The Motolethe – Vishal Sanghra

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The Motolethe - Vishal Sanghra

Stepping into this coffee shop on NIBM Road, Pune I am greeted by its owner. The Motolethe – Vishal Sanghra, is gentleman like any owner wears his best smile every time. Whether we meet over the cash counter to place the order or to strike light conversation while I sip on the brew served.

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It indeed is amazing to see him carry out business as usual. People like him are the ideal examples those of us who would like to call ourselves riders or “BIKERS”. You may not find this connection between a business establishment of this sort and a motorcycle, would you? Well, the owner of the establishment – Vishal Sanghra is not just any athlete. But an athlete who walked away a Winner.

Here is the Motolethe – Vishal Sanghra Story

Representing DSK Racing, Vishal Sanghra wins the Pune leg of the Pune Supercross 2014 championship in the MX-3 category. What makes this victory special for him was not that he won on home-ground. Nor that he represented a team that has its connection with the motorcycling junta. He won it with an injury. During the championship he had a fall. One that not only gave him an injury. He has two dislocated fingers of his right foot and was off the plaster 4 days before the race. Thus limiting him to a bandage and a support to walk about.

Google will give you a million similar stories about riders who journey to lands heard of either on the TV or seen in pictures, with similar situations. However, finding one that has a rider celebrating his victory in this case is rare. Burning the last bit of adrenaline can only be counted in hundreds or may be even thousands – on a global level. Filter this down to India, in a country that is “owned” by Cricket with other sports making headway through leagues. A Supercross or even a Motor-cross race held in India on a global sports channel is light-years away.

The efforts of the promoters of the sport as well as the team owners who are supporting this sport that day will come. Indeed India will have its own Supercross or motocross championship aired on a Global television channel soon.

Adding to this, athletes like Vishal have had their fair share of falls only to come up strong and like in Vishal’s case win a race. Post the race I met Vishal to congratulate him. He was seated in a folding chair pitched right next to his car. The adrenaline junkie who went berserk jumping for joy on track (incidentally right in front of me!) is also a father.

Yes! like some of the riders today, Vishal is a “family man”. It indeed is commendable that he does enjoy that moral support to go out there and not just race but Win!

As a culture people are taking up biking or touring. As a sport every other road in the country will probably have its own wheelie popping teen. Understanding the risks involved which is not just injury but also loss of life is a reality that we ignore. Apart from the humility and courtesy that Vishal extended he also left a lesson for me –

Victory demands passion, passion demands dedication and dedication demands decision.

Deciding to reach that victory lap indeed would have taken a toll on his daily life is what we may assume. As an option he could have sat out with the injury in the stands. However knowing the risks and making calculated decisions is what set Vishal Sanghra en-route to being on the other side of it. The side where I stood capturing moments of the Pune Supercross until he came by celebrating his Victory!!

The Motolethe - Vishal Sanghra

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