Screwdriver – Not just a cocktail ..

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Screwdriver – Not just a cocktail

Screwdriver – Not just a cocktail, here’s why. On the way home last winter I saw a group of friends struggling to start their motorcycle. Since it seemed like something I faced in the past I volunteered. According to them the motorcycle was ok and then it suddenly died out. They were accelerating while getting the bike to start. Even after engaging the choke, in vain it did not start. So I backtracked and asked them:

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  • When was the last time the motorcycle was parked?
  • Where they were coming from?

It turned out that the motorcycle was parked for an hour. With this information, the sudden drop in temperature in the evening and that there was a smell of petrol it was evident that the carburetor would have flooded.


Screwdriver - Not just a cocktail

The white arrow points to the screw and the orange arrow points to the overflow pipe.


Here is what I did:

I asked them for the toolkit, took out the screw driver (-) side. Then opened the lower most screw on the carburetor after ensuring that the main supply was in OFF position. After letting the petrol flow until the last drop and turned the screw all the way until it was securely tight. Opened the fuel flow on and fired the bike up revving, until the white smoke stopped emitting from the exhaust. Then let the motorcycle idle for about a minute and they were on their way.

Should the bike ever stop of fail to start in the monsoons or winter…

Avoid unnecessary acceleration in an attempt to start the bike. Simply shut the supply off open the lower most screw found on the carburetor. It is a good idea to ask your mechanic for the location of the overflow screw. An easy way to locate this screw is look for a pipe that runs from under the screw to the bottom of the motorcycle just inches from its ground clearance. Reach out to your tool kit.

Use the [-] side of the screw driver to open this screw

Be careful not to let this screw out of its socket. Then let the excess fuel out and turn it back till it is securely tight. If you feel that it is not tight enough let your mechanic tighten it for you later. However do not over do it as you may damage the socket. Position the fuel cork to ON or RESERVE (depending upon how much fuel is there) and start the bike. You may see white smoke, just let the bike idle until this smokes stops. Now you are ready to go. .

And there you have it, every Screwdriver is Not just a cocktail

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