PGS motorcycle riding gloves short term review

PGS motorcycle riding gloves short term review

November 8, 2016 Off By Editorial Team

PGS motorcycle riding gloves

The PGS motorcycle riding gloves AKA the gauntlet, purchased earlier this year for the ride to India Bike Week 2016. The sole purpose being to get a touring glove that covered all the aspects of safety gears while also ensuring a fair level of comfort.

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During the ride to the India Bike Week 2016 which took a grueling 12 hours to complete due to unreasonable delays it gave an opportunity to test the riding glove in all environments except for the rain. While heat did not give any reason for discomfort the cold left it unscathed. Suffice to say that during its initial use it did leave of some black residue from within. While the black residue was easy to wash off it did not react with the skin.


PGS motorcycle riding gloves – maintenance

Being a touring glove that is not waterproof, it went into storage. During its hibernation it did develop a bit of mold. However, with a quick wash in plain water and drying in the shade it was as good as new. Interestingly, before and after washing the gloves it did feel stiff while also seemed to have shrunk.

Stepping out on a ride on the 6th of November 2016 marking its debut run for the winters. The glove at first made me want to ditch it for the regular set. However, the real test began within 5 minutes of departure from home. For those of you reading this and are from Pune who would have stepped out after 6 am on that day would know better the weather. While the cold seemed to beat down through apparel it missed the gauntlet.

Even through its perforation the cold coming in was minimal. It seemed to take on the cold without much harm. In due course of the ride, the stiffness to began to ease off. With regular use the gloves became more flexible. Without a doubt it gives its fair share of safety and comfort. The only pain area is the palm protector that wants to embed itself between the throttle and the palm.


PGS motorcycle riding gloves – pricing

For all of 2900/- it keeps itself right in between competition for a heavy-duty gauntlet and is indeed a value for money proposition. A long-term review is due in the future.

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