ZEUS Full-Face ZS-813 – HYBRID Review

ZEUS Full-Face ZS-813 – HYBRID Review

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The ZEUS Full-Face ZS-813 helmet is silent assassin in the sub- Rs 7000/- price range. A premium helmet that is a multi-role product. Be it long distance touring or just riding around the city, this well balanced helmet is the one to go for.

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Who am I?

I am Samuel Joy from Pune, working as a Business Development Manager in an IT Services Firm in Pune. Riding bike since 8th grade and the longest ride done is Leh-Ladakh and consistent weekend rides to keep my sanity.


What I ride?

A 2014 CBR250R

PHOTO CREDITS (As per the watermark): Gourab Das Photography

Why the Honda CBR 250R?

After riding a Pulsar 150 for 7 years I was looking for a reasonable upgrade. Since budget wasn’t an issue and the only better bike in the late 2013/ early 2014 was the Duke 390 which didn’t fit my usage and riding style I took the educated decision of going for the Honda CBR 250R. This is one of the most versatile markets available in the market available till this day. It’s been 4 years and closing 45,000km on this smooth machine which is still going strong and just asks for basic maintenance and an even smoother ownership experience

After About 6 months of ownership this is what Samuel had to say –

ZEUS Full-Face ZS-813 – Pros:

1.)    Attractive, classy and good quality paintwork on the helmet.

2.)    Helmet feels built to last and made of high-quality materials.

3.)    Perforated padding and Cushioning inside the helmet is comfortable.

4.) Functional vents for a good circulation of fresh air inside the helmet.

5.) Built in Chin curtain keeps away bugs and other unwanted elements come inside while riding.

6.) UV 400 visor and Sun visor helps a lot to keep fatigue away during sunny days. The Sun visor is my favourite part about this helmet, keeps the harsh sunrays away.

7.) Helmet is not that heavy and feels comfortable for long rides.

8.) This helmet comes with ECE and DOT certification increasing the safety quotient.

9.) The helmet is aerodynamic and does not feel unstable at high speed. Although there is slight wind turbulence inside the helmet but its manageable.

ZEUS Full-Face ZS-813 – Cons:

1.)    The visor fogs faster during the rainy season once you are stationary on the bike.

2.)    Some rain water do seep in from top of the visor.

3.)    The sun visor mechanism is not smooth and it operates very jerky. Goes up and down with a Thud. AXXOR has a smoother mechanism.

4.)    Not fully windproof there is some amount of windnoise inside the helmet at high speeds.

5.)    This helmet is a bit bulky and will take some time getting used to.

6.)    Not sure if the problem is limited to me but even after 6months of usage the area around ears feels very tight causing discomfort. I have to remove the helmet every 45 mins to let the blood circulation pass through my ears. Maybe its my ears which sticks out a bit more. But never faced this issue with Cross/ LS2 and Axxor.

One of the best underrated helmets out there with a superb value for me and one should definitely have a look if you are considering a Sol or MT Helmets

Want to know more about the ZEUS Full-Face ZS-813 HYBRID ARES FLAT BLACK-SILVER?

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  • Full face light weight ABS Helmet
  • With ECE, DOT certificate.
  • Inner sun visor mechanism is easy to use.
  • Visor and sun visor all against UV400, protect eyes and skin.
  • Visor is made from high intensity PC, highly durable and not easily broken.
  • High-end spring-loaded visor mechanism.
  • Ventilation system with 3 top air inlets and 2 rear air outlets
  • High tightness for visor seal is able to prevent the rain going inside.
  • Ventilation system on EPS with 6 vents and 8 vents offers a comfortable climate inside the helmet.
  • Three pieces removable and washable lining, easy to remove and assemble. Increase the hygiene and quality of the helmet.
  • Liner: Moisture wicking, anti-odor, anti-bacterial, removable, washable, quick dry, soft fabric. Cheek pads lining is 3D tailored and cutting, multiple layers of sponge provide great coverage. Rider feels safer during high speed cruising.
  • Cheek pads lining is 3D tailored and cutting, multiple layers of sponge provide great coverage. Rider feels safer during high speed cruising.
  • Built-in chin curtain to block wind, sand and bugs.
  • Padded chin strap with D-ring closure and retention snap.
  • Weight approx 1500 ± 50gm.

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Phone-Number: +918655503041
Office Hour: 9.00 Am to 6.00 Pm (Monday to Saturday)
Email-Id: contact@scalagears.com

ZEUS Full-Face ZS-813

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