Mototech Aero TourPro Riding Pant Level 2 First Impression Review

Mototech Aero TourPro Riding Pant Level 2 First Impression Review

October 24, 2021 Off By The Editor

Mototech Aero TourPro Riding Pant – Premise

The MotoTech Aero TourPro Pant in true MotoTech tradition is above other aspects – Functional. Over the last five years an countless kilometers the Cafe Racer riding denims have outdone themselves to the last thread of durability. On the following factors the product is indeed a game changer:

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  • Quality
  • Functionality
  • Styling
  • Durability
  • Safety

Now with the advent of Unlock and motorcycling avenues opening up, motorcyclists are prepping or already on rides. With the ongoing riding season the distance between A & B is also increasing. This, is paving way for long distance rides. With the new normal, 2021 has also a new page in the temperature and weather conditions. Thus the need for an all-season product.


Mototech Aero TourPro Riding Pant – Introduction

Drawing from the experiences of fellow motorcyclists it is imperative that the riding pant not only be cost effective and durable. It needs to be functional, stylish yet subtle. This is where the Mototech Aero TourPro Riding Pant strikes a chord. Also, it can the match with most leading brands (jackets). The Mototech Aero TourPro sits right in the equilibrium price bracket and is safe to say, a reasonably price product.

Aero TourPro

Mototech Aero TourPro Riding Pant – Features & Functionality

Fit & Finish

A straight fit riding pant with “elastic edges” & Velcro fasteners. below the knee zippers when partially undone can give a boot cut look. Also, this allows for ease of use when one is wearing full-length/tall riding boots.


Cargo Pockets

The cargo pockets are right out of the box from the 90’s kid wardrobe. Incidentally most of us are from that generation and thus the classic cargo pant look resonates well. The cargo pocket flaps are fastened with Velcro and well lined to keep the extremities from damaging the contents.


Zip Fasteners

The Zip fasteners all well blended in with the riding pant. The pocket fasteners have Reflective Cord Zip Pullers. This allows for enhanced accessibility. A feature particularly useful when one needs to access the side pockets without removing gloves. Additionally, the zippers below the knee are neatly blend in with the fabric.


Stretch Panels

The well placed stretch panels allow the rider enough room for movement without any discomfort on any terrain.


The Armory

Neither do the armors feel too heavy nor flimsy. The knee armors are linked to the Aero TourPro Riding Pant via a series of Velcro fasteners. The armor at the hips feel almost non-existent when riding a motorcycle adding to the comfort factor.



The mesh blends in like a chameleon to its surroundings. The mesh adds to the cool factor on a hot day’s ride.


Thermal Liner

We haven’t had an opportunity to use the thermal liner yet. We believe this will provide adequate insulation from cold wind blasts.


Rain Overtrouser

The rain Overtrouser has been used during last month’s downpour. While they seem and look basic they are at par with the hurricane series rainwear. We assume the grey theme is meant to complement the pant. Also, the pant showed less signs of muck owing to its color setup.


Mototech Aero TourPro Riding Pant – Salient Features As per the Manufacturer:

  • Knee Armour comes in a versatile sleeve thus giving it a wide range to move vertically and horizontally, with an added advantage of Easy Access Size Zipper
  •  SAFETECH CE Level 2 Knee and Hip Armour. All Armours are Removable.
  • Stretch Panel on the Crotch Area for added flexibility.
  • 1200D Polyester Oxford fabric used on lower buttocks and rear inner thighs to facilitate outstanding abrasion resistance and tear resistance for the safety of the rider.
  • Wider Zipper Pockets giving ease of use.
  • 4 External Pockets: 2 zipper pockets + 2 cargo thigh pockets
  • Reflective “TourPro” series branding on side pocket flaps for high visibility in night / dark conditions.
  • Quilted detachable and Independently Wearable Warm Liner
  • Cool Grey Colour Rain Over-pants
  • Partly-Elastic waist + waist Velcro straps and adjustable over-the-boot ankle Velcro Fastener to assist in achieving accurate and comfortable fitting.
  • Bright and Classy MotoTech branded buttons and Reflective Cord Zip Pullers
  • Stretch panels behind and above knee for easy full range movement.
  • Standard MotoTech Jacket-to-pant zipper panel.
  • Reflective MotoTech branding for high visibility in night / dark conditions.


Mototech Aero TourPro Riding Pant – MOTOTECH Rain Overtrousers:

The NEW MotoTech Rain Overtrouser is a technical rain pant which offers comfort and protection from urban to the wild, on road to off road. The pant features fully seam-sealed waterproof performance to keep out the elements and a comfortable, easy-wearing elastic waistband.

This waterproof pant can be used anywhere in the outdoors while riding a motorbike or a cycle, on a hike or an expedition or even on any adventure or generic travel:
– Waterproof and lightweight fabric

– Elastic waist for comfort
– Reflective MOTOTECH branding on the pant
– Fully taped seams
– Regular Fit 

Material: PolyVinylChloride Coated Nylon (waterproof)
Elastic Waist: Can go up by 1.5 inches of normal waist width of the pant
Weight: 230g


For more details and to get your Mototech Aero TourPro Riding Pant click here



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