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The Motopreneur – Sourabh Sathe


The Motopreneur – Sourabh Sathe started his entrepreneurship journey as soon as he returned from his Ladakh ride. He’s the fifth generation member of one of Pune’s oldest business establishments. Nevertheless he started a new business vertical from ground zero in a space already dominated by established brands. Today Invictus Touring Gears is one of the country’s bankable brands.


Tell us about yourself – education, automotive related skills, car/motorcycling experience.

I am a graduate of political science from FC college Pune. As on date, I have completed the Leh Ladakh circuit three times including Zanskar, Spiti, Tso Moriri lake. I am the only rider to have completed the LDR 500 miles in twelve hours on a Suzuki Gixxer. Also, one of the few to have completed Ladakh on a 125cc Honda Shine.

Automotive Acquaintance – how did you become an automotive enthusiast. 

My Photography group introduced me to motorcycling in 2014. My first Ladakh was on on Honda Shine 125cc motorcycle.

Life before turning a Motopreneur (work/ employment)

Before this, I was a part time event Photographer for three yrs during my college days. Also, I volunteered as a counsellor for 3 de-addiction centers in Pune. I began my career at the age of 17. I joined the family business which is there since 1935 4 yrs back as a full-time employee. The new business vertical started out as MANAS in 2018, In 2019 we rebranded as Invictus Touring Gears.

The All Spark inspiration – origin story to your venture.

I have always been a non Royal Enfield or a non well equipped motorcyclist since the beginning. I was astonished to see sports and “commuter” motorcycles have when it comes to luggage solutions for interstate rides and intracity excursions. Thus, began a journey to make a one size fits all utilitarian focused luggage solution.

Spanner in the works – challenges faced and (how you overcame them)

No one can escape the vortex of teething problems. They are always there and without overcoming challenges the is never room for improvement and improvisation.

Beast Mode – A memorable feat/ achievement /anecdote of your venture.

It is but tradition for manufacturers to participate in exhibitions and events. Be it household or automotive these events not only attract the masses it also helps connect them as well. Invictus Touring Gears left Pune adequately stocked for Royal Enfield Rider Mania 2019. At the end of the second day we consumed 50 Ride Marshall Saddle Bags. That is a 100% stock of our Flagship product for this three day rider’s festival. This indeed is a major milestone given that other major players were there too. All in all we returned with just 4 containers of the total fourteen

My way to the highway Future plans ( what your audience can look forward to)

Being predominantly an avid traveller and an innovator, there always something new my dealership network and well wishers expect from me. It is their love, encouragement and strong criticism drives the wheels forward.

Advice to Budding Motopreneurs from The Motopreneur – Sourabh Sathe

Whether you are naturally endowed by your family’s wealth or heritage, remember there is no way like your own way. Stay humble to your routes and keep customer before self.

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The Motopreneur – Mayur Patil

The Motopreneur – Mayur Patil started his venture on a passing thought. Today it has been recognised by various organisations and won him many an accolade. This is his story.

Tell us about yourself – education, automotive related skills, car/motorcycling experience.
I am Mayur Patil, active Director and Founder of Small Spark Concepts®. A mechanical engineer by degree who further studied chemical and textile engineering to give life to my passion project. I have also worked with different companies to learn the business insights.

The Motopreneur - Mayur Patil

Automotive Acquaintance – how did you become an automotive enthusiast? 

I came to Pune in 2008 to pursue mechanical engineering in VIIT (Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology). Like others I too wanted to pursue my dream to become a product designer someday. Motorcycles, automotive design and styling fascinated me from childhood. This planted the seed of sketching and designing. To further my skills and improve knowledge of automobile engineering, I started as a trainee technician at a Pune based superbikes garage Motobyte (formerly known as Xtreme Machines), while still in second year of engineering.

Life before turning a Motopreneur (work/ employment)

I switched to work as a senior mechanical designer in a Robotic startup SI Electronics. they raised INR 5 Crore through an undisclosed group of investors in 2010. However, it did not fulfill my dream of working in the automotive sector. After graduation and liquidating from SI Electronics, I joined a Go-Kart manufacturing company as a floor supervisor. This, in order to learn and experience the geometry of track vehicles. Within few months of my employment, I was appointed to work on production of performance engines for Go-Karts. Then I joined Harley Davidson dealership as a chrome consultant to customize every Harley that rolled out of the showroom.

The All Spark inspiration – origin story to your venture

However, my childhood dream of owning a company and the passion project was still a dream. A year and half later I was now seeking opportunities to launch my company and commercialize the product. The opportunity presented itself to me. I participated in a Pan India startup competition “The Power of Ideas at ciie, IIM-Ahmedabad”.

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SCHÖRL An Air Filter Is Reborn To Make A Big Difference!!! . . . ADVANTAGES Fire retardant ✅ Water repellent ✅ Easy and low maintenance ✅ Keeps the engine and exhaust carbon free ✅ Fuel efficiency increased by 30-50%✅ Curbs air pollution up to 45%✅ Aims towards complete combustion ✅ Reduces exhaust gas temperature ✅ Reusable by simple wash and dry method ✅ Lasts upto 10,000 Kms.✅ . . . Polluting vehicles cause more damage to your loved ones than anyone else. . . . #airfilter #schörlfilters #bikes #reusablefilter #vehiclefilter #royalenfield #fuelsaver #performance #autoparts #royalenfield #emission #carbonfootprint #exhausts #lesspollution #engines #combustion #honda #bajaj #ktm #yamaha

A post shared by Schorl by Small Spark Concepts (@schorl_bysmallspark) on

The idea of an Intake Air Filter to increase the vehicular fuel efficiency and diminish pollution with my proprietary invention was shortlisted. Among 19,000 applications I made it to TOP 75 in 2015. Post 15 days residential program at IIM Ahmedabad I was mentored from many IIM professors and diverse industry experts. The program focused on how to start a startup and scale it to a technology and innovation driven company. The idea had won its first award of INR 5 Lakh which established Small Spark Concepts®. The dream of owning a company on paper had come true. Perhaps the question to be answered was about a sustainable business model for the upcoming years.

Spanner in the works – challenges faced and (how you overcame them)

The biggest challenge for auto-tech startup is to get heard by the automotive companies and the government. Auto-tech startups are young and not well recognized in the industry. A lot of startups fail in first couple of years despite having the state of the art technology. Ideally we wanted to have a strong B2B presence to cater to end users. This failed due to the paradigm of the industry. Thus we realized the technology lease and licensing model is going to take longer than expected. This led us to change the business model to focus on B2C aftermarket retail. Here we can now address the pain points of the motorcyclists on some scale.

Beast Mode – A memorable feat/ achievement /anecdote of your venture

The idea won various awards after POI’15. 2018 will always be a memorable year for the venture. “Royal Academy of Engineering London” invited Small Spark Concepts to participate and showcase the technology under the “Leaders in innovation Fellowship Program. The third quarter of the year Schörl Filters bagged a “Better Bus Challenge” award from WRI & FedEx. This assisted Small Spark Concepts to commercialize the product for Heavy Commercial Vehicles.

Small Spark Concepts has won more than 12 awards in 3 years and also got covered in the local newspapers (Daily Hindustan Times – Startup Saturday & Daily Lokmat) and a Radio Interview (Radio One – “HatkarPunekar”).

My way to the highway Future plans (what your audience can look forward to)

  • We have commercialized the product for Royal Enfield 350 & 500 models.
  • In heavy commercial vehicles segment for Ashok Leyland and Eicher.
  • We will be launching products for RE 650 twins by February ’20
  • This will expand to tourist cars and taxi segment post March’20.

Products for performance motorcycles in the segment 400cc and above is by procuring the scrap filters from the dealerships/garages. The idea is to recycle and reuse the plastic frames which riders have already paid for. Once the custom SCHÖRL filters are made, they will last for 100,000 kms. This means 10 plastic filters will be less per bike in the landfills. SCHÖRL is an eco-friendly product which reduces the air pollution.  With this approach we will be able to contribute on small level towards go-green.

The Motopreneur – Mayur Patil’s advice to Budding Motopreneurs

There are many opportunities to scale up. If one path takes longer to reach the destination, you can always look out for a different approach. There is no destination in business. There are only milestones and the way. Sometimes you go uphill, sometimes you cruise or even crash. However you never stop riding your favorite motorcycle, do you? That’s just the way the business is… Have fun at work, enjoy the journey!

Connect with The Motopreneur – Mayur Patil at:

Address: Small Spark Concepts
Motobyte,Sr. no. 38, Kingstone Court,
Opposite Ganga Florentina, NIBM Annex, 411028

Website –

Phone – +91 90117 77275

Social Media links

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Schörl Automotive Air Filters is a brainchild of Small Spark Concepts
DT400 Schorl Air Filter review

DT400 Schorl Air Filter Review

DT400 Schorl Air Filter review – Prelogue

Two years from the day this article went into print, two individuals over a cup of tea toyed with the idea of manufacturing air filters for “pocket rockets and sports cruisers”. At the given time the brand had laid focus on Royal Enfield motorcycles and was happy with the current clientele. Drawing from the strengths and positive feedback sometime in the future the team got to work. A few phone calls and a prototype run later the DT400 Schorl Air Filter review set took form.

Built literally at the desk of its inventor, the DT400 Schorl Air Filter by Small Spark Concepts boasts of simple yet ingenious tech that offers the same return on tap that leading international brands do. Well sans the hefty commanding price! After the installation at Motobyte (their dealer partner’s premises) in Pune the subject was all ready to head towards the proving grounds. A 16,000 kms old January 2017 Bajaj Dominar 400.


DT400 Schorl Air Filter review – First Ride

At the first blip the crisp yet deep bass grunt made its presence felt. Taking the motorcycle on a short tour to the konkan coast offered a slight bump in the mileage. Add to it better acceleration and the naturally endowed baritone exhaust note. Taking it a step further the motorcycle hit 160 kmph faster while crossing the stock 155 kmph. This without a drop in current mileage with stood within the 26-29 kmpl bracket.

DT400 Schorl Air Filter review – Interstate Ride

Following up on its last tour the ride to India Bike Week 2019 offered better mileage. This in spite of being kept in a dusty area all day. ON its return journey the Bajaj Dominar 400 clocked in at 31.4kmpl on a full tank to full tank calibration over a distance of 220 kms.

DT400 Schorl Air Filter review – “Dyno Wars”

We put the motorcycle on a Dyno Run at the India Bike Week 2019. At the Race Dynamics podium the Bajaj Dominar churned out 28.1 whp, 1 unit more than stock. This was purely attributed to the performance of the air filter. Considering a remaining 30% shelf life of the stock drive chain sans the stock muffler and other unforeseen factors under basic conditions. This indeed was a positive result for the team involved in the trials of the product..DT400 Schorl Air Filter review

To begin with we would like to thank our collaborators at team Dipen Nisar Autovlogs for being part of the pilot testing.


 DT400 Schorl Air Filter review by DNA Vlogs click here:

Also we would like to thank team , Pune for assistance with the initial installation process. This in addition to a post installation periodic servicing of the Bajaj Dominar done at Motobyte.

The features of the DT400 Schorl Air Filter are:

  • Enhanced Mileage
  • Improved Acceleration
  • Curbing Emissions
  • Easy maintenance with simple wash and dry method
  • Product Life-cycle :100,000 Kms
  • Most importantly, the product is pocket friendly and made in India.
In case you are wondering about maintenance of DT400 Schorl Air Filter here is a short video:

Yes! All it takes is quick run by a pressure wash. Alternatively, wash it at home by soaking it in warm water at 30 degrees centigrade.


About Schörl:

Being a motorcycle enthusiast, the poor mileage of his powerful motorcycle haunted the founder back in 2008. What could be the reason?

Three and half years of experiments on the basic working essentials of the engine,
1) Spark

2) Fuel

3) Air

This revealed an important missing link – The Air, unlike spark and fuel cannot be seen nor be controlled effectively. Thus hardly any research was done on maximizing air for intakes. If there can be performance filters why not mileage filters? The concept was essentially to change the beliefs about performance air filters. The air filter was not only to achieve better filtration. But also to get better performance, more mileage and reduce carbon emissions. It took a little over 4 years of painstaking experiments and research to develop the technology based on microfiber filter element. The Air Filter can match the ISO standards and regulations for use on engines and do the job what it is developed for.

“We believe that the beauty is in the details: those small things which are unrecognised, unnoticeably ignored are the once which fit in the design and do the job which it is meant to do, without which the purpose is undone.”

Mayur Patil – (Founder, Director)

Connect with Small Spark Concepts here:

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T823 Tyre Test

Timsun T823 tyre – Short term review

Timsun T823 tyres is a tyre that is a popular tyre amongst long distance riders. However here’s the popular statements surrounding this brand:

  • There are an unknown brand come from out of nowhere
  • They are neither homegrown like MRF or Ceat nor carry the marquee like a Pirelli or Michelin
  • Bias tyres for motorcycles made by them, this is a joke! Radials is the in thing
  • Who pays premium for second grade stuff?
  • Timsun? You mean Dimsun??

This is what I’ve have heard and I completely agree with all those who have shared their view. You are probably one of those who advised me against the brand. Yes I cannot but agree on what you said looking back today. No discount no freebies just take it or leave it. Like who wants a tyre like this?? So much of deliberation isn’t worth my while let alone anyone else’s…

I think NOT!

Here’s why:

About two years ago there was this whisper about a new tyre brand in the market – Timsun. The whisper grew louder with the passing days. Loud enough not to be ignored, even by deaf ears. A few phone calls and emails later India knew that Timsun tyres forayed into the market. A careful study of the brochure spoke about the new patterns on offer for “all things motorcycle”. No sooner I knew it, the 2018 Dominar fitted with Timsun T823 matched the Ceat Zoom Rad X1 on every step be it handling or top speed or control. In fact the dual sport pattern and additional 10 mm gave the Bajaj Dominar a dominating stance. A few rides later a first impression review was in place that sparked a few more followers.

First impression said and done, so what?

The time between the first impression and this write up has seen some of the country’s popular motorcyclists opt for Timsun over and above other international brands. They have been there and done that. Let us not forget that about a decade ago a little known lubricant brand today is the leading choice for not just motorcyclists but for manufacturers who have listed this brand as an OEM partner. Likewise in case of Timsun India, in the last two years they have been gaining ground. From the humble Suzuki Gixxer SF 150 to Honda Africa Twin there is a tyre for ever one. Correction – seven tyres for seven different styles of motorcyclists.

Yes, the last line was no typo. On a visit to their Customer Experience Centre in Bangalore, during an orientation session we given a detailed tour of the (tyre) setup and informed that they have seven basic tread patterns. Each catered to a specific purpose / riding style. From regular road patterns to off-road patterns they had it all.

Here’s a cookie – the Timsun tyres on the Flat track Royal Enfield Himalayans (built by Autologue Design) can be rotated owing to its unique tread pattern.

The True Timsun T823 Tyre Test – Breaking BAD!

About a month from now a two thousand kilometer journey was completed on the Timsun T823 tyre. The motorcycle in question a 2019 Mahindra Mojo UT 300. The blue-eyed boy of its owner allowed me an opportunity to complete the expedition to Kanyakumari. Kanyakumari was a destination that seemed jinxed for all reasons and missing this three years in a row wasn’t going to happen. Enroute Goa the stock MRF Zappers had already lived their 17000+ kilometers and needed a change. As arranged at Mahindra Mojo Bangalore the Timsun T823 tyres replaced the stock MRF’s.

After fitment, the motorcycle was parked double digit kilometers from the workshop. The next day we set out to conquer Kanyakumari or get conquered. The morning drizzle and overcast clouds were playing tricks already. We said chuck it, let’s ride. Having said this we set out sans the rainwear taking the fight to the weather gods at the risk of drenching. The ride till Salem was slow and steady. Just a boring traffic dotted ride. Just out of Salem we hit 18,000 kilometers on the odometer!

A milestone of sorts

The Mahindra Mojo (#Daanav300) and I have rarely seen anything below 150 kilometers before setting for a halt on six lane highways. This was a production model and we both wanted to know how far both man and machine can go before breaking in. A total of 313 kilometers before halting for lunch just 200 odd kilometers north of our destination. The Timsun tyres held the road well for a motorcycle sans ABS or any other tech. A muscle car incarnate on two wheels, these tyres just ripped through tarmac, speed bumps and potholes. The journey back was no less the same endurance paced ride to Bangalore. We hit a new nonstop high on a 24 bhp two ton tourer. We got a decent mileage, pretty much the stock tyre mileage. Next what??

The Home Run

Getting into Pune required some extra pushing since we left late. The weekday, non festival traffic gave a top end of 142kmph on the production motorcycle as compared to its prototype that closed in at 145kmph. Getting into the borderlines of Maharashtra before sunset is a worthy mention. The stretch between Davengere and Belgaum is all but broken. With speed restricted carved into the otherwise smooth concrete. The Timsun T823s simply cruised in at about 80 kmph or so before coming to a grinding halt just out of Maharashtra for a break. Taking its toll was the fluctuation in temperature however the Timsun tyres held its own. Usually, some say that you should give about a thousand kilometers before a stint of hard riding. With Timsun it was “Go Baby go” right from the first upshift. Break in we did, breaking bad – I think not.

To Timsun or not

At this point of time when premium tyres can burn a hole in the wallet of the working class motorcyclists, Timsun offers a value for money proposition. Positioned just above the stock tyre class in terms of pricing, irrespective of tread pattern it does offer more punch. After all would you hit the gym with roadside purchased sneakers or prefer industry standard gym shoes? The Timsun T823 tyre is a performer on both smooth surfaced roads. Also, on roads that are bereft of gravel. Indeed by now YouTube is inundated with videos that will give you their perspective on the product. From one fellow motorcyclist to another I would encourage you to first understand the tread pattern of product and its role in your riding style. After all would you pair bathroom slippers to a tuxedo?

As I conclude this piece I would like to thank:

  • Timsun India in Bangalore for their time to educate us about the product rather than just sell us the Timsun T823 tyre.
  • NAFS motors for expediting the process of fitment and procurement of the tyres for the ride.
  • Last but not the least, my friend for entrusting me with the motorcycle and the new set of tyres to complete this review.

zana motorcycles


Founded in 2001, Zana International is dedicated to providing high-quality and world class Motorcycle accessories, products and services in the TWO WHEELER INDUSTRY.

Zana is India’s leading manufacturers of Royal Enfield and luxury motorcycle accessories in India.

They also export their motorcycle accessories to many countries like:

  • USA
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Philippines
  • Portugal

They understand that motorcycling or long distance touring on a motorcycle is not just a sport or hobby. It is a lifestyle choice. Zana motorcycles thus makes the experience of motorcycling all the more safe yet stylish for motorcyclists. They have on offer a wide range of patented motorcycle accessories. Customer satisfaction is paramount. They endeavor to deliver only the best for the motorcycling community.

They have customized accessories for the top brands of motorcycles like: 

  • KTM
  • Royal Enfield
  • Kawasaki
  • Harley Davidson
  • Triumph
  • Bajaj Auto
  • Yamaha
  • Honda

To connect With Zana Motorcycles:






HAVE A QUERY? Click here to drop them a line

You can also reach ZANA INTERNATIONAL at 9953112277 

(Call in orders- Mon – Fri: 10.30 AM – 6.30 PM)

SHOP No. 4 Building number 2290, Arya Samaj Rd, Opp Bikanerwala, Block 25A, Beadonpura, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110005

They believe in continuing their efforts in providing a vast range of premium quality motorcycle accessories at competitive prices.
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