Midas Frontier Safety shoes – Long term review

Midas Frontier Safety shoes – Long term review

December 16, 2015 Off By Editorial Team

I picked up the Midas Safety shoes after scouring online and offline when the DMS boots wore out in 10 months flat! Bought with the intention of using these as a lightweight riding shoe, the Sturdy model by Midas has really impressed me in the past one and a half year of use. Even though it was purchased for city use it has proven to be as agile as a running shoes yet as tough as a riding boot.

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  1. Cost – About around about as much as your regular DMS boots
  2. Styling – from work to the beach, pick your own playground. A note here, when I wore these to Goa for a ride, they never “sunk” in the sand while I strolled along the beach.
  3. Comfort – Took them off last night after a straight 33-hour day, had to travel by bus and the next day take care of some personal business. The fatigue level was lonly due to the extra long day on that trip however it never felt like I had worn the shoes for that long.
  4. Heat – Yes in the hot sun the feet tend to burn. Common yaar, “steel toe”. But nevertheless its worth that tad bit of heat.
  5. Soled” – in the quest of finding a shoe that was As light as sneakers yet as comfortable as sport shoes and ideal for city as well as long distance rides, by and far it is a running, trekking, formal/Dress shoe in a single sole and all I can say is eureka (I found it!!).

Having said that all, l am looking forward to the next update from Midas Safety shoes, the Midas Frontier:

1)Upper – Genuine Leather
2)Toe – Steel toe
3)Sole – Double Density PU Sole
4)Inner Lining – Breathable Non Woven Fabric
5)Insocks- Black flat footbed
6)Eyelet- 4 D-rings
7)Anti Static.
9)Cut and Slip Resistant Sole.
10)Oil, Acid and Alkali Resistant.
11)Wide Comfort Toe Cap.
12) sizes-5,6,7,8,9,10
13)Standards – CE certified and approved as per IS 15298 and EN 20346.
14) 6 Month warranty


(As listed by Probiker Helmets & Accessories, Ph:-020-30497777 / 08855947000)


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