Mototech urbane gloves review – 1st Impressions

Mototech urbane gloves review – 1st Impressions

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Mototech urbane gloves – not just for the “Street Kings”

The Prologue

Mototech urbane gloves – not just for the “Street Kings”, Lets delve into this with a few problem statements:

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  • The basic gloves that cost around 400/- either offer minimalistic protection
  • Some risk damaging the bike or helmet visor with its protrusions or embossing
  • Light weight “heavy duty” gloves come for a premium price
  • Some gloves are “over-protected” – probably track centric and not flexible for street/ touring
  • In addition to protection, the palm protectors in some can cause more pain than comfort


The Why

The product is a short cuff riding gloves that stands out due to its versatility. The “mix core” makes it an all season product that fits like a glove. Sounds pretty outlandish, this statement doesn’t it? Well actually when I ordered them I wasn’t sure what to expect. Apart from this being a short glove with some protection, indeed in word – clueless!!


After all, with the current situation motorcycling is a more luxury not so much as a leisure pursuit. Keeping that in mind, an upgrade from the AXE fabric glove is the need of the hour. With reduced intervals and distance of travel, a short glove is a practical option. Indeed I’d look forward to breaking in a wrinkle on the existing gauntlets –

But then again, for want of a short glove the new one needed to be:

  • All weather
  • Have sufficient protection
  • Most important – “Fit like a glove”, not wrestle my way to a fit


Look, Feel & Fit factor

Certainly, like most this acquisition is not a walk into the store, try & then buy. What created the first positive impression is the fitting. Without a doubt, as long as you have used a leading brand’s glove it is less likely to take you south or file a return.


Mototech urbane gloves – “Fast Impressions”

  • Quick fit – ideal for those who like stops for photography and the like activities
  • Comfort – even with mixed fabrics it feels comfortable
  • The perforations allow for ventilation – comparatively less sweatier palms
  • Soft foam on palm keeps the wrist pain at bay
  • Touch points are rather functional for smartphone use
  • The flex fabric gives an agile feel and is ideal for “for and a hard place” offroad terrain use.
  • Dual tone scheme gives a casual and stylish appeal

Mototech urbane gloves – The ride factor

On a short city ride with the Honda CB 350 RS: The Roadster  we were able to:

  • Test the handling and riding stance of this motorcycle maneuvering it through the suburbs
  • Check the unit’s response to quick reflexes on clutch & throttle thrown at it
  • On that occasion access the action camera and phone
  • The agile design allows the rider to focus on enjoying the performance of the motorcycle
  • The style appeal resonates well with the upmarket modern classics


With the Yamaha FZX unlike our compatriots of the fraternity we went trial riding:

  • The trail gave us a tough offroad experience, courtesy the intermittent showers
  • It softened the bumps to an extent limiting the vibrations from the handle bar
  • In city traffic the gloves do not feel heavy for the protection offered
  • The lean design is one reason less to feel fatigue on the wrist
  • An ideal ride partner for scramblers and the like form factor motorcycles


Features as per the manufacturer

– Constructed from supple and durable genuine leather, synthetic suede and and 3D Nylon mesh top hand for
optimized levels of comfort, durability and airflow
– Pre-curved finger construction with stretch panels spandex reduces rider fatigue
– Velcro® strap on the wrist for secure and firm fastening and fit
– Ergonomically shaped carbon fiber on knuckles and fingers with innovative matt finish for increased impact protection and style
– Leather and synthetic suede palm is breathable and comfortable, soft and flexible, in hot or cold weather and provides strong
abrasion resistance and high tensile strength
– Reflective piping on fingers, camouflaged in to design accents, makes the rider more visible in low light conditions
– High quality Touchscreen Support, which is operable with thumb and index finger, for Pinch / Zoom features
– Visor wiper feature integrated on the index finger on both hands to keep your helmet visor clean during rains
– Foam based palm provides high abrasion resistance in impact prone areas thus giving enhanced scaphoid protection
– Constructed for versatile usage, thus, recommended for regular city rides and short touring

For more details on the Urbane Short Carbon Gloves – Orange click here

Mototech urbane gloves Yamaha FZX

Cover Photo _aditya_1150

Honda CB 350RS & Yamaha FZX – Creative Collaboration with The Upshifters

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