DT400 Schorl Air Filter Review

DT400 Schorl Air Filter Review

February 29, 2020 Off By The Editorial Team

DT400 Schorl Air Filter review – Prelogue

Two years from the day this article went into print, two individuals over a cup of tea toyed with the idea of manufacturing air filters for “pocket rockets and sports cruisers”. At the given time the brand had laid focus on Royal Enfield motorcycles and was happy with the current clientele. Drawing from the strengths and positive feedback sometime in the future the team got to work. A few phone calls and a prototype run later the DT400 Schorl Air Filter review set took form.

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Built literally at the desk of its inventor, the DT400 Schorl Air Filter by Small Spark Concepts boasts of simple yet ingenious tech that offers the same return on tap that leading international brands do. Well sans the hefty commanding price! After the installation at Motobyte (their dealer partner’s premises) in Pune the subject was all ready to head towards the proving grounds. A 16,000 kms old January 2017 Bajaj Dominar 400.



DT400 Schorl Air Filter review – First Ride

At the first blip the crisp yet deep bass grunt made its presence felt. Taking the motorcycle on a short tour to the konkan coast offered a slight bump in the mileage. Add to it better acceleration and the naturally endowed baritone exhaust note. Taking it a step further the motorcycle hit 160 kmph faster while crossing the stock 155 kmph. This without a drop in current mileage with stood within the 26-29 kmpl bracket.

DT400 Schorl Air Filter review – Interstate Ride

Following up on its last tour the ride to India Bike Week 2019 offered better mileage. This in spite of being kept in a dusty area all day. ON its return journey the Bajaj Dominar 400 clocked in at 31.4kmpl on a full tank to full tank calibration over a distance of 220 kms.

DT400 Schorl Air Filter review – “Dyno Wars”

We put the motorcycle on a Dyno Run at the India Bike Week 2019. At the Race Dynamics podium the Bajaj Dominar churned out 28.1 whp, 1 unit more than stock. This was purely attributed to the performance of the air filter. Considering a remaining 30% shelf life of the stock drive chain sans the stock muffler and other unforeseen factors under basic conditions. This indeed was a positive result for the team involved in the trials of the product..DT400 Schorl Air Filter review

To begin with we would like to thank our collaborators at team Dipen Nisar Autovlogs for being part of the pilot testing.


 DT400 Schorl Air Filter review by DNA Vlogs click here: 


Also we would like to thank team Motobyte.in , Pune for assistance with the initial installation process. This in addition to a post installation periodic servicing of the Bajaj Dominar done at Motobyte.

The features of the DT400 Schorl Air Filter are:

  • Enhanced Mileage
  • Improved Acceleration
  • Curbing Emissions
  • Easy maintenance with simple wash and dry method
  • Product Life-cycle :100,000 Kms
  • Most importantly, the product is pocket friendly and made in India.

In case you are wondering about maintenance of DT400 Schorl Air Filter here is a short video:


Yes! All it takes is quick run by a pressure wash. Alternatively, wash it at home by soaking it in warm water at 30 degrees centigrade.

small sparks concept patent

Patent granted for the Schörl Air Filter

About Schörl:

Being a motorcycle enthusiast, the poor mileage of his powerful motorcycle haunted the founder back in 2008. What could be the reason?

Three and half years of experiments on the basic working essentials of the engine,
1) Spark

2) Fuel

3) Air

This revealed an important missing link – The Air, unlike spark and fuel cannot be seen nor be controlled effectively. Thus hardly any research was done on maximizing air for intakes. If there can be performance filters why not mileage filters? The concept was essentially to change the beliefs about performance air filters. The air filter was not only to achieve better filtration. But also to get better performance, more mileage and reduce carbon emissions. It took a little over 4 years of painstaking experiments and research to develop the technology based on microfiber filter element. The Air Filter can match the ISO standards and regulations for use on engines and do the job what it is developed for.

“We believe that the beauty is in the details: those small things which are unrecognized, unnoticeably ignored are the once which fit in the design and do the job which it is meant to do, without which the purpose is undone.”

Mayur Patil – (Founder, Director)

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