Invictus Ride Marshal Tail Bag Review – The Outlandish All-rounder?

Invictus Ride Marshal Tail Bag Review – The Outlandish All-rounder?

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Invictus Ride Marshal Tail Bag Review – The Premise

The Invictus Ride Marshal Tail Bag is one of the most recent offerings from the house of Invictus Touring Gears. The product debuted on 1st February 2020 and there has been no looking back ever since. Like the entire line-up, this product too is part of the extensive testing done before it is “Production Ready” unit. At this point, for team Motolethe it is yet another optimization. Yes indeed, we too are proud to be part of this R&D team.

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Invictus Ride Marshal Tail Bag – First Impressions

Technically this credit is not ours to claim. We had our associates take the bag out and share their experience with us. One of them being The Bikeman. He has made a YouTube video in Hindi & Bengali too. Yes, in addition to him there is a plethora of folks talking about the product. Click on the link below to know more

CLICK HERE to look up the YouTube videos on the Invictus Ride Marshal Tail Bag

Well that in place, let us talk about the first impressions ourselves. The ride to India Bike Week 2021 is where I officially used the tailbag on a motorcycle. Prior to this we did see how it fit – in terms of luggage items and in the boot of a car. Suffice to say, It fits like a glove. On the inside it has a drybag and on the outside a dust cover to keep all the external elements where they ought to be – out! So let us get to know the bag better..

Invictus Ride Marshal Tail Bag – Dimensions as per manufacturer

Size and capacity (AS PER COMPARTMENT)

  • Main compartment: – 24x9x12 – 42L
  • Expansion- 6x9x7 – 12L
  • Water Bottle pockets -5x2x7.5 x 2 – 2.5L
  • Flap Pocket – 1x9x15 – 2L
  • Tool Kit Compartment – 12x9x2 x 2 – 7L
  • Back Pockets – 5.5x6x2 x2 – 2L
  • Fuel Can Compartment – 4x9x7 – 4L
  • Total Capacity 73.52L
  • Un expanded 61.52L
  • Waterproof PVC inner liners included

The PVC liner is made to fit the Main Compartment only. It has not been made to fit in the expansion. This is in order to keep items like wet clothes, spares, oil cans etc. away from the main luggage like clothes and electronic items.

Invictus Ride Marshal Tail Bag – Components as per manufacturer

  • Fabric – 1000D Ully Coated Nylon (pure)
  • Inner Lining – Non coated nylon
  • Dust Covers –  Ully Coated Nylon Fabrics
  • Fittings – FF and KB Company ISO mark (Made In India)
  • Reflective – 3M
  • Zippers and runners YKK 5no and 8no
  • Stitching – Juki brothers made in Japan machines only
  • Thread – Quartz Pure nylon 40no 6 ply thread
  • Stitch – 15 stitch per inch
  • Padding (front and back) – 10mm Hitlon on both sides and hard casing fiber in the middle total length 11-12mm
  • Side Padding – 5mm Hitlon and 1mm hard casing fiber covered in Taffeta fabric cover
  • Tool kit pockets front side padding 5mm Hitlon and hard case fiber
  • Belts 1’’ and 1.5’’ – Woven Nylon

ride-marshall-tailbag front


About the Invictus Ride Marshal Tail Bag – “described as it is”

Original content sourced from the website for some parts of this section.

The Ride Marshall Tail bag comes fully loaded for each and every need of a solo rider

  • Comprehensive tool kit compartments on both sides for easy accessibility
  • 40D PU foam backrest covered in nylon net for softness and breathability
  • 2 water bottle pockets on the front side within reach but not interfering with the backrest,
  • A 5L fuel can tucked safely on the tail end side ( fuel can facility may not be compatible if you have a top box or aftermarket backrest please check with us beforehand),
  • 2 generic use pockets on the backside with enough space to hold a small air pump or puncture kit, MOLLE loops to easily slide your bungee cords or tie up ropes
  • Small first aid kit which comes with the bag
  • Expansions which do not interfere with normal biking experience ( expansion not compatible with side luggage like saddle bags or panniers )
  • Last but not the least their trade mark – 100% shape retention with extremely stiff padding, which is removable post use for ease of storage and easy to put back


ride-marshall-tailbag rear

The concept  and ideology –

While designing this bag we were aware of the fact that almost all other brands have a similar shape and size bag at extremely competitive pricing, while it’s the shape and size which makes it universal and multi-functional no one can exploit the potential as fully as we have! We decided to leave no stone un turned while giving it the maximum possible storage and as many as specific use compartments as possible and leave no space unused.

A bag which can fit ANY BIKE with a back seat is worth calling truly universal! Right from KTM to Himalayan to interceptor this bags base has been made to fit them all! With 1000 Denier Ully coated fabric (same as used in jackets) to rightly placed reflective (experience from highway trials) to our toughest challenge, how to carry a fuel can safely over the seat near the riders height. In the next part we have explained the precise thinking and intention behind each and every feature; –

 Tool kit compartments:-

While very few bikers carry a comprehensive tool kit, up in the mountains or on the long way home mechanical failure or puncture can happen to anyone anywhere, the 2 sections can hold your spanner set, screwdriver set and heads and all equipment required to remove your tyre, the hard cased stiff back support ensures that the weight does not lean on the sides while on off roads or cornering, with double stitched elastic straps to hold them and hard cased front with hinge type belts ensures a comfortable workspace  to work on your bike without having to dig through the bag  or worrying about something falling down!

PLEASE NOTE… The front side of the tool kit compartment has been made in such a way to ensure that combustible items like chain sprays perfumes etc. Will NOT FIT please do not keep items which are inflammable or can burst on impact or compressed aerosol sprays there.


The front side (backrest side):-

This side has been designed specifically keeping in mind the requirements of a tourer. The 40D foam backrest is covered internally by a waterproof fabric layer and then the nylon foam net. The inner lining protects the foam from weather conditions thereby ensuring a long life. The two water bottle pockets accommodate any type of one liter bottles, be it the commercially available ones  or the ones used at home. They are place at the sides to avoid any hindrance while using the backrest. However, they are reachable without having to dismount. The MOLLE straps loop too are strategically place to ensure that the bag stays planted. Thus ensuring that the cord is in place and does not interfere with the rider.


The back side: –

The tail gate design is based on a number of factors:

Firstly, the fuel can compartment is at the furthest end of the vehicle. This is to ensure the can doesn’t hit the ground on impact. Also, in a rare case of fuel leakage the spill stays as far as possible from the engine or exhaust. Additionally, the drain hole ensures that there no liquid retention in the compartment.

When fitted properly, the strap ensures that the can is tied down and does not move or affect the bikes balance. The expansions have reflective strips for night time visibility. During the night highway tests we observed that the bag essentially blocks our jackets reflective accents. Also, while overtaking we realized that the corners are not as visible as they should be. The first aid kit compartment is positioned for optimum accessibility in an emergency. Having said that the visibility quotient is paramount for the vehicle behind. The other generic pocket is designed to hold a battery-operated air pump.


The top side: –

The stiff top side flap provides a stable base for putting extra luggage like tents etc. Secondly, it helps retain the shape the bag. They did consider adding another compartment below the flap on the inner side. However they decided otherwise. This is because the make closing the bag difficult when fully filled as the padding prevents overstuffing and flexibility.


The Base:-

The base is crafted after taking measurements of innumerable bikes. At first, it appears that the base is smaller than  the seat. This is because the base is the only part of the bag which will puff up after being completely filled. Therefore, if say someone was using the bag with side luggage like panniers or saddle bags (any Brand) they would have come in the way of using the side luggage when mounted on the bike.

The fabric on the base is PVC backed Polyester, it is hard and soft at the same time in sufficient measures. Thus providing a stable base without the fully filled bag coming in the way of sitting. on the bike it also doesn’t stop the bag from taking the shape of the seat. The expansions are designed taking into account extreme upswing exhausts. The drain holes are given on the expansion side only. This is done because the base that goes on the seat will be blocked upon mounting the bag. Also, the size of the base is such that main luggage side will not come out from the seat but the expansions would be without hindrance.


The First Aid Kit –

The first aid kit is complementary with the bag. When asked why? This is to promote the habit of carrying one. After all, accidents can happen anywhere. its is said, “dress for the ride and prepare for the slide“. The kit is designed to address basic injuries only. All materials are over the counter items out of which only oral hydration salts are consumable. Everything else is for external application only, with its specific uses explained on the packets. Please read instructions before application.


Invictus Touring Gears Ride Marshal Tail Bag – The Review: Biker’s impressions

We started the review in the usual style and tradition of Invictus Touring Gears – “The Grind”. We gave the product to some of our motorcyclist friends with varying styles of riding to give us and onion. Lets get to know their opinion.

Chandrashekhar KulkarniMojo Tribe – Pune

Mojo XT 300 owner since 6th Sep 2016 ODO he has clocked 1.38 Lakh kilometers till date. This includes one lakh kilometers in just 40 months. In Addition to the Mojo XT, he also owns a MOJO 300 ABS and has completed 35,000kms so far.

An ardent traveler that CSK Sir (as his friends call him) is, he prefers taking the highway to waiting for the flight to take off from the runway. He is part of the MTWL family and more so a very active of the Mojo community. The tail bag is made for long haulers. Yes indeed it is an undermined machine, the Mahindra Mojo is known for is prowess in touring. Thus a perfect testing ground to begin third party testing, literally!

Here are his thoughts on the tail bag:

  • Total kilometres clocked – 3000 kms
  • It is a very rough and tough bag,
  • If you have proper top rack then you can use this tail bag with pillion also
  • The cushion provided is ideal not only for the rider but also for the pillion to rest his/ her back
  • A compact yet apt luggage solution for long rides
  • Each of the compartment is constructed keeping in mind every terrain in mind & the needs of the rider
  • The dedicated tools pockets are a very interesting addition


Colin Varghese – The Lycans Pune.

Invictus Touring Gears Ride Marshal Tail Bag – Biker’s impressions

Invictus Touring Gears Ride Marshal Tail Bag – Biker’s impressions Bangla


The Review

Certainly the only other brand that makes virtually bulletproof luggage, the other being Dirtsack. For this review, the tail bag is placed in the following situations:

  • Motorcycle – It officially debuted during the Honda CB200X review on The Upshifters
  • Car – For the purpose of the aforesaid review it rode in the boot of a car and yes it fits in without a fuss.
  • Bus – This unit is probably the first to make an overnight bus journey


Here is what I liked about the product:

  1. The four point mounting system holds the bag in place without flinching, so as long as you fasten it correctly.
  2. Strategically places pockets allow space for first aid and quick bites for the journey.
  3. The duffel bags straps are sturdy enough to let you pick it up backpack style, no worries if the accommodation in remote locations have narrow passages.
  4. Be it tools or quick access items, like rain and thermal wear the side pockets allow for quick access or tucking them away.
  5. The tailgate open pocket is very handy for packing additional accessories like pump, fuel or water can etc.
  6. The backrest cushion lives up to its promise of functionality. Thereby doing away with the need for a backrest and the like
  7. The main compartment lets the traveler in you optimize you packing skills to the best. Ideally packing in most of the items easily.
  8. The shape retainers also double up as impact absorption devices due to its cushion and help with reducing vibes to a certain extent.
  9. The internal dry bag helps keep the water out of the main compartment for those rain and water soaked occasions.
  10. When not it use simply, dismantle, stack it and store it.



You probably ask yourself the proverbial question, WHY?

The answer is simple – Value for Money


How does using an motorcycle luggage provide value for money? Most luggage solutions are motorcycle centric. Here we made optimum use of its “form factor”.


invictus tail bag rear view


Looking to purchase the tail bag in store? click on the link below to list of dealers near you:

Invictus Touring Gears – ORIGINS

Invictus was created with providing riders of all bikes the safest possible way of carrying their luggage’s on long distances. During the market surveys it was hugely observed that most bags available were made for Royal Enfield bikes. Whereas other motorcycles had very little choices and very few brands with affordable luggage systems.

We therefore decided to make our products as universal as possible so that they would fit all bikes regardless of the make, right from the 90L saddle bag to the 76L detachable saddle bags to our tail bags all have been designed the various conditions of:

  • The seat lengths,
  • Exhaust height & orientation
  • Riders comfort
  • Saddle stays – made by various brands to locally made alterations

Taking everything into account we designed the optimum bags , shapes , sizes, adjustments to suit everyone’s needs.


The parent company, Sathe Gadi Karkhana is the oldest mattress manufacturing unit in Pune. Established in 1935 they are no strangers to quality control and understanding peoples requirements.

They believe in complete transparency with their customers and therefore they believe in transparency of every detail – be it of the materials used, right from the fabrics to threads and machines. Then, they let the users decide for themselves

All products are manufactured in house – at their own factory. They do not import anything from China or Pakistan. Influenced by the Make In India movement,  Invictus tries to use as much as Indian made raw materials in their products as possible.


Connect with Team Invictus Touring Gears here:

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