Pillion Rider Etiquette – Rear Seat Pilot

Pillion Rider Etiquette – Rear Seat Pilot

January 30, 2016 Off By Editorial Team

Pillion Rider Etiquette – Rear Seat Pilot

Pillion Rider Etiquette was originally published on our Facebook Page. Here is a re-post keeping in mind the current state of issues of two wheelers and traffic conditions as on date.

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There is, are and will be many a forum to discuss the best practices when it comes to the word “Biking”. Also, there many legends of the 2 wheeled adrena-LANE. These legends have taken painstaking efforts to pen down their thoughts. The subjects range from riding techniques to maintenance. For generations of petrol heads these are the best practices to follow. However, some topics aren’t as much researched or even for that matter talked about. Here the subject being the “pillion” as compared to everything else. Motolethe seeks to explore the less travelled road [at least India] on this subject.

This is our first ever endeavor to provide our readers with this message on pillion rider safety. For this, we would like to thank the following people:

Official Riding Gear Supplier and “Helmet Sponsorship”: Probiker Helmets and Accessories, Pune
Bike Maintenance: The SERVICE team at – Krishna Bajaj Fatimanagar, Pune
Volunteers featured in this photoshoot: Utsav Chs and Nishiganda Sarolkar

And last but not the least, a very special lady who is the inspiration behind this concept. Her poise and discipline till date is unparalleled, lucky to be alive. Having said this we would like to thank my best friend Hemangi for being the yardstick of this initiative.


Here is a photo caption feature for bikers of all ages [legally] and not limited the engine or category.

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