XDI Stealth gloves short term review

XDI Stealth gloves short term review

November 2, 2016 Off By Editorial Team

XDI Stealth gloves – Being public about going stealth

First impressions may or not be lasting impressions. We will leave that for our long-term XDI Stealth gloves review. Here in question is what can be described as a multi-mode glove. XDI Stealth gloves gauntlet design is is flexible and yet sophisticated. This, topped with the aesthetics that make you want to get suited for a ride. One that teams up a classical styled business suit to a motorcyclist.

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This first impression view:

1. The glove is “perforated” and made with soft leather amongst other materials

2. It is tough yet not rigid

3. The index fingers (yes you read it right BOTH) come pre-fitted with a visor wiper

4. The index finger and thumb tips (both) are Smartphone compatible

5. The gauntlet design allows for the jacket sleeves to be packed in to avoid cold air from venturing in.

6. Riding in varied traffic in the midday heat does not affect the glove nor the rider’s palm

7. Sweat, if any disappears

While it may need the use of an inner glove due to its perforated design, its a perfect glove to wear on a Friday should you have any sudden plans

I bought the XDI Stealth gloves from a safety apparel shop , Probiker in Pune. This was bought after eliminating other contenders. Due to an overhauled engine, the onward journey took over 9 hours. The XDI (Xtreme Dynamics Inc. ) product made a comfortable glove for this ride. The return was a not so grueling 456 kms back. The return journey had fewer halts. After riding for over 100kms, with the last stage seeing over 110kms in ghat riding, jam packed city sectors and highway in between.

Yes, we will not post any photographs for now. However, we do encourage the reader to take a look at a store near you. In the meantime, we do thank team Probiker for getting this in store. And last but not the least, Xtreme Dynamics Inc. Keep up the good work, let’s have some colours too…

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