shellsack has a net within to keep a few knick knacks like:

  • Chargers
  • Cables
  • Batteries
  • Actions cameras

In addition to the above list and also accommodating the “shell” aka the Helmet.


Dirtsack Shellsack – Specs as per the Website:

  • Light weight construction, high tenacity fabrics on exterior
  • Soft interior lining. All seams stitched inverted to avoid scratches on surface of helmet
  • Impact-absorbent padding at top-rear to minimize chances of bumping the helmet while carrying around in it
  • Smart longitudinal zipper on back face enabling stowing additional materials in the helmet cavity or provides a quicker access
  • Genuine YKK zippers. Heavy-duty adjustable secure straps / shoulder straps with quick-release buckles. Additional strap for securing to Tank / Tail of bike provided with the bag
  • Can accommodate full-face helmets upto 105cm circumference
  • Multi-function as a Tank-bag, Tail-bag, Backpack and a stow-away helmet storage bag


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