Scala Gears Marvel jacket – review

Scala Gears Marvel jacket – review

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Scala Gears Marvel L2 Jacket

“Badass biker” look motorcycle riding jacket are a passe. Riding jackets evolved over the decade in terms of technology. Now it is a style statement. To suit their tastes, motorcyclists have not just fit but also colors from the spectrum of jackets sold by various dealers across the country. Continuous improvement through feedback improved the riding jackets. Thus, suiting the taste and the convenience a motorcycle rider is expects from the apparel. Enter Scala Gears Marvel jacket review…

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All is fair in riding gear and rising costs…

Driving this revolution a posse of a few good men and women in the business who relentlessly worked towards meeting the ever demanding customer satisfaction levels. All this, while keeping in mind factors like costs and safety. This typically brought in fresh blood that was fueled by the touring revolution. Motorcyclists from across the country lapped up the best in class gear that best suited their wallets without compromising on safety. So strong are the riding jackets that even the GST flood gates caved in to welcome even a more fierce competition. Not only on the pricing battlefield but also waged a war on the X FACTOR of the product in question that made it a sale-able product.

Then #15yearsofXbhp at #sidhu punjabi dhaba with the Yamaha R15 V3

Now #16yearsofXbhp with the Bajaj Dominar 400 at the same venue

Notice that the Scala Marvel has hardly given in to the wear and tear of the year gone by.


Scala Gears Marvel jacket first impressions review

  • Scala Gears Marvel jacket debuted with aggressive pricing
  • Minimalist yet, best in class styling and the famed CE Level 2 armors not just on the the shoulders or elbows but on the back protector too!
  • Adding to the slim fit quotient are the integrated liners to keep the rain and cold drafts out.
  • This Tex-Mesh mix allows for a decent level of ventilation on the Scala Gears Marvel jacket.
  • Specially, where one may have to change from thermal to rain and take them off.
  • Phone Battery down, Got a powerbank? excellent, keep the phone in the top pocket. The powerbank is neatly tucked away in the thermal liner or the jacket.

*please do be mindful that the weight of the powerbank may weigh you down, should you get uneasy pull over and keep it in your luggage


The Quick bits about the Scala Gears Marvel jacket: 

  • Wait but aren’t most jackets bulky and need a skill level of a OCD infected packer? In case of…
  • Well they might, however in case of the Scala Marvel it neatly fitted into the Dirtsack Shellsack . It already had a dual liner two piece raincoat, a Git2PRO ACTION CAMERA along with its folding monopod already inside.
  • HOW?? Quite simple, the CE LEVEL2 armours are a soft gel like. This gives the jacket the feel of a hoodie or a thick sweater rather than that of a riding jacket.
  • What else? Folding cuffs are zipper fastened on the diameter. velcro-straps seal up the circumference. Want to sit down for a meal and its too cold remove the jacket? Simply fold the cuffs and its Bon appetit!
  • Last and not the.. ? Yet it has a double lined zipper that should keep the rains out from the periphery of your smartphone or any other valuables tucked away in the chest pocket

Scala Gears Marvel jacket – Long Term Review

  • The Scala is as easy as the RR Gear Raptor to maintain. The armors on the back and shoulders are easily removable – Simply wash and wear.
  • unlike most other jackets this one has more white accents. White as a color is a toughie to keep as is. Certain shampoos and Colgate toothpaste have come to the rescue while keep it at its whitest best.
  • The CE Level 2 armors as soft and gel like which make it easy to pack in to any backpack, in this case the Dirtsack Shellsack


  • The Marvel makes an awesome summertime jacket while keeping the rider protected.
  • The collar build allows you wear the jacket weeks without washing it.
  • The inner cuffs have color coded buttons to match the color of the elastics on the liners
  • The rain liner provides adequate protection from rain however a conjoined lined could looked forward to.
  • Best in class pockets, not only on the jacket but also on the liners as well.
  • Daily use has had no effects on the color, even on the white linings.
  • The reflective bits are eroded, however as per the wear and tear it is certainly acceptable.
  • From scooter to superbike this is a one style fits all two wheelers.
  • The Velcro on folding cuffs however have lost some bit of grip.
  • The runner on the main zip broke after about 8 months and was easily replaced
  • The zippers on cuffs are still in shape sans a bit of paint
Hope you enjoyed reading about the Scala Gears Marvel jacket review. Ride Hard ride safe.

Scala Gears Marvel jacket review

As per SCALA GEARS here are the specifications of the Scala Gears Marvel jacket:

  • Outer Shell is 100% 600DN polyester imported Fabric for maximum Strength and Durability and Cool Mesh is 100 % Polyester with greater air vent function.
  • 3M scotch light piping for High visibility at day and night.
  • Adjustable waist and sleeves for better fit.
  • Two waterproof pockets at front and one pocket inside of the jacket.
  • Wallet and Mobile pocket with flap inside the shell as well as in the warm liner of jacket.
  • Detachable waterproof liner and heated thermal liner.
  • CE approved level-2* armors on Shoulders & Elbows.
  • CE approved level-2* back safety armor.
  • High impact rubber padding on the Back for more safety during the crash.
  • YKK Original zippers for smooth opening and closing.
  • High Quality rubber webs on loops and SCALA labeling and branding for the premium look.
  • High Quality printing for good visibility of the branding.
  • Double & Triple stitching for best strength during the crash.
  • Fix Connecting Zipper with the pant joining.
  • Micro-Fiber Comfort Collar.
  • Keys catcher hook attached.
  • Jackets come in multiple color and sizes.


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