Dromos BLE device – The Prelude

Dromos BLE device – The Prelude

February 16, 2018 Off By Editorial Team

Dromos BLE device

It is ride Sunday tomorrow and lo behold I just can’t find the keys to the motorcycle only to find them in the pocket of a pair of jeans that was awaiting a tumble in the washing machine later in the morning can be quite frantic. So also misplacing our cellular phones (which some of us) kept on silent can turn comical at times. Dromos BLE device at its very basics aim to eliminate the time spent on a frantic search.

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Dromos BLE device



Just attach Dromos BLE device with your valuables to easily find them with your phone. You can even locate your phone with Dromos BLE device!


Sometimes we wonder why just take a selfie? why not have a remote to get that perfect family portrait



Dromos  can remotely select either cameras on your phone and click them.

As absurd as it sounds this may be passed off as a grammatical error however it is such phrases that keep the catch and allow us to hit that panic button, sounds interesting doesn’t it?



Dromos BLE device is capable of sending emergency alerts through the paired phone without taking the phone. The alert also sends the location of the phone. The location can directly open in Google Map. A very handy feature during a panic situation.


While expressing concern about the power consumed by the Bluetooth channel, we are told that it is indeed fairly less otherwise.



Compatibility: Android 4 / iOS 8 or above
We have developed the mobile application completely in India, rather than providing ‘ready to go’ application from other sources. We are concerned about personal security issues of Dromos BT users. Since, the mobile application (like all other Bluetooth tracking application) will need to access all communicating gateways of your mobile phone.

The M.R.P of the device is Rs.1,499/-
Launch Price: Rs.999/- (M.R.P.)


For more features please visit www.mydromos.com

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