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October 5, 2015 0 By Editorial Team

Product Reviews – Intro

Product Reviews aka Biker Essentials And Supplementaries Tested – When Abbreviated it forms the words BEAST. This takes inspiration from a commonly used phrase Beast Mode. In this section we review products and services for end use by the rider. From apparels to riding gear and gadgets, we feature them all. Since not all riders have the access to wallet burning items we will focus on those items that offer you biking on a budget.

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Typically, the product in question is used long enough to form an opinion. This opinion forms the basis for the review of the product/ service. Indeed in todays date video is the preferred form of delivery. However, there are some of us who wish to research and read up on the item in question. Experience is one of the best forms of learning. Hence, here twe share our experience. The idea is to help the reader make an informed decision while also sharing our perspective on the topic.


Disclaimer –

While every attempt is made keeping in mind what could be expected we do not warrant the product or service. Doubt or concerns, if any would need to be addressed directly with the vendor/manufacturers of the products.

Product Reviews